Javascript BASE64 encoding and decoding

Original: "Turn" Javascript Base64 encoding and decodingHTML>Head>METAhttp-equiv= "Msthemecompatible"CONTENT= "Yes" >Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; Charset=unicode" >Scriptlanguage= "JavaScript"type= "Text/javascript"src=".. /var.

"Learning Notes" JavaScript coding specifications-Comparison operators & equality

Use = = = and!== instead of = = and! =Comparison operators perform calculations using the ToBoolean method to cast the data type and follow these rules:The computed value of object is TrueThe computed value of undefined is falseBoolean evaluates to

Problems with in loops and arrays in JavaScript

This article by Bole Online-elviskang translation, into the forest School draft. without permission, no reprint!English Source: Welcome to join the translation team.The loop of JavaScript is used to iterate over an

JavaScript logical operator ' | | ' and "&&"

Alert (true| | false); // TrueAlert (false| | // TrueAlert (true| | // TrueAlert (false| | // false But, in the deep sense, there is another world, try the following codeAlert (0| | 1);Obviously, we know that the previous 0 means false, and

"Translating" How to learn JavaScript correctly

Original: How to learn JavaScript properlyDirectory Don't learn JavaScript like this Resources for this course 1-2 weeks (Introduction, data type, expressions, and operators) 3-4 weeks (object, array, function,

Performance optimizations for JavaScript: loading and executing

OverviewWhether the current JavaScript code is inline or in an out-of-chain file, the download and rendering of the page must stop waiting for the script to complete. The longer the JavaScript execution takes, the longer the browser waits to respond

JavaScript function scope/action chain domain/pre-parsing

On the scope and scope of the role of the problem, a lot of articles are very detailed, this article is an excerpt of their own feel that the value of the part, left by the use, only for reference, need to see the details please click on the

JavaScript MVC style framework with 100 lines of code implementation

IntroducedPeople who have used JavaScript frameworks (such as AngularJS, Backbone, or ember) are familiar with how MVC works in the UI (user interface, front end). These frameworks implement MVC, making it easier to change views as needed in a

Implementation of the Trim method in JavaScript

The string class in Java has a trim () to remove the space characters before and after the string, and the trim () method in jquery can delete the string before and after the character variable. But there is no corresponding trim () method in

---List of javascript data structures and algorithms

---List of javascript data structures and algorithmsin daily life, people often want to use the list, for example, we have to go shopping at times, in order to buy everything when shopping, we can go before, the list of things to buy, this will be

JavaScript Data Model

This article mainly describes the data model of JavaScript, which is a global overview of the data types supported by JavaScript. The theory of comparison is very deep and therefore difficult to understand, but it is important to have an image of

JavaScript series-----objects based on hash storage (<Key,Value> Key article) (1)

Structure of the 1.Hash tableFirst, allow us to take a moment to introduce the hash table briefly.1. What is a hash tableHash table is a two-dimensional structure, the management of a pair of such key-value pairs, the structure of the hash table as

JavaScript Math and Number objects

1. Math Object1.1 Introduction   Math object is a mathematical object that provides mathematical calculations of the data, such as obtaining absolute values, rounding up, and so on. No constructors, cannot be initialized, only static properties and

The Document object model for the JavaScript starter article

Preface:The Document Object model, or DOM, is the standard programming interface recommended by the Organization for the processing of extensible superscript languages. It is a platform-and language-independent application interface (API) that

Effective JavaScript Item 51 reusing array methods on class array objects

Array.prototypeThe standard method on an object is designed to be reused on other objects-even if it is not an object that inherits from an array. Therefore, passbook some class array object (Array-like Objects) in JavaScript. A typical example is

JavaScript determines browser type and version

JavaScript determines browser type and version posted on2008-09-06 23:14 Li Shi Read (116434) Comment (39) Edit Collection Do you know how many kinds of browsers are in the world? In addition to our well-known Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and

Best practices for advanced programming of JavaScript

First, maintainability: understandable, intuitive, adaptable, scalable, and can be debugged Code Conventions: Readability Formatting: Recommended indent size is 4 spaces Comments: Functions and methods,

The difference between null, Nan, and undefined in Javascript

1. Type analysis:JS data types have undefined,boolean,number,string,object, such as 5, the first 4 are the original type, the 5th is the reference type.CodeCode highlighting produced by Actipro Codehighlighter (freeware)

JS nice–javascript code beautification and formatting tools

Today we would like to share with you a set of creative page toggle Bear Effects collection. We've listed a set of animations in the example that can be applied to the page transitions to create interesting navigation effects. While some of the

Comprehensive understanding of object-oriented JavaScript

ObjectiveToday's JavaScript is a great way to rely on a wide range of applications. Web programmers have become accustomed to using a variety of excellent JavaScript frameworks to quickly develop WEB applications, ignoring the learning and deep

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