JavaScript Tutorial: How to manipulate the DOM

Article Introduction: The first two chapters talk about getting DOM elements. This chapter begins with how to manipulate the DOM. 1. The operation of the DOM element on the page is simply to manipulate the style of the DOM element. If this DOM

JavaScript Instance code: Fixed Center effect

Article Introduction: Finally, I can spare some time for another tutorial. There's no more nonsense to say. Today this article teaches everybody a commonly used effect. Fixed center effect. In fact, this should not be included in the JS Tutorial

JavaScript Learning Summary: Two ways of JS inheritance

Article Introduction: The summary is to use the call method of the object posing mechanism to crawl the attributes of the parent class, while the member method should be written into the prototype domain shared by all object instances to prevent

JavaScript tutorial: null type

Article Introduction: The main purpose of our null reference here is to say that if we define a variable that will be used to store the object in the future, then we'd better initialize the variable to null, so as long as it detects null value to

Inheritance of JavaScript objects

1. Object posing asObject impersonation is to execute the constructor of the parent class by using this of the subclass in the subclass to impersonate the parent class. This obtains the properties and methods of the parent class, but this way only

. NET for JavaScript operations

. NET for JavaScript operations. The following is a summary of some common JavaScript operations in 1. To add a confirmation feature to a button control To add a client-side event for a server control, you need to use the Attributes

JavaScript function library: jquery Basics Tutorial

Article Introduction: jquery is currently the most widely used JavaScript library of functions. According to statistics, the world's top 1 million websites, 46% use jquery, far more than other libraries. Microsoft even took jquery as their official

JavaScript Number Object

JavaScript Number Object---------Number object is the wrapper object for the original numeric value.Create a Number Objectvar num = new number (10);var num = number (10); ---parentheses are the values of the number object that you want to create or

JavaScript Tutorial: A confusing keyword this

Article Introduction: discusses the confusing keyword this, and how to determine and set the value of this. Today's tutorials come from a new book by Cody Lindley, the "JavaScript Initiation Tutorial/JavaScript Enlightenment". He

JavaScript Instance code: Click to set page background

Article Introduction: sets the background color according to the options. "JavaScript daily Practice"-set background color based on options Select color and click the button "Set background color".

JavaScript Instance Tutorial: Sharing onload Events

Article Introduction: no matter how many functions you plan to perform when the page is loaded, he can handle it. This scenario requires some extra code, but the advantage is that once you have the code, it's very easy to bind the function to the

on JavaScript constructors

ConstructorsConstructors in JavaScript are different from constructors in other languages.Functions that are called through the New keyword are considered constructors.Inside the constructor-that is, within the called function-this points to the

Traversal of JavaScript arrays

Array traversal and attributesAlthough arrays are objects in JavaScript, there is no good reason to use a for in loop to traverse an array.On the contrary, there are some good reasons not to use for-in traversal arrays.Note: The array in JavaScript

JavaScript equality vs. comparison

Equality and comparisonJavaScript has two ways of determining whether two values are equal.equals operatorThe equals operator consists of two equals: = = JavaScript is a weakly typed language, which means that the equals operator enforces type

JavaScript Type Conversion Summary

Type conversionsJavaScript is a weakly typed language, so the coercion type conversion is applied whenever possible.The following comparison results are: trueNew Number (10) = = 10; The string returned by Number.tostring () is converted to a number

JavaScript Sort Instances

Examples of JavaScript ordering are the following code: bubbleSort QuickSort " init Step:

JavaScript Array method Rollup

JS array elements to add and delete has been more puzzled, summed up as follows:var arr = new Array ();Arr[0] = "AAA";ARR[1] = "BBB";ARR[2] = "CCC";alert (arr.length);//3Arr.pop ();alert (arr.length);//2Alert (arr[arr.length-1]);//bbbArr.pop

JavaScript catch exception

Catch exceptions in javascript:Everyone is not thinking debugging JavaScript very painful, I also feel.We'll use it if we can find a good way to help us debug JavaScript.In fact, JavaScript can also catch exceptions, such as: asdf asdf will be an

Rules for JavaScript Library developers

Core tips: Rules for JavaScript Library developers 1. Keep Non-invasive My HTML tags don't want to know your JavaScript code. 2. Modification and extension of object.prototype! is strictly prohibited This is important and requires a rule that is

Get JavaScript function name

Core tip: The function name is GetFuncName, and the GetFuncName function is used directly in order to get the JavaScript function name Gets the method that Javscript executes the function name, as follows: The function name is GetFuncName, and the

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