Play JavaScript OOP-class implementation _javascript tips

Overview What are we talking about when we're talking about object-oriented programming? The first thing we talk about are concepts: objects, classes, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism. Objects and classes are object-oriented, and

JavaScript Introductory tutorials for reference types _javascript tips

Reference type A reference type is a data structure that is used to organize data and functionality together. It is also often referred to as a class, but it is not appropriate to address it. Although ECMAScript is technically an object-oriented

A fast solution to the 23 problems of multi-browser compatibility in JavaScript _javascript tips

First, Document.formName.item ("itemname") problem Problem description: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formName.elements ["ElementName"];firefox, You can only use the document.formname.elements["ElementName"].

JavaScript Knowledge Point Summary (iv) Logical OR operator detailed _javascript tips

In JavaScript, the logical OR operator uses the | | Said var btrue = true; var bfalse = false; The following truth table describes the behavior of the logical AND operator: In JavaScript , 0, "", False,null,undefined,nan all

JavaScript must know (vi) Delete in Instanceof_javascript tips

In In determines whether the string on the left or the property that can be converted to a string belongs to the right. var data = {x:, Y:};//defines direct object alert ("x" in data);//true, x is an attribute alert (in data) of

On the precision loss _javascript skill of JavaScript small number and large integer

Let's look at two questions: 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.3; False9999999999999999 = 10000000000000000; True The first problem is the problem of decimal precision, which has been discussed in many blogs in the industry. The second problem is that last year, the

On the application _javascript technique of JavaScript callback function

Definition of a callback function A callback function is a function called by a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of a function to another function as an argument, when the pointer is used to call the function it points to, we say

A simple understanding of some basic methods of JavaScript manipulating XPath _javascript tips

XPath is now rarely used by us because JSON is now prevalent. But in the age of XML as a data Interchange format, XPath plays a very important role when we randomly access large XML document structures. Perhaps many of you are now not aware that the

Detailed explanation of AES encryption _javascript techniques in Nodejs and JavaScript

First, Introduction 1.aes encryption, in cryptography, also known as Rijndael encryption, is a block encryption standard used by the U.S. federal government. This standard, which replaces the original DES, has been analyzed and widely used

A very useful JavaScript read-write cookie function

JavaScript reads and writes the delete cookie operation. function Getcookieval (offset)Get the value of the cookie after decoding{var endstr = document.cookie.indexOf (";", offset);if (endstr = = 1)Endstr = Document.cookie.length;Return unescape

JavaScript inheritance (next) why Inherit

Quiz1 Does JavaScript really need classes (class)? Let's first look at some of the features of other object-oriented languages (class), such as Java. Parent class and Child class The parent class (superclass) and subclasses (subclass) are not

Talking about several methods of handling JavaScript asynchronous operation

This article tags:   javascript native JavaScript advantage javascript asynchronous JS asynchronous Operation callback function TensorFlow REST server IntroductionJS Asynchronous Operation , is already a commonplace topic, the

JavaScript Learning Three JSGive the variable a name (variable name)In order to differentiate boxes, we can use names such as Box1,box2 to represent different boxes, BOX1 is the name of the box (that is, the name of the variable).Let's get a good name for the

Diagram The prototype chain in JavaScript

Transferred from: typeof obj and obj instanceof TypeIn JavaScript, we often use typeof obj and obj instanceof type to identify types, so what is the difference between the two? Take a look at a couple of

Closures in JavaScript

Closures:Explanation in MDN: closures refer to functions that have access to independent (free) variables (variables are used locally but are defined in a closed scope). In other words, these functions can "remember" the environment when it was

JavaScript: Use of date selector components

Objective:In actual project development, date selection is a very common and important issue, in the form of design to date validation, if you let the user input time, then it is not advisable to use the regular to verify its correctness, because he

JavaScript Good Parts Learning notes-array article

An array is a linearly allocated memory. The element is accessed by calculating the offset.Unfortunately, JavaScript does not have the same data structures as arraysAs an alternative, JavaScript provides an object of an array of classes, changing

Regular Expressions (JavaScript)

Regular Expressions (JavaScript)Regular Expressions (JavaScript) Regular Expressions (JavaScript) 1. Understanding Regular Expressions 1.1. What is a regular expression 1.2. Common Regular expression

Ways to identify your browser's JavaScript engine

Answer from StackOverflow, open this page Http:// can, this page is also the answer person wrote.QR code is this URL. The website has the statistic visit quantity, the author wants to know to how many people is useful, the suggestion

JavaScript creates an object's singleton, factory, constructor mode

01 Single-Case modeFirst look at a problem, we want to describe two people in the program, these two people have names and age, may just start to learn JS will be written as follows:1 var name1 = ' Iceman '; 2 var age1 =; 3 4 var name2 = ' Mengzhe ';

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