JavaScript gets the day, week, month, year start and end time

/*** Get start date, end date for this week, quarter, month, month*/var now = new Date (); Current datevar nowdayofweek = Now.getday (); The day of the week todayvar nowday = Now.getdate (); Current dayvar nowmonth = Now.getmonth (); Current

JavaScript basic syntax

"Three ways to use JS"1, in the HTML tag, direct use of JS (do not promote the use of):Chestnut: Point Ben Does not meet the requirements of separation of content and behavior!2. Use the package JS code in the HTML page:Chestnut: The script tag

Several built-in functions for array arrays in JavaScript

This article is referenced in the third edition of JavaScript advanced programmingToday, while looking at JavaScript books, I saw some of the built-in function objects of the array in JavaScript that I didn't know before, so I wrote this essay in

Prototype inheritance in JavaScript

The basic rules that JavaScript circles become: All data are objects; To get an object, instead of instantiating the class, find an object as a prototype and clone it; The object will remember its prototype; If the object cannot

JavaScript asynchronous programming Some solutions to "callback Hell"

Asynchronous programming is very important in JavaScript. Too many asynchronous programming have problems with callback nesting, and this article provides some ways to fix "callback Hell". setTimeout(function () { console.log(‘延时触发‘);}, 2000)

Built-in objects in JavaScript's Getting Started JS

First, array 1, the basic concept of arraysAn array is a collection of ordered data that is stored continuously in memory space. The order of the elements in the array, called subscripts. You can use the subscript to access each element of the array.

Sort JavaScript objects by key

Problem descriptionI need to sort the JavaScript objects by key.So the following:‘b‘ : ‘asdsad‘, ‘c‘ : ‘masdas‘, ‘a‘ : ‘dsfdsfsdf‘ }will become:‘a‘ : ‘dsfdsfsdf‘, ‘b‘ : ‘asdsad‘, ‘c‘ : ‘masdas‘ }The best solutionmethod One if you want to iterate

JavaScript uses array prototypes to add method implementations to iterate through each element of a multidimensional array

Prototypes are provided to us in order for us to extend more versatility.Today I learned to use JS simulation of the underlying code, the implementation of multidimensional traversal of the array. The idea is to add a method to the array prototype.1

Getting Started with JavaScript (iii)

Steps to perform the loop structure1, declare the cyclic variable;2, judge the cycle conditions;3, the implementation of the circulation body operation;4, update the loop variable;The loop executes until the condition is not set and jumps out of the

Javascript uses the new keyword to invoke the difference between a function and a direct call to a function

1. function has return value$ (function () {function Person (name,age,job) {var o=new Object ();;O.age=age;O.job=job;O.sayhi=function () {Console.log (;}return o;}var people= new person (' Xiaowang ', ' Developer

Use JavaScript to generate a QR code image of the current post address

Previous wordsFind a good blog post on the computer and want to access it on your phone. At this point, you must open the phone browser to enter a long URL to the line, very inconvenient. If the blog after the title with a small picture, click on

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript Scope series fifth

Previous wordsFor the Execution Environment (execution context) and scope (scope) is not easy to distinguish, and even many people think they are one thing, but the elevation and Rhino book about the scope of the two different translations. But in

JavaScript and form controls

JavaScript and form controls1. form ControlsA) in HTML the form control is a tool for client and server data transfer, which collects the client's information and allows the client's users to submit data to the server in a standard formatb) --[]

The use of Document.execcommand () in JavaScript (implements many functions of the browser menu)

The Document.execcommand () method handles HTML data often in the following syntax format:Document.execcommand (scommand[, interactive mode, dynamic parameter])Where: Scommand is the instruction parameter ("2d-position" in the following example), if

JavaScript Chapter Fifth

Reference typeA reference type is a data structure that organizes data and functionality together.Reference type: Describes the properties and methods that a class of objects have, and an object is an instance of a particular reference type.1.Object

Like Peng Web study notes (ix) JavaScript

JavaScript notesFirst, JavaScript introduction1,javascript is a computer programming language that defines variables like other programming languages, executes loops, and so on.2,javascript code is primarily executed on the browser, providing

Getting Started with JavaScript (ii)

The operator in JS1. Arithmetic operation (single-mesh operator)+ Plus, minus, * multiply,/divide,% remainder, + + increment operator 、--The self-decrement operator;>>>+: There are two kinds of functions, link string/addition operator. When the +

An array of getting started with javascript: array type detailed

Arrays should be data types that are used extremely frequently in every language, and JavaScript is no exception.Personally, the array type in JS is very powerful.There is no need to specify the length of the array (not mutable) when the array is

The connection between JavaScript eval and JSON

Original address: This article focuses on the relationship between the Eval function and the JSON data format, as well as some detail issues. If you would like to learn more about Eval and JSON, please refer to

JavaScript Screen Object

Screen ObjectThe Window.screen object contains information about the client display screen.Note: There is no public standard applied to the screen object, but this object is supported by all browsers.The Window.screen object can be written without

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