JavaScript converts lowercase amounts to uppercase

//num is the lowercase amount, the Unit elementChangemoney (num) {if(IsNaN (num))return""; varStrprefix= ""; if(num; Num=math.abs (num); if(num>=1000000000000)return""; varStroutput = ""; varstrunit = ' Qian Bai hundred billion thousand to pick up

JavaScript, detecting whether a property exists in an object

the existence or absence of attributes in the detection object can be judged by several methods. 1. Use the IN keyword. This method can determine whether an object's own property and inherited attributes exist. varO={x:1};"X"inchO//true, owning

Some common methods of arrays in JavaScript

In JavaScript, the Array type should be the most common type, except for object. Each of its items can hold any type of data, that is, you can use the first position of the array to hold the string, the second position to hold the value, the third

Easy Learning javascript--Part 2nd: Rest parameters in a function

JavaScript functions can use any number of parameters. Unlike other languages, such as C # and Java, you can pass any number of arguments when you call a JavaScript function. The JavaScript function allows an unknown number of function arguments.

JavaScript's scope chain-10

ObjectiveIn the context of execution, it is said that when JavaScript code executes a piece of executable code, it creates the corresponding execution context (execution context). Variable object (Variable object,vo) Scope chain (scope

Basic syntax for JavaScript

Basic syntax for JavaScriptWhat are the basic syntax requirements for JavaScript? Let me introduce you to the following:1.javascript Order of executionFollow the order in the HTML file in sequence.2. Case-sensitiveJavaScript distinguishes between

JavaScript uses DOM to get DOM node examples in HTML

1 HTML Structure -2 DivID= "Test-div">3 Divclass= "C-red">4 PID= "Test-p">JavascriptP>5 P>JavaP>6 Div>7 Divclass= "C-red c-green">8 P>PythonP>9 P>RubyP>Ten P>SwiftP> One Div> A Divclass= "C-green"> - P>SchemeP> -

JavaScript Basics Points

JavaScript role:1, the interactive effect of the page2. Form VerificationJavaScript consists of:1, ECMAscript---Core2. DOM---Document Object model documents3. BOM---Browser object modelwindow--windowhistory--historylocation--Address bar

Chapter II = "Using JavaScript in HTML

Using JavaScript in HTML2.1 Elements 2.1.1 The properties of the script elementAsync: Optional. Indicates that the script should be downloaded immediately, but should not interfere with other actions on the page. Valid only for external

Nornj-javascript Template engine

Nornj-javascript Template engineNornJIt is a JavaScript template engine with high rendering efficiency, good syntax readability, strong extensibility, and rich application scenarios.Study site: HTTPS://WWW.NPMJS.COM/PACKAGE/NORNJRelated projects:

The composition of JavaScript--ecmascript, BOM, and Dom

JavaScript consists of three parts: ECMAScript, BOM, and Dom1. Core--ecmascript: Provide core language functions2. Document Object Model--dom: Provides methods and interfaces for accessing and manipulating Web page contentAn application Programming

Dynamically generate and remove IMG tags---JavaScript

1. Dynamically generate IMG Tags----Use the following Method 2 compatibility is better122. Dynamically delete img Tags jqu ery   Dynamically generate and remove IMG tags---JavaScript

JavaScript log-array array de-weight

①array Array de-weight var arr1 = [1,5,5,6,8,8,9]; function unique (array) { var arr2 = []; for(var i = 0;i ②array in the form of the original chain to the weight of the array, according to the order from small to large var arr1 =

JavaScript operators (relational operators, equality operators, and conditional operators)

The relational operator is used to compare two values and return a Boolean value. Relational operators include greater than (>), less than (=), and less than or equal (3;1. Attempt to convert two operators to numbers;2. If all two operators are

Usage of Document.execcommand () in "JavaScript" javascript

Usage of Document.execcommand () in JavaScriptCombined reprint:Reprint Source 1 Reprint Source 2The Document.execcommand () method handles HTML data often in the following syntax format:Document.execcommand (scommand[, interactive mode, dynamic

JavaScript for the front-end base

The history of JavaScript: 1992Nombas developed C-minus (c--) embedded scripting language (originally bundled in Cenvi software), renamed Scriptease (client-executed language) Netscape (Netscape) receives Nombase's idea (Brendan Eich)

JavaScript Learning Summary (iv)--a logical OR operator explanation

In JavaScript, the logical OR operator uses the | | Said|| Bfalse;The following truth table describes the behavior of the logical AND operator: Number of Operations 1 Number of Operations 2 Results True

JavaScript for the front-end base

JavaScript Overview of JavaScript history 1992 Nombas developed the embedded scripting language for C-minus-minus (c--) (originally bundled in Cenvi software). Rename it scriptease. (The language that the client executes) Netscape

JavaScript Object-oriented design Function General class

vartest ="Class01";functionClass01 (Privatevalue, publicvalue) { var_this = This; if( This.!==' Class01 ') { throw NewError (' class can only be instantiated '); } / * Self-executing function to count the number of

JavaScript variables and data types

1.JavaScript variablesJavaScript variables are loosely typed (weakly typed), meaning that a variable can be used to hold any type of data, and each variable is simply a placeholder for the value to hold. The declaration of a variable is defined with

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