Object-oriented programming of JavaScript design patterns (object-oriented programming,oop) (i)

During the interview, you are always asked, what is your understanding of JavaScript object-oriented?Object-Oriented programming (Object-oriented Programming,oop) is a programming paradigm. It speaks of objects as the basic unit of program design,

Data type of 01.javascript

1. Data typeJavaScript has a total of six data types. (ES6 added a value for the seventh symbol type) Value (number) Strings (String) Boolean Value (Boolean) Undefined Null Objects (object) 2. Data type

The difference between common undefined and defined in JavaScript

In JavaScript believe that "undefined" and "defined" for everyone is certainly not unfamiliar, but not very clear of their differences, first look at two demo we say,Example 1.Console.log (parms); The console appears uncaught referenceerror:parms is

JavaScript instanceof operator in-depth anatomy

Introduction to the instanceof operatorIn JavaScript, judging the type of a variable with the typeof operator, a problem occurs when you store a value with a reference type using the TypeOf operator, which returns "object" regardless of what type of

JavaScript closure closure

* Implement function Makeclosures, after the call satisfies the following conditions:1. Returns a function array result with the same length as arr2. Run the first function in result, i.e. result[i] (), the result is the same as FN (Arr[i])Input[1, 2

LHS and RHS----The JavaScript series you don't know.

  The assignment of a variable performs two actions, first the compiler declares a variable in the current scope (if it was not previously declared), and then at run time the engine looks for the variable in the scope and assigns a value if

JavaScript Number Object

1.JavaScript number ObjectJavaScript has only one numeric type.You can use it or you can write a number without using a decimal point.1.1JavaScript DigitalJavaScript numbers can be used or written without using a decimal point:var pi=3.14; // Use

Implementation of inheritance in JavaScript (1)

Introduction: Learning the object-oriented language (Java, C + +) of children's shoes are aware of the concept of object-oriented, and certainly know the characteristics of object-oriented language: encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism, but

JavaScript function expressions

function declarationfunction declaration Promotionfunction expressionanonymous function/lambda function1 recursion2 closures (functions that have access to variables in another function scope)2.1 Closures and variablesA closure can only get the last

JavaScript-45 classic tricks and attention points

1. Be sure to use the first time you assign a value to a variablevar / let / constKey wordsVariables are not declared and are directly assignable, and as a new global variable by default, avoid using global variables as much as possible.2. Use = = =

JavaScript---ES6 SET collection structure

SetObject allows you to store a unique value of any type, whether it is an original value or an object reference.1 Const SET1 = new Set ([1, 2, 3, 4, 5]); 2 3 Console.log (Set1.has (1)); 4//Expected Output:true 5 6 Cons Ole.log (Set1.has (5));

Es6 JavaScript Object Method Object.assign ()

Es6 JavaScript Object Method Object.assign ()December 01, 2016 16:42:34Hits: 385831 Basic usageThe Object.assign method is used for merging objects, copying all enumerable properties of the source object (sources) to the destination object (target).[

The implementation of the JavaScript neutron class calling the parent class method

First, prefaceRecently in the project, the front-end framework used JavaScript object-oriented programming, and encountered many problems, the most typical problem is that the subclass calls the parent class (Super Class) with the same name method,

Time processing in javascript: Convert timestamp or Time object to string format

Problem background: Want to turn a time directly into a string formatA tolocalestring () is found by checking the API to convert the Date object to a string based on the local time formatNew Date (). tolocalestring (); // "2018/5/31 pm 1:43:06"But

JavaScript (i)

First, IntroductionJavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and the language is used primarily for HTML and WEB.JavaScript is a scripting language, a lightweight language, programming code that can insert HTML pages,

The second parameter resolution of the replace () method in JavaScript

Grammarstring. Replace (searchvalue,newvalue)parameter ValuesSearchvalueHave to. A RegExp object that specifies the substring or pattern to replace. Note that if the value is a string, it is used as the direct volume text pattern to be retrieved,

JavaScript Math Object

Math.PI This value is approximately 3.141592653589793.Math.ceil (x) rounding upMath.floor (x) rounding downMath.pow (x, y) returns the Y power of X (Note: If the result is an imaginary or negative number, the method returns NaN.) If a floating-point

JavaScript Learning Second Lesson--① input judging ② provinces and cities linkage

Try to set reminders, catch to capture return values② Provinces and cities linkageTo fill the loop before emptying,The code is as follows:DocumentCountry: City: Location: JavaScript Learning Second Lesson--① input judging ② provinces and cities

JavaScript QuickStart-ecmascript Local objects (Array)

Array ObjectThe array object, like the list object inside Python, is an object that stores multiple object values, and the methods and properties are basically similar.First, the attributeLenghtSecond, the method1, concat () is used to connect two

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

What is JSON:is a data interchange format that can replace XML    JSON syntax rules:in the JS language, everything is an object. Therefore, any supported type can be represented by JSON, such as strings, numbers, objects, arrays, and so on. However,

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