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JavaScript is a weak object language. The top-level object is window. Each HTML is represented by a Window object, and each window is not directly affected by each other.Difference from J A V A1. The variable has no type.2. The comparison budget

JavaScript Regular Expression Summary (test|match|search|replace|split|exec)

Test: tests Whether a string contains a matching result, contains a return of true, and does not contain a return of false. match: Regular match based on pattern, if matched to, returns match result, such as no match to return null Search : a

The difference between global variables and local variables in JavaScript

Today to see the great God wrote an article, their understanding of global variables and local variables is not deep enough, so write this article, to do a summary.The Great God Code + understand the text as follows:Parse: In the above code, the

Usage of Document.execcommand () in JavaScript

The Document.execcommand () method handles HTML data often in the following syntax format: Document.execcommand (scommand[, interactive mode, dynamic parameter]) Where:Scommand is the instruction parameter ("2d-position" in the following example ),

How to develop native JavaScript plugins (knowledge points + notation)

First, prefaceWe understand the JavaScript plugin through the "WWW" principle.The first W "what"-what is it? What is a plugin, I do not copy the abstract concept of the book, my personal simple understanding is that can facilitate the implementation

Learn the programming style of JavaScript

JavaScript programming StyleDouglas Crockford is the JavaScript authority, and the JSON format is his invention.Last November he had a speech (Youtube) about what a good JavaScript programming style was.I highly recommend this speech, which not only

JavaScript frequently uses object Array (2)

Join method for arrays Array stitching concat method Array Segmentation Slice Method A powerful splice approach IndexOf and LastIndexOf methods Several frequently used iterative methods Join method for arraysWe know that the

The basis of JS Foundation---->javascript (I.)

Document the basics of some JavaScript. just go through a road together, why the miss to get more than after the long. The basics of JavaScriptThe instanceof operator always returns True when detecting a reference type value and an Object

The Boolean of JavaScript

First, the conceptConverts a non-Boolean value to a Boolean value (True) or (false).Second, create a Boolean object1 var New Boolean (); 2 Console.log (BOOL); // Boolean {false}Three, Boolean methodToString () converts the Boolean value to a string

JavaScript Learning note 2_ Object-oriented

1. Definition of objectsIn ECMAScript, an object is an unordered set of properties, where the "property" can be a base value, an object, or a function2. Data properties and accessor properties Data properties are properties that have values,

JavaScript Learning Notes 1_ basics and common sense

1. Six types of data5 Base: undefined,null,boolean,number,string (where Undefined derived from Null)1 Complex: Object (essentially a set of unordered key-value pairs)2. String to Number Number (str): The first value is re-converted (valueof

Date Object properties and Object methods in JavaScript--Implementing a simple calendar

Internet search "JS Calendar plugin" will come out of various effects of rich calendar plugin, many can download the source code, and then according to their own needs to modify the source code can be used directly.But today is not about how to use

Implementation of object-oriented interface in JavaScript

Interfaces are the basis for object-oriented programming. It is a set of data structures that include a functional approach, as with classes. are more abstract concepts in programming languages. For example, the interface in life. Stb. It is used to

JavaScript Base64 Plus decryption

The BASE64 encryption algorithm is one of the most common encoding methods for transmitting 8Bit bytes of code on the network, and you can view rfc2045~rfc2049, which has a detailed specification of MIME. BASE64 encoding can be used to pass longer

Summary of several ways JavaScript creates objects

The ECMA defines an object as a collection of unordered properties whose properties can contain basic values, objects, or functions.1. Creating an object using the object constructorThe simplest way to create a custom object is to create an instance

JavaScript self-increment decrement operation

Operator i++ I-- ++i --I Interpretation The first assignment, then the self-increment First assignment, then self-reduction Increment first, then assign value First self-subtraction,

A deep copy of JavaScript

Shallow copy of an arrayIf it is an array, we can use some of the array's methods such as: Slice, CONCAT returns a new array of attributes to achieve the copy. Like what: var arr = [ " old ", 1 , true , null var new_arr = Arr.concat () ;

Implementing a modular organization under JavaScript

Java has class files, Python has import keywords, Ruby has require keywords, C # has a using keyword, PHP has include and require, CSS has @import keywords, but for ES5 version of JavaScript , JavaScript introduces code through script tags in a

Constructor, instanceof, isPrototypeOf, typeof, and hasOwnProperty in JavaScript

transferred from:, hasOwnProperty and inFirst to understand the hasOwnProperty method. This method is used to examine the object's non-prototype chain properties, in other words, to check the

JavaScript disables input by Preventdefault () Input[type=text] but retains the cursor

I. Description Cancels the default action for the event. This method notifies the Web browser not to perform the default action associated with the event (if such an action exists). For example, if the type attribute is "submit", any

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