The scrollbar control developed by the JavaScript control

First, based on the framework of the first few development of the line, we add the file com.ui.scrollBar.js under directory component\ui\, define the Com.ui.scrollBar class in the file, inherit the Com.ui.window class, as follows/*** scroll bar

Effective JavaScript Item 39 never reuse property names in a parent type

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. Suppose you need to Item in the Actor object to join a ID Information:function Actor (scene, X, y) {this.scene = Scene;this.x = X;this.y = Y; = ++actor.nextid;scene.register (this);} Actor.

javascript-Rotten Pen

JavaScriptSensitive to caseComment Line with://Notes for multi-sweat:/* */Declaring variables: var variable name (variable declared with no value, value undefined)JavaScript variables are objectsYou can use the keyword "new" to declare its typevar

The inheritance of JavaScript

The main reference is the "JavaScript Advanced Programming (Third Edition)" This book, according to their own understanding, made the following recordInheritance is the concept of object-oriented (OO) language, and there are two ways of inheriting

JavaScript DOM Document Property

DOM controls all elements in the pageEach HTML document that is loaded into the browser becomes the document object, which can be used to access all the elements in the HTML pageCommon Properties:Title: Returns or sets the caption of the current

"JavaScript Advanced Programming" reading notes three basic concepts

a grammarCase-sensitive, camel-writing style;Strict mode: "Use strict";    Two data typesA. Basic data type:Undefined declaring variable not initializedNull empty pointer, can free memoryBoolean Boolean True False

Several ways that JavaScript creates arrays

1. Simply create a JavaScript array:Vararr=newarray ();Important: Create an Array object with the New keyword array (), the array () object is a local class that can be created with the new object using the2. Specify the array size while creating

Javascript Strict mode (strict modes) detailed

I. OverviewIn addition to the normal operating mode, ECMAscript 5 adds a second mode of operation: "Strict mode" (strict). As the name implies, this mode allows JavaScript to run under stricter conditions.The purpose of setting up a "strict mode" is

JavaScript function expressions

In ECMAScript, there are two most frequently used methods of creating function objects, that is, using function expressions or using function declarations. In this regard, the ECMAScript specification understood a little. That is, the function

Three ways to define functions in JavaScript & scope of variables

I. Function definitionMode 1. Normal way definition functionFunction name (number of parameters N) {function body}function Add (A, b) {return a+b;}Method 2. Direct Volume definition functionvar function name =function (number of parameters N)

Emlog Web-free loading via pjax-perfect solution for CNZZ statistics and JavaScript failure issues

To learn more about Pjax, you need to check the official websiteor see this site article: jQuery.pjax.js: Use Ajax and Pushstate no Refresh Load Web page (official website tutorial Chinese translation)See the effect of this station, music without

7 Best JQuery & JavaScript PDF Viewer plugin with examples

In this Post we is providing best jQuery PDF Viewer Plugin & tutorial with examples. Due to popularity of online document viewer like Google Docs some JavaScript developers develop a good and useful plugins To view PDF file on online PDF viewer.

mdn--javascript--Introduction--Chapter III Object--json--Knowledge Point Summary

1.JSON:JavaScript Object notation(js objects notation)To represent structured data as The standard format for JavaScript objects, typically used to represent and transfer data on a Web site (some data is sent from the server to the client, so it can

JavaScript code review (review)

I. Summary sectionA) Does the code conform to the requirements and specifications?b) is the code design considered comprehensive?c) How readable is the code?d) is the code easy to maintain?e) have each line of code been executed and checked?Second,

JSLint detection JavaScript Syntax specification

" Missing semicolon.": "Missing semicolon.", (this is generally forgotten, but one thing to note is that for a structure with only one sentence, you need to write a semicolon later.) )"Using the function form of \" use Strict\. ":" Define function

JavaScript character set encoding and decoding

One, Character set1) characters and bytes (Character)Characters are the general name of all kinds of words and symbols, including garbled characters; one character corresponds to 1~n bytes, one byte corresponds to 8 bits, and each bit is represented

[JavaScript] Getelementsbyclassname with classname and getattribute!

The problem is not supported for getelementsbyclassname in JavaScript in IE 6/7/8.Then the need to simulate the getelementsbyclassname need to use the ClassName attribute, which involves JavaScript getattribute problem.In IE 6/7, there is a bug for

Detailed knowledge points in the 2nd and 3 chapters of JavaScript advanced programming

2nd Chapter1, , as long as the defer and async attributes are not included, the browser will follow the specifies that the purpose of the Async attribute is to not allow the page to wait for the script to download and execute, This will load the

Various invocation patterns of JavaScript functions

function is the first citizen in the JavaScript world, in other words, if we can master the use of JavaScript functions, then the use of JavaScript can be more adept. Anyone familiar with JavaScript should know that the same function, which is

What is the experience of learning JavaScript in 2016 years?

Thank the original author to share, the original address:, I recently received a Web project, but honestly, I haven't had much contact with web programming in the last two years, and I've heard that Web

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