All the nodes and methods of JavaScript

Property:List of properties for 1.Attributes storage nodes (read only)List of child nodes of the 2.childNodes storage node (read only)3.dataType returns the data type of this node4.Definition definition of a node given in DTD or XML Schema

"JavaScript" Explode animations

This is a JS implementation of particle aggregation text or picture animation effectsSome programs are as followsN.container = N.container[0] | | N.container;/*there is only one container*/ varwidth =N.params.width; varHeight =N.params.height;

"jquery" jquery objects and JavaScript objects that are DOM objects are converted to each other

jquery objects are objects that are produced after wrapping a DOM object through jquery. jquery objects are unique to jquery and can be used in jquery, but cannot use the DOM method, for example: $ ("#img"). attr ("src", "test.jpg"); The $ ("#img")

Using JavaScript to turn XML into JSON

function Xmltojson (XML) {//Create the return object var obj = {}; if (Xml.nodetype = = 1) {//element//Do attributes if (Xml.attributes.length > 0) {obj["@at Tributes "] = {}; for (var j = 0; J   Using JavaScript to turn

JavaScript time and time stamp conversion

First, get the current timestampvar New Date (). GetTime ();Console.log (timestamp);Second, current time in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss formatfunction getdate () { varnew Date (); var Y = now.getfullyear (); var M = Now.getmonth () + 1;

Understanding JavaScript Scopes

Brief introductionJavaScript has a feature called scope. Although the concept of scopes is not easy to understand for many novice developers, I will try to explain them to you as much as possible from the simplest point of view. Understanding scopes

New features of JavaScript: #private fields of a class

What is it, how to use it, why it is needed? While listening to "Noise pollution"--portugal. The man, while reading this article is simply enjoying The second stage of the JavaScript standard (stage 2) Joins the Class private field. It

JavaScript Beginners must-read books recommended

In the present, a lot of programmers are self-taught to complete the entry and promotion. The same is true for JavaScript learning. Many novice JavaScript options are easy and convenient to learn through video tutorials or forums, but some

The JavaScript authoritative guide: The source of the BOM---the Window object

The BOM is an abbreviation for the browser object model, the browser-based, which provides an API that is independent of the Web content and the interaction between browser forms. The API consists of several objects, because the browser is the host

JavaScript Advanced Programming Notes (i)

1. The ECMA specifies the following components of the language: syntax, type, statement, keyword, reserved word, operator, object2. What is ECMAScript compatibleSupports all "types, values, objects, properties, functions, and program syntax and

Math and random numbers in JavaScript

1.math.random (); The result is a random number between 0-1 (including 0, excluding 1)2.math.floor (num); The parameter num is a numeric value and the function result is the integer portion of Num.3.math.round (num); The parameter num is a numeric

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3) the basic concept

This chapter contains syntax, data types, flow control statements, and functions.1. SyntaxThe syntax of Ecmascrip is similar to the syntax of C and other C languages such as Java and Perl.2. Case-sensitiveEverything in ECMAScript (variables,

Arguments learning in Javascript

Arguments is a parameter of the currently executing function that holds the arguments that are currently called by the functions. How to use: function.arguments[i]. where function. is an option and is the name of the function that is currently

javascript-Package Date Date class

Migration time: May 27, 2017 18:43:02author:marydonjavascript-Package Date Date class (i) format dates//to customize the format () formatting method of the date day class(ii) Return of the dates of the week Monday and Sunday by date/** * return date

JavaScript design mode-Abstract Factory mode

Abstract Factory mode, which is a kind of creation pattern, is actually a method of implementing subclass inheriting parent class, in this method, by passing subclasses and inheriting the name of the parent class, and adding a judgment to the

JavaScript detection Browser zoom State Implementation code refers to the browser page content of the percentage zoom (press CTRL and the + sign key or-number key scaling)

The scale mentioned here is not the size of the browser, but rather the percentage scaling of the content of the browser's Web page (by pressing the CTRL and + keys or the scale of the-number key).There are ways to detect this scale, and QQ space is

Abstract Factory mode for JavaScript design patterns

Abstract Factory mode for JavaScript design patterns

JavaScript effects forward, back (back to previous level)

Add forward on the page, back (return to the previous level) feature:Way one: Using functions Way two: Forward Back Easy to doubt the place:Each page can be set back forward button, only this page jumps to other pages. The Forward button on

JavaScript performance optimized DOM programming

Recently studying high- performance JavaScript, here are some simple records. The sample code can be found here .First, DOM1) Dom and JavaScriptThe Document Object Model (DOM) is a language-independent program Interface (API) for manipulating XML

Take you to understand JavaScript closures

What is a closure package?Look at the code first:function A () { var n = 0; Function Inc () { n++; Console.log (n); } Inc (); Inc (); }a (); Console output 1, then output 2It's simple. Take another look at the code:function A () { var n

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