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Previous wordsIf something is like magic, it means seeing the dawning of new things, and any technology that is advanced enough is no different from magic.JavaScript, like Magic, is a vibrant, easy-to-use language and a language with many complex

JavaScript different types of object comparison rules

JavaScript different types of object comparison rules Example one: [0]==true; First Tonumber True, the result is 1, the formula is converted to [0]==1 then [0] will be ToString (), the result is "0", the expression translates to "0" ==

JavaScript dom (two-Document object)

JavaScript represents documents by document type. In the browser, document is an instance of the HTMLDocument object (inherited from document) that represents the entire HTML page. and the document object in the browser is also a property of the

JavaScript push, Pop, concat, join method

Push methodAdds a new element to an array and returns the new length value of the array.arrayObj.push([item1 [item2[. . . [itemN ]]]])DescriptionThe push method adds these elements in the order in which the new elements appear (that is, append new

JavaScript type conversion rules

Note: JavaScript is weak and loosely relative to other strongly typed languages (such as C,c++,java, which declare variable types at the same time as the variable is defined) (it is not necessary to declare the variable type at the time of

Use JavaScript to remove duplicates in an array

Using JavaScript's properties of object, we can easily implement an array of duplicates to be removed.The attribute of object is: key must be unique.Remove the array duplicates:1 Convert an array to an object, the value of the array as the key of

Methods of array arrays in JavaScript

Find: IndexOf, lastIndexOfIterations: Every, filter, ForEach, map, Somereduce, ReducerightUsage:1 /*2 1 Find a method:3 * Arr.indexof (value)4 * One parameter returns the position subscript of the array where value is located5 * Return when not

What is the correct way to detect JavaScript arrays

Previous wordsFor determining whether an object is an array, it has always been a classic problem with arrays. This article specifically selects the problem and describes what is the correct way to detect JavaScript arraystypeofFirst, use the most

JavaScript type System

Previous wordsIn addition to objects, the array type of arrays may be the most common type in JavaScript. Also, arrays in JavaScript are quite different from arrays in most other languages. This article describes the array type of arrays in

In-depth understanding of the JavaScript function series third

Previous wordsFunctions are special objects in JavaScript and can have properties and methods, just as normal objects have properties and methods. You can even use the function () constructor to create a new function object. This article is an

JavaScript implements palindrome number, narcissus number judgment and output Fibonacci sequence

    //  judge if a number is a palindrome                   //  method One: First convert the number to a string, then the first and the last number, then the second and the penultimate number ... is equal to     function palindromenumber1 (num) {   

The four binding forms of this in the "JavaScript" function

Directory The default binding for this Implicit binding of this Implicit binding, a function that acts as an object property, is independent of the object In a string of object property chains, this binds to the most

JavaScript learning Log (iv): BOM

The core object of the BOM is window, this chapter has nothing to say, summed up some of the more commonly used:1,a not defined,A ErrorWINDOW.A; UndefinedCannot delete global variables with delete2,HTML5 does not support tags, but supports tagsThe

UI design basics and JavaScript

"PS Foundation Case"Figure revision. Adjust the size of the canvas, build 3 layers, put them in the canvas, fix the middle characters with the patch tool, cover the characters with the rubber stamp, then pull out the characters, put on the new blue

2.1 Five basic data types in JavaScript (pending update)

[0]5 type of data:[0.1] Basic data type:Undefined, Null, Boolean, number, String[0.1.1] Basic type value refers to simple data segments, 5 basic types are accessed by value, because you can manipulate the actual values saved in the variableThe value

JavaScript's "True/false && expression" logical expression

True/false && ExpressionIn the course of learning react, we encountered one of the following methods:function Mailbox (props) { const unreadmessages = props.unreadmessages; Return ( Hello! {unreadmessages.length > 0 && You

The four binding forms of this in the "JavaScript" function

The This and the function in JavaScript are closely related, so today I'll tell you in detail: this in the JavaScript functionWhen it comes to this, a lot of the abstract concepts that make people dizzy are running out,Here I'll just say the core

The split of JavaScript ()

JavaScript Split () methodJavaScript String ObjectDefinition and usageThe split () method is used to split a string into an array of strings.GrammarStringobject.split (separator,howmany) Parameters Description

JavaScript operates a given two-fork tree and transforms it into a mirror of the source binary tree.

Operates a given two-fork tree and transforms it into a mirror of the source binary tree.Input Description:Image definition of binary tree: source binary tree 8 /6 x / \ 5 7 9 Mirror binary tree 8 / 6

The ToString () of JavaScript

JavaScript toString () methodJavaScript Boolean ObjectDefinition and usageThe ToString () method converts a logical value to a string and returns the result.GrammarBooleanobject.tostring ()return valueReturns the string "true" or "false" based on

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