Unicode and JavaScript

Reference article:Http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2014/12/unicode.htmlUnicode comes from a very simple idea: to include all the characters of the world in a single set, the computer can display all the characters as long as it supports this character

JavaScript Traversal Object-Summarize a

Native JavaScript traversal 1, for loop traversal1 Let array1 = [' A ', ' B ', ' C ']; 2 3 for (Let i = 0;i ) {4 console.log (Array1[i]); // a b 5 }2. JavaScript provides a foreach () map () Two ways to iterate over an array objectThe foreach

Re-learning JS (1)--javascript object

previously in the MU class network to learn a period of JavaScript, but the study is a number of relatively basic knowledge, recently in the Web and rookie tutorials and re-learn the JavaScript, belongs to the extension on the basis of the harvest.

Three ways to empty an array in JavaScript

Mode 1, Splice 123 varary = [1,2,3,4];ary.splice(0,ary.length);console.log(ary); // 输出 [],空数组,即被清空了 Detailed Description: http://www.w3school.com.cn/jsref/jsref_splice.aspMethod 2, length is assigned to a value of

JavaScript and Aaron great God learn jquery source notes

/* Build an object with the new operator, typically over four steps:A. Creating a new objectB. Assign the scope of the constructor to the new object (so this points to the new object)C. Executing code in a constructorD. Return this new objectThe

12th JavaScript (JS) implementation display and hide

JavascriptJavaScript is referred to as JS. JS is a scripting language, it is a lightweight programming language, is the ability to insert HTML page programming code, almost all modern browsers are supported. theoretical teacher not, I copied some

JavaScript Thin Notes

JavaScript streamlined notes, excerpted from Liaoche's official website.[From] https://www.liaoxuefeng.com/wiki/001434446689867b27157e896e74d51a89c25cc8b43bdb3000' Use strict '; Strict modeJavaScript is strictly case sensitive.Nan = = = Nan;

JavaScript >> you don't know

? far greater than symbolsIn the mathematical formula, ">>" stands for greater than the symbol, indicating that one number is much larger than another, such as 76>>3,-2>>-99. Poincaré and Borel first used it in 1901, and was soon accepted by the

The immediate execution function (functions () {...}) in JavaScript ()

The immediate execution function (functions () {...}) in JavaScript ()An in-depth understanding of the immediate execution function in JavaScript, the immediate execution of a function is called an immediate function, usually its notation is used

JavaScript Learning Notes

The lexical structure of a programming language is a set of basic rules that describe how to use the language to write programs.1. Character SetJavaScript programs are written in the Unicode character set.1.1 Case-sensitiveJavaScript is a

JavaScript reference types

Creation of the object:1.new constructor var person = new Object (); Person.name = "Qi";2. Object literal (preferred) var person={name: "Qi", age:22}///can also "name": "Qi" Here the name will be automatically converted to a stringor Var person={};

The delivery of JavaScript

JavaScript uses a variable object to track the lifetime of a variable. The base type value is stored directly within the variable object, whereas the reference type value is stored as a pointer in the variable object, which points to where the

Regular expressions in JavaScript

ECMAScript supports regular expressions through the regexp type.  The creation of regular expressionsUsing Perl-like syntax, you can create a regular expression.var expression =/pattern/flags;The pattern section can be any simple or complex regular

JavaScript Window---Browser object model

The browser object Model (BOM) gives JavaScript the ability to "talk" to the browser. There is no formal standard for the browser object model (Browser object Model,bom). Because modern browsers (almost) implement the same methods and properties of

JavaScript uses the new Error () Hack method to get the function name from the inside of the body

' Use strict 'function getfuncname () { var callername; { =/(\w+) @|at ([^ (]+) \ (/g; Reg.exec (new Error (). stack); // run exec once and run to the second match Let Regresult = Reg.exec (new Error (). stack);

JavaScript string Object (String) Basic usage

1.获取字符串的长度:var s = "Hello world";document.write("length:"+s.length);2. Adding various styles to a stringvar txt = "Some words";document.write("Big: " + txt.big() + "")document.write("Small: " + txt.small() + "")document.write("Bold: " + txt.bold() +

On object-oriented object in JavaScript

first, the object1.1 Creating ObjectsJavaScript is an object-based (object-based) language, and everything you encounter is almost always an object.A simple object to create:var People = { "eavan", +, getname:function ( { alert (this.

JavaScript's RegExp Object

ECMAScript supports regular expressions through the REGEXP type. Using the following Perl -like syntax, you can create a positiveThe expressionvar expression =/pattern/flags;The patternsection can be any simple or complex regular expression that

JavaScript Object-oriented (ii): Inheritance of constructors

The first part of the series focuses on how to "encapsulate" data and methods, and how to generate instances from prototype objects.Today's introduction is about five ways to "inherit" between objects.For example, there is now a constructor for an

JavaScript Learning Directory

Previous wordsIf something is like magic, it means seeing the dawning of new things, and any technology that is advanced enough is no different from magic.JavaScript, like Magic, is a vibrant, easy-to-use language and a language with many complex

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