On the content of the node in JavaScript to strengthen _ basics

One, Element node Copy Code code as follows: Test element node, output node name, node type, node value var lielements=document.getelementsbytagname ("Li"); for (Var i=0;ialert (lielements[i].nodename); alert

About associative array analysis in JavaScript _ basics

The usual array is populated with an implicit or display of the specified array subscript, but the array in JS can be assigned the element in the form of a name, which forms an associative array, such as: Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript Learning Notes (ii) Arrays and object Parts _ basics

JavaScript Object part One: the basic part All variables in 1.JavaScript are objects except for two exceptions null and undefined. 2.Jscript supports four types of objects: internal objects, generated objects, objects given by the host (all BOM

Escape character (\) Overview of the effects of Json.parse in JavaScript _ basics

As explained in the ECMA262 Fifth Edition, JSON is a built-in object that provides a stringify and parse method that converts a JS object to a JSON-standard string that converts a JSON-compliant string to a JS object. JSON standard reference

JS Ios/iphone's Safari browser is not compatible with the date () problem in JavaScript How to solve _javascript skills

var date = new Date (' 2016-11-11 11:11:11 '); document.write (date); Recently in writing a time to judge a script, you need to convert the fixed string time to the timestamp for comparison, in doing the personal habit of using chrome as a

Drill down into JavaScript functions, recursion and closures (execution environment, variable object and scope chain) using the basics

function expression 1. There are 2-clock methods for defining functions in JavaScript:   1-1. function declaration: Copy Code code as follows: function FuncName (ARG1,ARG2,ARG3) { function body } ①name property: Can read

Three ways to declare global variables based on JavaScript _ basics

JS in the declaration of global variables are mainly divided into explicit declarations or implicit declarations described separately below. Declaration Way One: The VAR (keyword) + variable name (identifier) is declared outside the function,

A detailed description of JavaScript custom constructors-basic knowledge

JavaScript does not support real classes in languages like Java, C #, and so on. However, in JS can be defined pseudo class. The tool to do this is the constructor and the prototype object. First, the constructor in JS is introduced. The syntax for

Introduction to Boolean type analysis based on JavaScript data type _ basics

Today we're talking about a Boolean type in a data type that returns True and false two literals, and it needs to be noted that the literal value is case-sensitive, meaning that all but the lowercase are just identifiers. The following are mainly

How to Do object type judgment in JavaScript _ basics

A recent look at John Resig's work, "Pro JavaScript Techniques," describes how to make JavaScript type judgments. Two methods are introduced in this paper, one is to use TypeOf, the other is to use constructor. It is a little pity that as the author

JavaScript arrays and Common function Details _ basics

1. Understanding Arrays An array is a collection of data of a type that can be integral, string, or even an object.JavaScript does not support multidimensional arrays, but because arrays can contain objects (arrays are also objects), arrays can be

The detailed explanation of JavaScript deep cloning object and the _javascript skill of example

JavaScript Deep Clone Object Today to do the project, there is a need to use the deep cloning object, and requirements in the prototype chain programming so whim simply to review this knowledge, on the Internet to find the appropriate knowledge,

JavaScript gets a code instance of the function name, function parameter, object property name-Basics

3 ways to get function namesExample 1: A way to see in the JS authoritative guide: Function.prototype.getName = function () {return THIS.name | | This.tostring (). Match (/function\s* ([^ (]*) \ (/) [1]} Example 2: If the current function is a

Types of operators in JavaScript and their rules introduction _ Basics

There are many operators in JavaScript, which are mainly arithmetic operators, equivalent to all the same operators, comparison operators, string operators, logical operators, assignment operators, and so on. These operators have some of their own

JavaScript compatibility problem under IE and FF _ basics

JavaScript compatibility has long been a major problem for Web developers. The differences between formal norms, factual standards and various implementations make many developers suffer day and night. To this end, mainly from the following aspects

Javascript-the most misunderstood language analysis _javascript skills in the world

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Virtually every personal computer in the world is installed and frequently uses at least one JAVascript interpreter. The popularity of JavaScript is entirely due to his

JAVASCRIPT+CSS3 implementation of progress bar effect _javascript skills

The progress bar can be used in many web, this article is to introduce the progress bar effect, the specific code is as follows: One: Css2 property clip implement Web page progress bar; Before implementing, let's introduce the clip property,

JavaScript implements a pull-hook-like mouse-move-out effect _javascript technique


First on the effect chart (GIF itself recorded, a little ugly sorry, tool licecap) Realize the idea HTML structure JS ..... The li is used as the mouse to move ( mouseenter ) and mouse out (

JavaScript Mouse following Movement 3 effects (eyeball effect, apple menu, direction following) _javascript tips

In addition to the movement of linear and curvilinear motions, there is also a movement in which the mouse follows the motion, which requires the relevant content of the trigonometric function or proportional operation. In this paper, we will

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