JavaScript multithreaded asynchronous queues

First, you need to know the general usage of jquery.deferred, and then let's get to the point: Library code: /*!  * multithreaded asynchronous queues  * rely on the jQuery 1.8+ (if you are using 1.6 or 1.7, simply replace the then method in the

SetTimeout and SetInterval Analysis of JavaScript Asynchronous Programming (I.)

When talking about asynchronous programming, I will mainly from the following three aspects to summarize asynchronous programming ( Note: Special explanation: is summed up, I am also rookie, so summed up the bad, please Daniel a lot of forgiveness!)

JavaScript Tutorial: Four ways to do asynchronous mode programming

Article Introduction: 4 ways of JavaScript asynchronous programming. As you may know, the execution environment for a JavaScript language is "single-threaded" (single thread). The so-called "single thread" means that only one task can

The prototype model of JavaScript design pattern series

The prototype mode specifies the type that needs to be created through the instance object, which is essentially different from the factory method pattern, where the factory method pattern is defined by the inheritance of the class to create

JavaScript modular Programming (III): the use of require.js

Today we'll explain how to use them in combat. I'm using a very popular library require.js. One, why should use Require.js? At the earliest, all of the JavaScript code was written in a file, and it was enough to load the file. Later, more and

JavaScript concurrency model and event loops

JavaScript's "Concurrency Model" is based on the event loop. This concurrency model differs from Java multithreading, and JavaScript concurrency is single-threaded. I simply drew a JavaScript execution diagram, and we went through the diagram to

Understanding JavaScript Inheritance

For JavaScript inheritance and prototype chain, although I read the book before listening to the session, but still feel foggy, can not help but sigh JavaScript is really a magical language. After sponsor one-on-one counseling and their own back

Front-End development Framework UI components and JavaScript plug-ins

Article Introduction: a popular front-end development framework that supports responsive design. A few years ago, there was no real sense of front-end development. With the development of network technology, Web sites and Web applications

JavaScript realizes Morse code encryption and decryption

Morse code is a time and time to break signal codes, in different order to express different English letters, numerals and punctuation, was invented by the American Samuel Morse in 1836.Each character (letter or number) corresponds to a different

JavaScript Create object

One, the object ECMA-262 defines an object as an unordered collection of attributes that can contain basic values, objects, or functions. So the object in JS is a set of key-value pairs. In object-oriented languages, you create any number of

Dom + Javascript Sorts table data in native browsers

dom|javascript| Browser | sort | data Sort table data in a native browserIn Web applications, data is returned to the client from the server side and displayed in tabular form. If you want to sort the dataset by the column you specify, the general

How the JavaScript timer works

Recently, looking at some of the JavaScript principles of the article, happened to see the jquery author of a JavaScript timer on the principle of the analysis, and so scared to decide to translate the original text into Chinese, one is to share

3D Snake game with HTML 5 in 100 lines of JavaScript has a small sample of JavaScript less than 1k, with lots of cool games and special effects, and this year's rules add a little twist, and the traditional classic type increases the WEBGL type and the type of + + that is allowed to increase

How to look at the nature of closure from JavaScript's cyclic problem

The first contact with this problem or when I was just beginning to learn JS, at that time is confused, after more than a year, suddenly reminded of this problem, in this spring-filled weekend, I sat down to study the results and share with you;

JavaScript objects and Array Reference encyclopedia

This article enumerates a variety of JavaScript objects and arrays, along with a brief description of the work done on each of these objects or arrays, and its associated property methods, as well as event handlers, which also indicate that the

Array of objects for JavaScript framework design

Class Array object is a good storage structure, but the function is too weak, in order to enjoy the pure array of what convenient method, before using can do the next conversion, usually can use the $ () method to do the conversion, but

There are three functions in JavaScript that encode a string: escape,encodeuri,encodeuricomponent

There are three functions in JavaScript that can encode strings, namely: Escape,encodeuri,encodeuricomponent, corresponding 3 decoding functions: Unescape,decodeuri, decodeURIComponent.Here's a brief look at the difference between them1 Escape ()

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.2 learning notes [0] AJS4.2 Overview, new features, future product line plans and AJS notes directory

Put a good mature ajs 3.19 do not learn, why to touch the AJS 4.2? Gentlemen, I like the tender--yuck yuck. Gentlemen, I like 3D? New things will replace old things not ~ ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.2 overviewAJS 4.2, ArcGIS API for

JavaScript encoding encode and decode escape and unescape

The encodeURI () function encodes a string as a URI.GrammarencodeURI (uristring) Parameters Description Uristring Necessary. A string that contains the URI or other text to encode. return valueA

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.2 Learning notes [6] goTo () map animations

This is a very interesting example, but the example is more complex, you need to look at a lot of apis, I will give the article at the end of the key class and attribute Interpretation.Also found a very interesting thing: the blog Park seems to have

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