JavaScript character set encoding and decoding

One, Character set1) characters and bytes (Character)Characters are the general name of all kinds of words and symbols, including garbled characters; one character corresponds to 1~n bytes, one byte corresponds to 8 bits, and each bit is represented

Detailed knowledge points in the 2nd and 3 chapters of JavaScript advanced programming

2nd Chapter1, , as long as the defer and async attributes are not included, the browser will follow the specifies that the purpose of the Async attribute is to not allow the page to wait for the script to download and execute, This will load the

Various invocation patterns of JavaScript functions

function is the first citizen in the JavaScript world, in other words, if we can master the use of JavaScript functions, then the use of JavaScript can be more adept. Anyone familiar with JavaScript should know that the same function, which is

What is the experience of learning JavaScript in 2016 years?

Thank the original author to share, the original address:, I recently received a Web project, but honestly, I haven't had much contact with web programming in the last two years, and I've heard that Web

Use of JavaScript cookies ()

JavaScript Cookies/* Set Cookie*/function setcookie (c_name,c_value,expires) {    var date =  New date ();     date.settime (Date.gettime () + (expires*60*1000));     document.cookie = c_name +  "="  + c_value +  ";     expires= " + date.togmtstring

A regular expression of javascript

Regular Expressions ( RegularExpression): According to a certain rule to match the qualifying string, through the built-in object RegExp support Regular expression, In general, a regular expression is a character that corresponds to a character


1. Have you tried to sort a set of numbers?The Javascript sort () function is sorted by default using alphanumeric (string Unicode code points).So [1,2,5,10].sort () outputs [1, 10, 2, 5].To properly sort an array, you can use [1,2,5,10].sort ((A, b)

This of JavaScript

Global scope of this this = = window //truethis. A = 8 window.a// 8This of the general functionfunction thistest () { returnthis = = = Window //true function thistest () { ' use strict ' returnthis = = = Undefined //trueThe this in

Organize JavaScript basics

Primitive type value (Primitive values)The following are all primitive type values (abbreviations: original values): Boolean type: True,false Number type: 1736,1.351 String type: ' abc ','ABC ' Two "no Value (non-values)":

javascript--Syntax 2--statement structure

javascript--Grammar 21, experienceWhen judging, keep the left side constant.Switch in Java only supports four types, JavaScript is a weak type, and all are supported.Display method:x=// alert ("+x");/ /write data

JavaScript HTML DOM

Through the HTML DOM, you can access all the elements of a JavaScript HTML document.HTML DOM (Document Object model)When a Web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document object model for the page.The HTML DOM model is constructed as a tree of

Getting Started with JavaScript

5 Getting Started with JavaScript5.1 IntroductionHTML: Responsible for Web page structureCSS: Responsible for Web page aestheticsJavaScript: Responsible for user interaction with the browser.5.2 Javacript.At 1994, Netscape developed the LiveScript

JavaScript Operating principle Analysis

Written in the previous words:found that the use of such a long time of JavaScript, but the operation of its principle is not clear, today deliberately summed up, the great God's theory and his summary are recorded below;1. What is the JavaScript

JavaScript anonymous functions and closures

Anonymous functions are relative to the name of a functionFunctions such as function Setage () {} are named Setageand the function () {} is an anonymousA function with a name can be written as setage (), while a function without a name is executed

In-depth understanding of JavaScript event Loops (i)-event loop

IntroductionI believe that all the learning of JavaScript know that it is a single-threaded language, which means that JS can not be multithreaded programming, but JS has a ubiquitous asynchronous concept. In the early days, many people will

The difference between isNaN () and Isfinite () in JavaScript

Isfinite (number) is a JavaScript built-in function that determines whether a number object can be converted to a finite digit.The IsNaN NaN property is a special value that represents a non-numeric value. This property is used to indicate that a

JavaScript (i)

1. History Properties First Interface Current page next page forward () forward an interface go (1) forward one interface a second interface back () back one interface go (-1) Back one interface 2. Location Properties3. Document Properties Sina 4.

Usage of JavaScript

first, bubble sortvar arr = new Array (70,34,60,49,20,59,9,78,38,97);var ZJ = 0;//Intermediate variable//For the first time for the number of wheels to control the comparison, I represents the roundFor (Var i=1;i//control how many times each round

JavaScript Regular Expression String.Replace (regex, "$"), meaning of "$" and mailbox regular expression

When using the Javascrip regular expression, it is found that the contents of a particular string within a string can be taken according to a regular expression. To illustrate: e-mail address verification program functionCheck (email_address)

Properties and methods of a JavaScript string object

---restore content starts---Property: Length of long string Prototype the prototype object of a string Constructor a string constructor that returns the function string () Method: The charAt () parameter is an array of

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