Spying on jquery--for JavaScript programmers

When JQuery came out in January 2006, my first impression was that it was a very smart thing to build. Based on CSS selector (CSS selectors) to manage everything, its thinking is very clever (reference getelementsbyselector). But the chain-box

What is JavaScript modularity

Now backbone, Emberjs, Spinejs, Batmanjs and other MVC frameworks have come to the attack. Commonjs, AMD, Nodejs, Requirejs, Seajs, Curljs and other modular JavaScript are coming. Web front-end has evolved into a large front-end, the Web front-end

How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts

Author: shiningray @ Nirvana Studio With the development of the network and the speed of the machine, more and more websites use the rich client technology. Now Ajax is one of the most popular ways. JavaScript is an interpreted language, so it

JavaScript template engine handlebars usage examples and techniques

When we were developing the DOM operation, it was no problem with a simple JS application, but what if you needed to manipulate a lot of chunks in my document every time you updated the view? At this time the JS template came in handy. Source

The four function of JavaScript object-oriented programming is also "class"

function is used in JavaScript to create functions or methods, but to implement object-oriented programming, classes are one of the indispensable roles and protagonists. But there is no class concept in JavaScript, and the so-called class is also

Create a form that will be calculated using JavaScript

When we make purchase orders, we often have to calculate the customer purchase goods, the HTML does not provide this online calculation function, but we use JavaScript program to achieve this online summary calculation function. Of course a complete

How to implement associated data query in JavaScript

This article describes how to use JavaScript to get the data we want from DBpedia. The role of DBpedia: The data in Wikipedia is turned into linked, which allows the machine to read and freely access the data. Sparql Trying to use the semantic

To see the initialization of a JavaScript function with its duplicate name

What happens when a JavaScript function has a duplicate name? The experiment found that the page did not have any script error prompts, and that the program was running, except that the call to the function with the same name executed the next one.

JavaScript image processing: affine transformations

Objective In a previous article, we explained the image pyramid, and this article is about affine transformations. An imitation?! Any affine transformation can be converted to, multiplied by a matrix (linear variation), plus a vector

Minimum number of absolute values in JavaScript


There is an array of already sorted (ascending), there may be positive, negative, or 0 in the array, and the minimum number of elements in the array is required, and the method that cannot be used in sequential comparison (complexity requires less

Learn jquery from scratch (Theatre edition) You must know the JavaScript

I. Summary This is the theater version of the jquery series, which has nothing to do with the main line of jquery, and introduces some of the JavaScript details that you would normally overlook. For developers who want to consolidate JavaScript's

Analysis of JavaScript array sort method

The Array.Sort () method in JavaScript is used to sort the array items by default in ascending order, with the instance code as follows: var arrA = [6,2,4,3,5,1];arrA.sort();document.writeln(arrA); The result: 1,2,3,4,5,6 The sort () method can

Example of reversing the contents of a JavaScript Array (array) object with the reverse method

The JavaScript explanation: This example uses the reverse method of a JavaScript array (array), which reverses the contents of an array.In the example, the two variables a and AA are declared first, then a is an array and assigned to a, then the

"JavaScript" for loop evolutionary history

ECMAScript 6 has become increasingly popular, after more than 20 years of improvement, many features have more mature statements, such as for loopThis blog will introduce four ways to traverse from the initial for loop to the ES6 for-of.Define an

JavaScript---. bind (). The difference between live (). Delegate () on ().

The difference between. Bind (). Live (). Delegate (). On ()Cases:$ (selector). Bind (event,data,function) $ (selector). Live (Event,data,function)// jquery1.9 version below support, jquery1.9 and above version removed this method, jquery1.9 above

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd Edition) Chapter III (Basic Concepts)

3.1 Syntax1. Numbers that do not start with numbers, letters, underscores, dollar signs2. Comments: HTML css/**/JS single line//multiline/**/3.ES5 introduced the strict mode (strict modes). is a different parsing and executing model for JS

JavaScript's self-amplification typical operation (error-prone)

JavaScript "self-increment" operators and expressionsThe increment operator (+ +) is a unary operator that increments the operand by 1 at a time. The increment operator requires that its operand be a variable, a property in an object, or an element

JavaScript Advanced Programming Chapter 14th-form scripting

JavaScript Advanced Programming Chapter 14th-form scriptingIn HTML the form is represented by the element, and in JS the form corresponds to the htmlformelement type, which also has many propertiesand methods, get a reference to a FORM element or

Understanding of this in JavaScript

The this in JavaScript is not as difficult as it is legendary, and it's not that messy.Let us analyze, this is mainly related to its execution environment.In general, this is placed in the function body or in the executable JS code (except for the

JavaScript var variable delete

VAR has three types of claims: Global variables declared by Var var declared local variables within the scope of a function The global variable declared in eval. First of all1, 2 cases Var declares that the variable cannot be

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