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Wishing you 2018 Happy New Year, a creative script was discovered shortly beforeJtsql (written in Java)The Open source address is:Https:// Features:*. combination of JS, SQL, template concept;*. Keep the syntax

Getting Started with JavaScript

Overview:  Javascirpt is a scripting language, is a literal translation script language, is an object-based scripting language, is a dynamic type, weak type, based on the language of the prototype, mainly for Web programmingFirst, what is javascript:

JavaScript basic syntax--precedence of operators

In all operations, there is a sequence of operations. When I was a child, when we learned arithmetic, we all knew a rule: first multiplication and then minus, parentheses are the braces!Similarly, in JavaScript, the operator's precedence is shown in

JavaScript Regular expression pattern matching (3)-greedy mode and lazy mode

1 varpattern=/[a-z]+/;//greedy mode is used here.2 varStr= ' ABCDEFG '; 3Alert (str.replace (Pattern, ' 1 '));//all the strings become 1.4 5 varpattern=/[a-z]+?/;//The lazy mode is used here,6 varStr= ' ABCDEFG '; 7Alert (str.replace (Pattern, ' 1 ')

JavaScript Regular expression pattern matching (2)--Grouping pattern matching

1 varpattern=/google{4,8}$/;//{4,8}$ Indicates the end of the match 4-8 times2 varStr= ' googleeeeeeeee ';//4-8 times for e3 Alert (pattern.test (str));4 5 varpattern=/(google) {4,8}$/;//grouping, which can be seen as a character6 varStr= '

JavaScript Regular expression pattern matching (4)--using Exec to return arrays, capturing groups and non-capturing groupings, nested groupings

Returning an array using execvarpattern=/^[a-z]+\s[0-9]{4}$/; varStr= ' Google 2012 '; Alert (pattern.exec (str)); //returns an array that contains a stringvarpattern=/^[a-z]+/;//match only to lettersvarStr= ' Google 2012 '; Alert (pattern.exec

JavaScript Errors and debugging

1.JavaScript errors-throw, try, and catchThe try statement tests the code block for errors.The catch statement handles the error.The throw statement creates a custom error.1.1 JavaScript ErrorVarious errors occur when the JavaScript engine executes

Prototype chains and inheritance in JavaScript

Understanding the prototype chain In the world of JavaScript, functions are a one-class citizen. The above sentence has been seen in many places. In my own words to understand is: function as father and mother . "When Dad" is because

JavaScript data structures and algorithms-list exercises

Implementing a list ClassList class function lists () {this.listsize = 0;//List of elements This.pos = 0;//The current position of the list this.datastore = [];//Initialize an empty array to Save list element this.clear = clear; Clears all the

JavaScript data structures and algorithms-array exercises

I. Create an object that records student performance, provide a way to add results, and a way to show average student performance.// 创建一个记录学生成绩的对象const Students = function Students () { this.grades = []; this.addGrage = addGrade;

JavaScript determines object type and node type, node name, and node value

One, JavaScript to determine the object type 1, you can use the TypeOf function to determine the object type1 function CheckObject1 () {2 var str= "str"; 3 Console.log (typeof(str))// Output "string"; 4 Console.log (typeof(str) = =

2017 JavaScript Framework review-front end framework

Overview:One of the main features of NPM for the JavaScript community is to help developers discover the libraries and frameworks needed in NPM Registry. NPM's powerful search capabilities help to find a set of related packages, while its built-in

JavaScript logical operators (operand operators)

1. Overview|| (or) and && (and) are logical operators. But or/with the "logical operator" is not appropriate, called " operand operator " more appropriate!Because | | (or) and && (and) are not Boolean values, but one (and only one) of the two

"JavaScript from getting started to giving up" JS Basics-01

As a front-end developer, JS is the guy we walk around to eat. Basically a front-end personnel can value how many oceans, see JS. Although various frameworks abound, but in the final analysis of native JS is the hard truth.Learning any new things

JavaScript Loading Guide

This article adheres to the You do not understand is you SB, I write the code will be very cool Concept to introduce some of JS's loading skills.The following tips, after three, are carefully used in the team project (mainly

JavaScript Basics (Concepts, constants, and variables)

1 , JavaScript ConceptJavaScript is a scripting language; After writing, you can run it directly (the process of compiling is missing)2 , JavaScript DevelopmentLiveScript + JavaScript = Jscript = ECMAScript (standard for scripting languages)||     

JavaScript--defining a two-dimensional array

Method one: Directly defined and initialized, this encounter a small number of cases can be usedvar _thearray = [["0-1", "0-2"],["1-1", "1-2"],["2-1", "2-2"]]Method Two: Two-dimensional array of unknown length 12345678910 var tArray

Use of assignment operators in JavaScript

The assignment operations in JavaScript can be divided into simple assignment operations and compound assignment operations. The simple assignment operation is to save the value of the expression on the right of the assignment operator (=) to the

JavaScript Document Object Model

Dom:document Object Model---document objects  The DOM is a BOM, and when the page is loaded, the browser creates a Document object model of the pageWith the precompiled object model, JS gets enough ability to create dynamic HTML.-JS can change all

JavaScript error message Capture

/** * @param {string} errormessage error message * @param {string} Scripturi Error file * @param {Long} linenu Mber the line number of the error code * @param {Long} columnnumber the column number of the error code * @param {Object} errorobj

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