JavaScript is the simplest way to encode HTML strings

HTML string refers to the ' aklsdjfklsjdfl ' a string with an HTML special symbol, and we usually have to deal with it and then output it to avoid outputting it as a true HTML element, that is, the If the string is very long and there are many

How does JavaScript tell if a variable is a numeric type?

IsNaN () cannot determine if a variable is a numeric type, and the value of IsNaN (123) is False,isnan (' 123 ') and false.The actual function of IsNaN () is not consistent with its name IsNaN, IsNaN (NaN) value is True,isnan (number ("XYZ")) value

JavaScript Basics----Document Object

Object Propertiesdocument.title//Set document title equivalent to HTML tagsdocument.bgcolor//Set page background colorDocument.fgcolor//Set foreground (text color)Document.linkcolor//non-clicked link colordocument.alinkcolor//Activate link (focus

JavaScript stuff (i) JavaScript array usage Summary (1)

/*1, JS arrays, like arrays in other languages, are an ordered list of data, but the difference is that each item of the JS array can hold any type of data. And the size of the JS array can be dynamically adjusted. 2. Create array: *///(1) Create an

JavaScript Learning note--5.dom (Document Object model)

1. How to get the objectMethod Onedocument.getElementsByTagName ("div");document.getElementById ("Head");Document.getelementsbyname ("username");Method two//via arraydocument.all//exists for IE, does not exist for

JavaScript arguments Object--The actual parameters of the function

In the JavaScript function body, the identifier arguments has a special meaning. It is a special property of the calling object that is used to refer to the arguments object. Arugments objects are like arrays, note that this is just like not ha.In

JavaScript in Math--random ()/floor ()/round ()/ceil ()

Math.random (): Returns any number between 0-1, excluding 0 and 1;Math.floor (num): Returns an integer less than or equal to num, equal to four rounding, not five in; Example: Math.floor (1.0); Math.floor (1.5); Math.floor (1.9); return 1;Math.Round

Javascript: Basic statement (If-else/switch/for/while/for-in/try-catch)

The basic syntax of JavaScript is very similar to C/java, and, more specifically, JavaScript has a for-in statement that can be used to traverse properties in an object. Code collated from w3school: Basic

JavaScript Regular expression: matches all HTML tags

In the course of the interview encountered a topic such as:For example, there is an HTML string:var string= ' test a codei am a girl. '; Requires writing a regular expression that matches the HTML tag, and replaces all tags.The HTML tag has this

Js_ Seven types of JavaScript encryption/decryption methods

This article introduces a total of seven JavaScript encryption methods. One: The simplest encryption and decryption Second: The magical character of escaping characters Three: Encode with Microsoft-produced Scripting Encoder Script encoder

Unicode and JavaScript in detail [very good article turn]

Last month, I did a share, detailing the Unicode character set and the JavaScript language support for it. Here is the transcript of this share. First, what is Unicode?Unicode comes from a very simple idea: to include all the characters of the

The difference between element and node in JavaScript, the difference between children and childnodes

The difference between element and node, Cilldren and childnodes Many friends do not know, this article tries to let you understand the differences between the concepts.node is a common name for any type of object in the DOM hierarchy, and node has

JavaScript is the simplest way to encode HTML strings

HTML string refers to the ' aklsdjfklsjdfl ' a string with an HTML special symbol, and we usually have to deal with it and then output it to avoid outputting it as a true HTML element, that is, the If the string is very long and there are many

In JavaScript for: In Loop trap

Long time no blog, but tonight was a small problem trapped, I want to continue to slack down. The small question is: Remove the same attribute from each element in an array, and then add the attributes together. Each element of an array is of the

About JavaScript access to SOAP-based webservice cross-domain issues

About JavaScript access to SOAP-based webservice cross-domain issuesRecently, a SOAP-based webservice server was built. As a result, accessing WebService with JavaScript encounters a cross-domain problem!First, the declaration code in the webservice

JavaScript table item Data filter code

System Administrator Login window Admin account Admin password <Span class= "margin_padding" > Input Verification Code (Can't see Clearly, please click on the image to refresh!) ) JavaScript table item Data filter code

You didn't think of it. Compression method: Compress JavaScript files into PNG image storage

This can achieve a very high compression ratio, exactly how high, the following will be mentioned. This method uses the canvas control, which means that only browsers that support canvas controls are available.Now you can see that the image above is

The comparison of Chinese characters involved in JavaScript

In the use of js "= =" for string comparisons, found in the English case is OK, but in the Chinese comparison is not.Online Search provides a workaround for usingStringobject.localecompare (target)To solve the Chinese comparison

JavaScript learns an Object

constructor functionNew Object () New object (value)Parameters Value An optional parameter that declares the original value (that is, a number, a Boolean, or a string) to be converted to a numeric object, a Boolean

JavaScript Object properties and array access

Access to JavaScript Object propertiesIf there is an object test:var test = {"A": 1,"B": 2};There are two ways to directly access the value of the property A of the object test:1.TEST.A;2.test["a"]; (Note that the quotation marks are used

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