More than a series of javascript

JavaScript Tsinghua University published the "Half a series of JavaScript", I read the book, some translated it. A few years ago looked, recently nothing, turned over, very helpful. This book should have CD-ROM, but the school book, the CD-ROM is

Recommended JavaScript Calendar controls compatible with IE, FireFox

javascript| Control | Calendar Web Calendar control A lot of online, the function is also very powerful, but most of them do not support Firefox, their leisure wrote a, has the following characteristics: Characteristics: First, support

Use JavaScript to convert time to today, yesterday, the day before, etc. format

This article mainly introduces the use of JavaScript to convert time to today, yesterday, the day before, and other formats of relevant information, the need for friends can refer to the The method is super simple, the time format is good, directly

How JavaScript monitors variable changes

The examples in this article describe the way JavaScript monitors variable changes. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: You should know that in C # for attributes, files, etc. change monitoring is very simple,

A detailed explanation of the setmonth () method used in JavaScript

The JavaScript Date.setmonth () method sets the monthly specified date by local time. Grammar 1 Date.setmonth (monthvalue[, Dayvalue]) Note: the appearance and data in parentheses are optional The following are the

Google browser Chrome How to debug JavaScript

Google Browser is a company developed by Google's browser. Google Browser is based on the other open source software written. The following small series for everyone to share a Google browser debugging JavaScript tutorial, hope to help everyone.

Example of inserting JavaScript code in HTML

This article mainly introduces the example of inserting JavaScript code in HTML, nested in HTML code is the basic function of JavaScript, need friends can refer to the following JavaScript code can be included anywhere in an HTML document. But

JavaScript Basic Grammar explanation

This article mainly introduces the basic grammar of JavaScript, including annotation and writing format, such as basic knowledge, need friends can refer to the following JavaScript consists of HTML tags placed in the JavaScript statement in the Web

JavaScript Conditional Expressions Deep learning

JS conditional expression and other languages, have adopted if else and switch these two kinds. Because different browsers have different optimizations for process control. So there is no difference in performance between the two, mainly based on

Print the current time implementation ideas and code in JavaScript

  Printing The current time there are many ways, in this article for you to describe the use of JavaScript is how to do, specifically implemented as follows, interested friends can refer to the following Copy code code as follows:

JavaScript code implements a mock instantiation class

The more things that JavaScript can do, with the problem is the increase in the number of JS code, in the face of the code, I chose The imitation of the class instantiation of the constructor in the form of automatic start, all the JS code, in a

Using JavaScript to detect browser-related features

Browser First, detect the name of the browserProblem:The standard support for JavaScript is different for different browsers, and sometimes you want the script to work well on different browsers, and then you need to detect the browser, determine

JavaScript components: Coding implementations and algorithms

In the last issue we discussed the design of the queue management component and gave it a loud and unique name: Smart queue. This time, we want to put the previous design results into practice, using code to implement it. First, we need to consider

A JavaScript hash class


JavaScript tutorials-from Getting started to mastering (4)

javascript| Tutorial Object-based JavaScript language The JavaScript language is object-based (object-based) rather than object-oriented (object-oriented). It is said to be an object-based language, mainly because it does not provide many features

WEB (Javascript) remote invocation scheme manifest

Javascript|web Web Remote Procedure Call (hereinafter referred to as WEBRPC) is not a refreshing page, under the premise of the remote method calls, is a recent hot spot; In some cases, he even becomes an irreplaceable way of implementation. WEBRPC

JavaScript tutorials-from Getting started to mastering (3)

javascript| Tutorial JavaScript program composition The basic composition of JavaScript scripting language is programmed by control statements, functions, objects, methods, attributes, etc. first, program control flow in any language, program

JavaScript object-oriented programming, Part I: Inheritance

Javascript| Programming | objects | inheritance We'll show you how JavaScript implements the object-oriented language: inheritance . At the same time, these examples will show you how to implement the encapsulation of the class. Here, we will not

Primary JavaScript Learning Tutorial (v)

The Javascript| tutorial uses JavaScript to create your own objects. Although the functionality within JavaScript and the browser itself is already powerful, JavaScript provides a way to create a new object. So that it does not need to be like

Basic data structure for beginners to fully contact JavaScript

javascript| Beginners | data | structure JavaScript, which provides scripting languages, is very similar to C + +, except that it removes easily-generated errors such as pointers in C and provides a powerful class library. For people who already

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