Writing high performance JavaScript (translation) _javascript techniques

The translator presses: I first translation foreign language, the speech unavoidably some obscure, but as far as possible expressed the author's original intention, does not have the excessive polishing, welcome criticizes the correction. Another

JavaScript array operations (creation, element deletion, copy of array) _ Basics

1, the creation of the array Copy Code code as follows: var arrayobj = new Array (); Create an array var arrayobj = new Array ([size]); Create an array and specify the length, note not the upper limit, is the length var arrayobj =

Two ways of defining functions in JavaScript and function variable Assignment _ basics

Copy Code code as follows: insert title here

JavaScript Implementation page no operation Countdown exit _javascript Tips

Project front-end page needs to be implemented, the page no one to operate into the countdown, the following is the front-end code implementation. Set (Countdown function) switch var _mouseactivelistener_flag = true; Beforecount:

JavaScript every day must learn the array and object parts _javascript tips

Object Section Object type Object is an unordered collection that can hold objects of any type and all other objects are inherited from this object. There are two ways to create an object type, one is by using the new operator, and one is the

JavaScript uses the Concat method to combine the array of methods _javascript tips

Before you introduce, throw a question: how do you combine multiple arrays into an array? The following sections are divided into: The basic introduction of 1.concat method 2. Feel the Concat method from the case The basic introduction of

JavaScript array array method (Novice must read the article) _javascript skills

The array type is the most commonly used reference type in ECMAScript. The data in ECMAScript is quite different from the arrays in most other languages. Although the data in ECMAScript is an ordered list of data like an array in other languages,

JavaScript Top speed Hide/show Wan table columns only 60 milliseconds _javascript tips

The most common way to hide a table column is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Td.style.display = "None"; The efficiency of this approach is extremely low. For example, hiding a column of a thousand-row table, which

JavaScript HTMLEncode function (FF compatible edition) is mainly the reverse HTML code in the editor _javascript tips

Method One: Use the browser internal converter to implement the conversion, the main point is to dynamically create a container tag elements, such as Div, the string to be converted is set to this element innertext (ie support) | | Textcontent

An analysis of the array type system _javascript techniques in JavaScript

Front. An array is a sequence of values, in contrast, the object's property name is unordered. In essence, arrays use numbers as lookup keys, while objects have user-defined property names. JavaScript does not have a true associative array, but the

JavaScript lets this point in the function argument in Setinteval to a particular object _javascript tips

See this problem, I was blindfolded, because at that time I do not clear this problem, thought for a while did not think out, and then to the Internet, a site found in foreign countries to say setinterval and settimeout after the scope of the

JavaScript Window.event.keyCode sets and test methods _javascript tips

IE Only's listening code [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Ascii Code Table Ascii 0 {nulo, Sem Som} Ascii 1 Ascii 2 Ascii 3 Ascii 4 Ascii 5 Ascii 6 Ascii 7 Ascii 8

JavaScript Flash Copy Library class Zero Clipboard_javascript tips

This article will introduce a Cross-browser library class, Zero Clipboard. It uses flash to replicate, so as long as the browser is equipped with Flash can run, and more than IE Document.execcommand ("Copy") more flexible. The realization principle

JavaScript loop statements while, Do-while, for-in, for usages distinguish _javascript techniques

The first two only difference is that the loop and the order of the judgments are different, do-while than while more than one cycle, I do not give an example.For loop I believe that we can not be ripe, we will see for-in this sentence.This is

The difference between null, Nan, and undefined in Javascript summary _javascript tips

1. Type analysis :The data type in JS has 5 kinds of undefined,boolean,number,string,object, the first 4 is the original type, and the 5th type is reference.Code Copy Code code as follows: var A1; var a2 = true; var a3 = 1; var

7 JavaScript tips that should have been known _javascript tips

I've been writing JavaScript code for a long time and I can't remember when it started. I am very excited about the achievements of JavaScript as a language in recent years, and I am fortunate to be the beneficiaries of these achievements. I have

The mystery of negative arithmetic right shift and logical right shift in JavaScript _javascript skills

The arithmetic right shift and logical right shift of negative numbers in JavaScript are very confusing, especially the logical right shift >>>, you will find that even a very small negative number, after the right shift, will also get a huge

String manipulation in JavaScript _javascript tips

I. OverviewStrings are almost ubiquitous in JavaScript, and when you're dealing with user input data, when you're reading or setting the properties of a DOM object, there's certainly more to it when you're manipulating cookies .... The core part of

JavaScript also talk about memory optimization _javascript tips

In contrast to C + +, the use of JavaScript in memory has made us more focused on the writing of business logic in development. However, with the continuous complexity of the business, single page applications, mobile HTML5 applications and node.js

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