JavaScript DOM, what exactly is it-------Day32

I have a headache this evening, why?After all, halfway decent, my understanding of JavaScript just stuck in: invoking JavaScript, changing the page style, elements and implementing some of the response of the event, although the need for the time

JavaScript Replace () method

Article transferred from character Replace text $, $ 、...、 The text that matches the 1th to 99th sub-expression in RegExp. $& A substring

Reproduced A detailed explanation of JavaScript running mechanism: Another talk about event Loop

Source: A year ago, I wrote an article, "What is Event Loop?" , and talked about my understanding of the event loop. Last month, I happened to see Philip Roberts's speech, "Help, I ' M stuck in

Gain insight into JavaScript modular programming

This article was translated from Ben Cherry's "JavaScript Module pattern:in-depth". Although individuals do not quite agree with the necessity of the existence of private variables in JS, this article is a very comprehensive introduction to the

Summary and analysis of 7 methods of JavaScript encryption and decryption

Original address: article introduces a total of seven JavaScript encryption methods:In the Web page (in fact, it is a Trojan horse), the most annoying is their hard-working to write out

JavaScript timestamp and its formatting

In PHP + MySQL (date type datetime) + AJAX applications, it is sometimes necessary to format the timestamp type as a generic time-type format using JavaScript. Here are some of the ways to convert and compare some common summaries. Xiping County

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format

JSONJSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format.It is based on a subset of JavaScript (standard ECMA-262 3rd edition-december 1999).JSON takes a completely language-independent text format, but also uses a similar

JavaScript Export Excel Code

web How to export a page to an Excel document web page Export to Excel document method column Header 1 column Header 2 column Header 3 column Header 4 column Header 5aaabbbcccdddeeeAAABBBCCCDDDEEEFFFGGGHHHIIIJJJ---The following are the processing

In layman's JavaScript variable scope

Before learning about the variable scope of JavaScript, we should make a few clear points: The variable scope of JavaScript is based on its unique scope chain. JavaScript does not have block-level scopes. Xianning Center Primary School

JavaScript object and Array reference Daquan

Http:// This article lists various JavaScript objects and arrays, including a short description of the work done by each of these objects or arrays. As well as its associated property methods, as

Nine design Patterns in the <<javascript mode >>

Mode one: Monomer modeFunction: To ensure that there is only one instance of a particular class, commonly used as a common and shared (multiple methods can be used as reference objects) to solve a particular problemJavaScript implements the monomer

JavaScript is the simplest way to encode HTML strings

HTML string refers to the ' aklsdjfklsjdfl ' a string with an HTML special symbol, and we usually have to deal with it and then output it to avoid outputting it as a true HTML element, that is, the If the string is very long and there are many

The use of the valueof function and the ToString method in JavaScript

All JS data types have both the valueof and ToString methods, except for NULL.The ValueOf function method in JavaScript is to return the original value of the specified object.How to use:Object.valueof ().object is a required parameter and is an

JavaScript validates character numbers of Chinese characters, etc.

An example of validating a user name:Html:Js:function CheckUser (){var username = $ ("#username"). Val ();if (!username.match (/^[\u4e00-\u9fa5a-za-z0-9_]{3,20}$/)) {var msg = "Kanji alphanumeric underscore consisting of 3-20 bits"; $ ("#usertips").

How to write a canonical JavaScript code

As a developer (Web front-end JavaScript development), non-normative development not only makes future code maintenance difficult, but also does not benefit the team's cooperation, and often leads to code security and execution efficiency problems.

Imitation implementation of inheritance mechanism in JavaScript

First, we use a classic example to briefly explain the inheritance mechanism in ECMAScript.In geometry, there are essentially only two geometric shapes, the oval (which is circular) and the polygon (with a certain number of edges). A circle is a

How to write high-quality JavaScript code

The excellent Stoyan Stefanov in his new book ("Javascript Patterns") introduces many techniques for writing high-quality code, such as avoiding global variables, using a single var keyword, circulating pre-stored lengths, and so on.This article not

The difference between the eval of JavaScript and the new function

When you have to execute a string as code, many people first think of using eval, but in fact, using the new function is more secure.    Why is it safe? Look at an example. eval can affect the current scope and all the variables of the parent scope,

Javascript Random number function learning two: produce random numbers that obey normal distribution

Why do I need to obey the random function of normal distributionIn general, the random number function that we often use math.random () produces a random number that obeys a uniform distribution, can simulate the occurrence of equal probabilities,

Ext. NOTES: JavaScript Basics

1. Basic object: Number,string,date,array,error,regexp,math,boolean PS: I basically use Java to write code, often write number n = new number (2) such as two code, time JavaScript is weak type, unified use Var to define, var n = new Number (2) A

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