JavaScript or jQuery gets the option value and the method of the text content

1.htmlDivclass= "Form-group"> label>Insurance companylabel> Selectclass= "Form-control"ID= "Testselect"> optionvalue= "Peace">Ping An insuranceoption> optionvalue= "Pacific">Pacific

The three dialog boxes of JavaScript are called by the three methods of the Window object alert (), confirm (), and prompt ()

First type: Alert () methodThe alert () method is the easiest to use in these three dialog boxes, and she can be used to simply and clearly display the text information in the alert () parentheses in the dialog box, which we call the Alert dialog

What does the JavaScript new keyword do

Basic process1. Create an empty object2. The prototype of an empty object points to the prototype property of its constructor3. Executes the constructor, and this of the constructor points to the object4. Determine the return value type of the

JavaScript Coding Guide

SurpriseIn 1920, William Strunk Jr's English writing guide was published, which sets a standard for the English style and has been used so far. The code can actually be improved using a similar approach.The following sections of this article are

JAVASCRIPT type Conversion

1 : Pseudo- Object 2 : Convert to String 3 : Numeric to String 4 : Convert to Digital 5 : Convert to Boolean 6 : The difference between number () and parseint () 7 : The difference between String () and ToString ()

Basic JavaScript Concept Grooming

Data types in javascript: Primitive Type: number, string. Boolean value. (Original value: null,undefined) Object types: Key-value pairs, arrays, function, global objects (Math,json) Reserved words:

JavaScript in Escape (), unescape (), encodeURI (), encodeURIComponent (), decodeURI (), decodeuricomponent () comparison

JS to encode the text involves 3 functions: Escape,encodeuri,encodeuricomponent, the corresponding 3 decoding function: unescape,decodeuri,decodeuricomponent1, passing parameters need to use encodeuricomponent, so that the combined URL will not be #

javascript-functions and oop-Learning notes

JavaScript authoritative Guide To learn notes, Forbidden reprint!6. FunctionsFunction Call Method:Direct call: foo ();Method invocation as an object: Obj.method ();New:new Foo ();Call/apply/ (obj);If there is no return statement in the

Get DOM node in JavaScript

Mainly include: Document.getelementbyid,getelementsbyclassname,getelementsbytagname,getelementsbynameFunction name notation: Getelementsbyclassname, getElementsByTagName is elements!!! With s!!! getElementById's not s~~.return value:

JavaScript--Looping statements

JavaScript supports different types of loops: for-loop code block for a certain number of times for/in -Looping through the properties of an object While-loops the specified block of code when the specified condition is true

JavaScript callback function

All the time, the concept of a callback function is very vague:The following is an introduction to the callback function in the JavaScript language pristine book, for example:1. Functions make it easier to handle discontinuous events. For example,

In-depth understanding of JavaScript design Patterns

Design PatternsDesign patterns are naming, abstracting, and identifying common design structures that are useful for reusable object-oriented design.Design patterns determine the classes and their entities, their roles and collaborations, and their

Oop-->>> inheritance/Closure in JavaScript Object-oriented

Objective Oop Oop-->>> inheritance/Closure in JavaScript Object-oriented 1.1 Object-oriented concepts    Using one subclass to inherit another parent class, subclasses can automatically own the properties and methods of the parent

Javascript to obtain time-related functions and to convert timestamp to date _ javascript skills

The conversion of Timestamp and time and date is a common operation. The following code example describes how to implement mutual conversion between them, if you are interested, let's take a look at the conversion between timestamps and time and

Detailed parsing of JavaScript custom date formatting functions _ javascript skills

The following example is a JavaScript date Formatting Function written using an independent function, an independent format function. Back to the knowledge point of formatting, we examine how to implement and what principles are used. One of the

Javascript checks functions in Date Format [relatively full] _ time and date

Very comprehensive, with many functions for date check functions // For date text box name = "indate" Function check1 (Form) { For (I = 0; I { If (Form. elements [I]. value = "") { Alert ("complete! ") Form. elements [I]. focus (); Return; } If

JavaScript Cookie operation method

"Cookie is a variable stored on the visitor's computer. This cookie is sent every time a computer requests a page through a browser. You can use JavaScript to create and retrieve cookie values ." -W3school What is Cookie? "Cookie is a variable

Year-end summary: JavaScript review in 2016

2016 is a memorable, strange, happy, and terrible year. It all depends on what you think. Compared with other events, simply focusing on javascript may seem no big deal, but javascript is a very big part of your work life for every web developer. 201

Implementation of gb2312 encoding and decoding in js

Use gb2312 to encode Chinese Characters in js. For example, "I" should be encoded with "% CE % D2 ". Requirement Use gb2312 to encode Chinese Characters in js. For example, "I" should be encoded with "% CE % D2 ". Analysis As you know, encodeURI

Detailed explanation of the sample code for the communication between parent and child processes from the child_process module of Node. js

This article mainly introduces how to learn the communication between parent and child processes from the child_process module of Node. js, which has some reference value. If you are interested, you can refer to it. This article mainly introduces #

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