60 lines of JavaScript code Tetris

I have long heard that someone on the internet just wrote a Tetris game with 60 lines of JavaScript code, and recently looked at it, and today in this article I have done my analysis (mainly in the form of annotations).  I use C to write a basic

I understand the implicit type conversion of JavaScript.

Type conversions in JavaScript can be classified as implicit type conversions and explicit type conversions. The dominant transformation is to change the data type directly in the code by means of the method. The common methods are


CSS Supplement     position:  # #多层         a.  fiexd =>  fixed to a location on the page          # #返回顶端          b. relative + absolute                                         # #以外面的父级div框为标准, positioning yourself                  opcity: 0.5 

Day6 JS (JavaScript)

Usage of 1.JSIn HTML, his position is three places, after Head,body and ..2. Three common dialog boxesAlert ("") alert box, the function is to pop up a warning boxConfirm ("") Select the dialog box, the function is to pop up a selection dialog Click

A preliminary study of JavaScript four

& Lt;/html>      Happy Little Two-force Event bubbling I am Div01pao I am Div02pao Level two DOM events Level two DOM event bubbling I am div01pao I am Div02pao Block default behavior

JavaScript interview question: Repeat output a given string

Interview questionsRepeats the output of a given string (the str first argument) n times (the num second argument) and num returns an empty string if the second argument is not a positive number.function repeatstringnumtimes (str, num) { return

javascript-Reference type--object type

A reference type is a data structure that is essentially a collection of information and functions. Reference types are also sometimes referred to as object definitions because they describe the properties and methods that a class of objects have.

JavaScript eval () function

JavaScript Global ObjectsDefinition and usageThe eval () function computes a string and executes the JavaScript code in it.GrammarEval (String) Parameters Description String Necessary. The string to evaluate

JavaScript event (eight) event type Change Event

The DOM2-level change (mutation) event gives a hint when a change is sent to a part of the DOM. A Change event is designed for XML or HTML DOM and is not specific to a language. The DOM2 level defines the following change events.

Analysis of the difference between Const, VAR and let in JavaScript

There are three ways to declare variables in javascript: VAR, let, and Const. The following is a description of JS in three ways to define the variable const, VAR, let the difference.variables defined by 1.const cannot be modified and must be

JavaScript Array Object

Array Object Properties Method Description Concat () Joins two or more arrays and returns the result. Every () Detects whether each element of a numeric element meets the criteria.

JavaScript basic Syntax 3

1. The so-called Nan, the English full name is not a number, indicating that it is not a count. If any one number and Nan are manipulated, the return is NanWill pop up Nan. Note: The data type of Nan is also numberNan is not equal to any value,

InsertBefore methods (JavaScript and jquery)

Speaking of the InsertBefore () method, in fact JavaScript and jquery have this method, then they use the same?In fact, there is a little difference. Anyway, I love to confuse, make a small note first!  1. InsertBefore () method (JavaScript)Grammar: 

JavaScript Asynchronous Programming

This article transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/nullcc/p/5841182.htmlJavaScript is single-threaded at least at the language level, so asynchronous programming is especially important.Take Nodejs, the shell is a layer of JS language, this is

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Transfer from http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2009/08/learning_javascript_closures.htmlClosures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which

JavaScript authoritative Guide notes-part 1th

# The JavaScript authoritative guide notes-part 1thDescription: Printed version: April 2012 1th Edition, September 2016, 17th time printing.The style of the book and "effective Java" very similar, recommended.This note is recorded in reverse order.--

javascript.03--arrays, simple logic, custom functions

Besides attention to capitalization, what's the other wood?Switch Statement Switch (variable) {Case 1:if the variable and the value of 1 are the same, execute the code at that pointBreakCase 2:if the variable and the value of 2 are the same, execute

JavaScript Basics Review/re-learn

It is better to study again than to review. Here is a record of what you want to record in your learning process so that you can review it later.ECMAScript raw Data type : String, Number, Boolean, Undefined, NullCalling the TypeOf operator on a

Thinking about the conversion of JavaScript type caused by a question in a face

recently, someone in the group sent the following question:To implement a function, the result of the operation can meet the following expected Results:Add (1) (2)//3add (1, 2, 3) (ten)//16add (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)//15For a curious transduction, can't

Loading and execution of "turn" JavaScript

To undertake the previous article, "browser rendering principle introduction", This article to the next JavaScript loading and Execution.In general, browsers have two main features for JavaScript operation:1) execute immediately after loading2) will

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