One advantage of (Javascript) prototype is also a disadvantage

Javascript How do I implement OO programming in JavaScript? I'm afraid the best way is to take full advantage of the prototype attribute. There are a lot of introductions about prototype, and I will not repeat them. The basic principle is that when

The relationship of JavaScript and generics in object-oriented mode

When I was reading this article, I was reading "Dark Time" written by Mr. Liu Weipeng, and if you are lucky enough to see this blog, I hope you can also read this book. All right, gossip less, get to the point.The idea of generics and polymorphism

JavaScript calls to ActiveX interface failed solution and usage experience

Some time ago the company made a relatively large project, need to use OCX control, I plant most of the projects are used, and WinForm program with OCX control interface is relatively simple, but the JavaScript call OCX interface, but and

Understanding JavaScript Callback Functions

In JavaScript, the callback function is specifically defined as: function A is passed to another function B as an argument (a function reference), and this function B executes function A. Let's just say function A is called a callback function. If

JavaScript state machine and its application in workflow

State machine What is called the state machine (finite states Machine), the written explanation can be found by the search engine. Popularly speaking is a set of code that defines, finds, switches, and dispatches events. The corresponding design

JavaScript Super Large integer addition

What is a "super Big integer"? JavaScript uses the floating-point algorithm in the IEEE754 standard to represent number numbers. I didn't take the time to learn more about the IEEE754 standard, but for dealing with oversized integers, it was

Use JavaScript to implement XMLHttpRequest, test through on Ie,firefox!

Javascript|request|xml|xmlhttprequest XMLHttp way to implement the brushless screen, tested on the Ie,firefox   " XHTML1-TRANSITIONAL.DTD //Global flag var Isie = false; Global request and XML document

JavaScript creation Object (ii)

Prototype mode: Each create a function has a prototype attribute, it is a pointer to an object; How the prototype mode creates the function: function Movie () {};

JavaScript rules for converting different types of data to Boolean values in an expression

There are 5 types of data in javascript: Undefined, Boolean, Object, number, String, and these types of data, when they are in an expression, The JS parser automatically converts it to a Boolean value to determine which logical branch the current

How to improve the speed of JavaScript functions

Nicholas explains how to improve the speed of JavaScript functions! This is Nicholas. The second article, which prevents the script from getting out of control, mainly discusses how to refactor nested loops, recursion, and those functions that

JavaScript Learning notes 2-functions

2. function 2.1 Function Direct Quantity The direct amount of a function is used as an expression, not as a statement, and it does not need to specify a function name. The comparison with the function: JS Code function f(){} var f = function(){}

JavaScript closed-Pack (Closure) Knowledge learning

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closure implementations. Here are my learning notes, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners. Scope of a variable To

JavaScript code to make sound buttons

In general, a button on a Web page does not have a sound triggering event. If you want the button to sound in response to the mouse action, we can write a section of JavaScript script code to implement it. Can let the button to make a sound script,

Object-based JavaScript language

The JavaScript language is object-based (object-based) rather than object-oriented (object-oriented). It is said to be an object-based language, mainly because it does not provide many features such as abstraction, inheritance, overloading, and so

Make JavaScript easy to support function overloading (Part 2

In "Make JavaScript easy to support function overload (Part 1-design)," we designed a method that describes the function overload in JavaScript, which relies on a static class called Overload, and now we're going to look at how to implement this

JavaScript Learning notes 1-objects and arrays

1. Objects and Arrays General statement Objects and arrays are two important data types in JS, and they are different from basic data types such as strings and numbers: they do not represent a single value, they represent a collection of values.

JavaScript Object-oriented my solution

Today to use JS to implement a number of client functions, taking into account the business logic, using OO development method will be very convenient, so carefully reviewed the relevant articles, some experience. The first is to define the class.

Create a new object in JavaScript

Use JavaScript to create your own objects. Although the functionality within JavaScript and the browser itself is already powerful, JavaScript provides a way to create a new object. So that it does not need to be like Hypertext Markup Language, or

Questions about String functions indexof in JavaScript?

No matter how the previous code changes (' PQ ', 1) The value of the number, it is unchanged, or 15 and -1! How is this going to happen? Question added: document.write ("string" +str+ "in the former to post PQ appears in the position is:"

The sort function in JavaScript

The sort function method in JavaScript is to return an Array object that has been sorted by an element. How to use:   arrayobj.sort(sortfunction) Where Arrayobj is a required option. Any Array object. Sortfunction is optional. is the name of the

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