The connection and difference between JavaScript Null, Undefined, and Nan

I believe many beginner JavaScript will have this idea: why JavaScript is null and undefined, relative to C, C + +, Java, they are all just null, why JavaScript is differentOne, historical reasons The web search learned that,when JavaScript was born

JavaScript statements--expression statements, block statements, empty statements, and declaration statements


xTable of Contents [1] expression [2] block statement [3] Empty statement [4] declaration beforeIf an expression is a phrase in JavaScript, then the statement (statement) is a JavaScript whole sentence or command. An expression evaluates a value

Detailed URL coding/decoding in JavaScript, URL encoding in form submission

In this paper, we mainly introduce the related problems of URI codec, and explain in detail which characters in URL coding need to be encoded, why they need to be encoded, and compare and analyze several pairs of functions of JavaScript and codec

The most detailed reading of JavaScript's Date

The foundation Date() will not say ~:)How do I get the number of days in a month?I wonder if you've ever met this question? I think if you had written a date component there must have been this problem, and my solution was this:The following three

JavaScript: Drawing with Canvas

1. Basic usageTo use the element, you must first set its width and Height properties, specify the size of the area that can be plotted, and the content that appears in the end tag after the start is the fallback information that is displayed if the

JavaScript Basics (v) function variables and scopes

function definition and invocationDefine a function, in JavaScript, to define the function in the following way:function ABS (x) {if (x >=0) {return x;}else{Return-x;}}The above definition of the ABS () function is as follows:function indicates that

The difference between passing anonymous functions (nested defined named functions) and named functions in JavaScript event snooping

There is a requirement in the project, the first execution of the event is different from the subsequent execution, but the directly passed the well-defined named function returns the same result: If the named function is nested within an anonymous

Introduction to the moment of date types in JavaScript

about the date type in JavaScript, I believe that jser are not unfamiliar with it, but also necessarily for that complex difficult to remember the various conversion functions headache, this article will share my knowledge of the date type of JS


Problem Description: The simplest string compression is achieved by using the number of occurrences of a character in a string, the string is not shortened after compression, and the original string is returned.For example Abbbcccccddef, after

Detailed description of event handling in JavaScript

In the long history of evolution, we have said goodbye to inline event handling (using the event handler directly within the HTML element), today's event, which is already an important part of the DOM, unfortunately, IE continues to retain its

JavaScript Action Cookie

Engaged in web development also some days, the cookie is a what almost can be said to understand, but the actual operation of their own is to go to search (you know), the results were despised ... So write a blog post as their own study notes, hey,

In-depth understanding of JavaScript object-oriented programming

Read Catalogue One: Understanding the constructor prototype (prototype) mechanism Second: Understanding the concept of prototype domain chain Three: Understanding the prototype inheritance mechanism IV: Understanding the use of

Easy Learning JavaScript 23: DOM Programming learning Operations Table

Create a table using HTML tags:Code: Staff table name gender age Zhang San men

Easy Learning JavaScript 13: JavaScript based on object-oriented inheritance (including object-oriented inheritance mechanism)

One- phase object inheritance mechanismToday is nothing to do, to understand the three major characteristics of object-oriented inheritance, the past learning C + + and C # are Orthodox object-oriented languageWords, the study time also did not have

JavaScript memory analytics for Chrome developer tools

A memory leak is a gradual decrease in available memory for a computer. Occurs when the program continues to fail to release the temporary memory it uses. JavaScript Web applications also frequently encounter memory-related problems in native

Gain a thorough understanding of object-oriented JavaScript

gain a thorough understanding of object-oriented JavaScript(Original: Zeng, software engineer, ibm,2013 April 17)JavaScript's functional scripting language features and its seemingly arbitrary writing style have led to a long-standing

JavaScript basic data types and value types and reference types

There are four basic data types in javascript: numeric values (integers and real numbers), string literals (characters or values enclosed in "or"), Boolean (with True or false representations), and null values. The data in the basic type of

JavaScript Development Advanced: Understanding JavaScript scopes and scope chains

Scopes are one of the most important concepts of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript you need to understand how JavaScript scopes and scope chains work. Today's article provides a simple introduction to JavaScript scopes and scope chains, hoping to

Deep understanding of JavaScript variable scopes

Before learning about the variable scope of JavaScript, we should make a few clear points:A, the variable scope of JavaScript is based on its unique scope chain.b, JavaScript does not have a block-level scope.c, the variables declared in the

Understanding event Handling in JavaScript prevents bubbling event.stoppropagation ();

Original address: article is very good for understanding JavaScript's event-handling mechanism, and it is reproduced here in full-text for a rainy future.What is an event?Event is the heart of

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