Crossing boundaries: JavaScript language Features

JavaScript is often considered a trivial part of the programming language. This idea can be "attributed" to its development tools, complex and inconsistent Document object models for HTML pages, and conflicting browser implementations. But

A concise tutorial on JavaScript scripting languages

JavaScript, which provides scripting languages, is very similar to C + +, except that it removes easily-generated errors such as pointers in C and provides a powerful class library. For people who already have C + + or C, learning the JavaScript

The use of Replace () function in JavaScript Small talk

First look at the introduction in MSDN Replace method Returns the copy of a string that is replaced with text based on a regular expression. Stringobj.replace (Rgexp, ReplaceText) Parameters Stringobj Required option. The string object or

Attribute analysis of classes in JavaScript

This article focuses on the JavaScript properties of the analysis, because JavaScript is an object-based language, there is no concept of the class, so the definition of JavaScript class is a lot of names, examples of prototype objects, constructors,

JavaScript and finite state machine learning


A finite state machine (finite-state machine) is a very useful model for simulating most things in the world. Simply put, it has three features: * The total number of States (state) is limited. * At any one time, only in a state. * Under certain

JavaScript Object-oriented programming (iii) Inheritance of non-constructors

The first part of this series describes "encapsulation," and the second section introduces the use of constructors to implement inheritance. Today is the last section, which describes not using constructors to implement inheritance. One, what is

How JavaScript determines the length of a string (1 characters in English, 2 characters for Chinese characters)

Compute string Length (1 characters in English, 2 characters for Chinese characters) Method One: String.prototype.gblen = function () { var len = 0; for (var i=0 i127 | | this.charcodeat (i) ==94) { len + 2;

How JavaScript gets the first letter of Chinese pinyin and quickly finds pages by Pinyin first letter

Implementation effect: Figure I: Figure II: In this example, the Chinese character string "Take care of Yourself", with three words being pronunciation, so the alert dialog box shows a combination of multiple pronunciations; How to achieve

Developing a modular JavaScript component

Today, although most Web applications use a lot of JavaScript, how to maintain the focus, robustness, and maintainability of client functionality is still a big challenge. While other programming languages and systems have taken for granted the

Tencent's JavaScript face test

Today, sorting out their folders, found that once interviewed Tencent interns were asked to hang the face of the questions, I will be prepared for your reference. It was the handwriting code that was required. Khan, I was in a weak burst! 1,

Comparison of class method, construction method and prototype method in JavaScript

If you have been in touch with JS for a long time, then you should be able to see whether I summed up the correct, if you have just started to learn, then through my summary, you can distinguish them faster, remember I just contact JS, this piece is

JavaScript windows and input and output

JavaScript is an object-based scripting language, and its input and output is done through objects. Where the input can be done through a Window object, and the output can be achieved by means of a Document object. One, window and input and output

How to add JavaScript code to an HTML document

JavaScript, which provides scripting languages, is very similar to C + +, except that it removes easily-generated errors such as pointers in C and provides a powerful class library. For people who already have C + + or C, learning the JavaScript

JavaScript usage Tips Daquan

1.document.write (""); Output statement The annotation in 2.JS is// 3. Traditional HTML Document order is:document->html-> (head,body) 4. The DOM order in a browser window is:window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document) 5. Get the name

Functions of JavaScript

function provides a common and convenient ability for program designers. Usually in a complex program design, always according to the function to be completed, the program is divided into some relatively independent parts, each part of the writing a

JavaScript EE, part 1th: Running JavaScript files on the server side

The thrust of this series of articles is to combine JavaScript with java™ code on the server to be able to use the same JavaScript routines on both the server and the client. In addition, the techniques shown in this series will allow you to

Objects in JavaScript

The JavaScript language is object-based (object-based) rather than object-oriented (object-oriented). It is said to be an object-based language, mainly because it does not provide many features such as abstraction, inheritance, overloading, and so

JavaScript implements Vista script elevation

Recently, I discussed several techniques for how users with administrator privileges in Windows Vista can elevate process permissions. All of these technologies, including the one I'm about to introduce, require the user to pass through a UAC

JavaScript to implement multi-key sorting method of multidimensional array

The array sort function of JavaScript is sorted by default in ascending order of ASCII characters. Arrayobj.sort (sortfunction); Parameters: Sortfunction Options available. is the name of the function used to determine the order of elements. If

The indexof of JavaScript functions

IndexOf Method: Returns the character position for the first occurrence of a substring within a string object. Strobj.indexof (Substring[,startindex]) Parameters Strobj Required option. A string object or text. SubString Required option. The

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