Math Object Method Usage Overview _ Basics in JavaScript

1. Discard the fractional part and keep the whole number of partsparseint (5/2) 2. Take up the whole, there are decimal numbers on the whole part plus 1 Math.ceil (5/2) 3, rounded. Math.Round (5/2) 4, take the whole down. Math.floor (5/2)

Several methods for the _javascript of JavaScript arrays efficiency testing techniques

The following is my online three kinds of efficient methods of summary and efficiency testing, if you have better opinions or suggestions can also be proposed, we encourage learning. The array goes to the weight Method 1:

JavaScript animation effect class encapsulation code _javascript Tips

OUTPUT1 is changing value OUTPUT1 is changing the width OUTPUT3 is fading in Output4 is the width with ease

Memory leak patterns in authoritative JavaScript _javascript tips

Author:Abhijeet Bhattacharya (, System software engineer, IBM IndiaKiran Shivarama Shivarama Sundar (, System software engineer, IBM India May 28, 2007 If you know the cause of the memory leak, it should be

The realization method of animation demonstration effect of JavaScript sort algorithm _javascript skills

Before you know that someone is asking themselves to write a bubble sort algorithm how to use Html,css,javascript to show the sort process. It's kind of interesting. Some time ago to write a. Here is a record of the implementation process. The

Using JavaScript to implement code _javascript techniques for Artboards


Enter in consoleDb.drawcircle ([50,50],20, "Black");Db.drawline ([5,5],[36,44], "red");You can see the effect Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript gets the method of parameter QueryString in URL _javascript tips

I. Get the querystring parameter of the URL Two ways to get the querystring parameter of a URL are as follows: 1.1 Method One: regular match Gets the parameter function getquerystring (name) { var reg = new RegExp (^|&) "+ name +" = ([^&]

JavaScript Event Object collation and detailed introduction of _javascript skills

Event Properties and methods: 1. Type: The types of events, such as Click in Onlick; 2. Srcelement/target: The event source, is the element that occurs; 3. Button: the mouse button declared to be pressed, Integer, 1 for the left, 2 for the right,

A detailed explanation of JavaScript closure mechanism and _javascript techniques of instance Code

The first is to distinguish between two concepts, one is anonymous function , the other is closure . The anonymous function is to create a function without a given function name. Often, including function expressions, you define an anonymous

3 methods of this binding in JavaScript and comparison _javascript techniques

Introduced This is one of the most intriguing features in JavaScript, and the first step in learning this is to understand that this is not a scope to point to a function or to a function. This is actually the binding that occurs when a function is

JavaScript inheritance Detailed (vi) _JAVASCRIPT skills

In this chapter, we will analyze the implementation of JavaScript inheritance in Prototypejs.Prototypejs is the earliest JavaScript class library, can be said to be the originator of JavaScript class library. The first JavaScript class library I

What is the result value in JavaScript? _javascript tips

Do you know that every statement and even expression in JavaScript has a result value? When you test your code in a browser, you often have one more line behind the output of the console, mostly undefined, and this undefined is a result value. ES7

Discussion on compatibility of IE and Firefox in JavaScript applications _javascript tips

1.document.formname.item ("itemname") problem Note: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formName.elements ["elementname"]; Firefox, you can only use the document.formname.elements["ElementName"]. Workaround: Unify

JavaScript Error object fault handling _javascript tips

Error Object Property: Name: Wrong name Number: Error Description: Description Message: Error messages, multiple description FF only Property FileName: The file where the error occurred Stack: Call stack when an error occurs Constructor: Error ()

Use JavaScript to get cursor position in textarea _javascript tips

For people writing JavaScript to write Web editor, getting the cursor position in textarea is a very important issue, and often many people are overwhelmed in this place and can't find a good way. Yesterday I found a section of JavaScript code on

A method for determining whether a value is undefined in JavaScript _javascript tips

Objective I'm sure you all know that when you declare a variable and do not assign a value, its initial value is undefined. But in JavaScript, how do you check if a value is undefined? In short, in modern browsers, you can safely compare whether a

3 Advanced tips for JavaScript functions _javascript Tips

front. A function is a core concept for any language, especially in JavaScript. I've previously introduced the function in the form of a deep understanding of the function family, and this article will go a step further and introduce the 3 advanced

Using JavaScript to implement UrlEncode and UrlDecode scripting code _javascript techniques

Copy Code code as follows: Turn VBScript functions into JavaScript for easy use in non-IE browsers Copy Code code as follows: function Str2asc (strstr) { Return ("0" +strstr.charcodeat (0). toString). Slice (-2);

JavaScript every day must learn the event _javascript skills

In fact, this article is very early before the written, but because of the SF save the bug, so at that time wrote a lot of, the result did not save, feel that this did not finish is a big regret, today just have time to add, also just give me the

JavaScript Special text input box Web page special effects _javascript Tips

This example for you to share the Special JS text input box Web effects, for your reference, the specific content as follows instance one: make the text box underlined only Example two: initials or all uppercase letters

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