Regular expressions in JavaScript use detailed _javascript tips

[1] definition : Regular, also called a rule or pattern, is a powerful string-matching tool that is an object in JavaScript [2] features : [2.1] Greed, matching the longest[2.2] lazy, do not set/g, then only match the 1th [3] Two types of wording:

Analysis of JavaScript debugging methods and techniques _javascript skills

JavaScript abbreviation JS, is the front end of the Web page development language, directly running in the browser, I was just beginning to learn, do not understand this, so every time I develop or debug it, are in the inside, now think, it

The usage of setinterval and settimeout in JavaScript _javascript skills

SetTimeout Describe SetTimeout (CODE,MILLISEC) The settimeout () method is used to call a function or evaluate an expression after a specified number of milliseconds. Note: During the call process, you can use Cleartimeout (id_of_settimeout) to

Initial understanding of JavaScript object-oriented _javascript techniques

Objective Class-based objects: we all know that there is an obvious sign in object-oriented language, that is, the concept of class, we can create many objects with the same properties and methods through the class-like template. However, there is

JavaScript Functional Programming Programmer's toolset _javascript tips

If you look closely at the sample code you've seen so far, you'll find some of the methods here are unfamiliar. They are map (), filter (), and reduce () functions that are critical to functional programming in any language. They allow you to write

Pure JavaScript Code implements calculator functions (three methods) _javascript tips

Today to share a calculator program written in pure JavaScript code, many industries can use this program, such as the decoration budget, loan rates and so on. First look at the effect after the completion: Method One: Write the code as

The Item23 of the timer in JavaScript and the rational use of _javascript techniques

In JAVASCRITP, there are two specialized functions for timers, which are: 1. Inverted timer: Timename=settimeout ("function ();", delaytime);2. Cycle Timer: Timename=setinterval ("function ();", delaytime); 1, Timer overview The Window object

JavaScript string replacement function How to replace all the _javascript tips

JS string substitution function: replace ("String 1″," string 2″) 1. We all know that the string substitution function in JS is replace ("String 1″," string 2″), but this function can only replace the first occurrence of the string 1, so how can we

JavaScript child window methods to invoke the parent window variables and functions _javascript tips

The example in this article describes how JavaScript child windows invoke the parent window variables and functions. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Example 1: A child window is a newly opened window Parent window:

Chrome debugging JavaScript detailed _javascript Tips

One, Console API Console.assert () Determines whether the first argument is true, False throws an exception, and outputs the appropriate information in the console. Console.count () The number of times the call is identified with the parameter,

What are the tips and tricks for JavaScript debugging? Attach five useful debugging tools _javascript tips

The following is a description of how JavaScript can debug suggestions and techniques, please see below for details. Browser developer Tools I personally like the Chrome developer tool. While Safari and Firefox are not up to the standards of

A summary of JavaScript learning every day (Boolean object) _javascript tips

to create the syntax for a Boolean object:     New Boolean (value);   //constructor  & nbsp;  Boolean (value);       //conversion function     parameter value The value held by a Boolean object or the value to convert to a Boolean value.

Return action in JavaScript and JavaScript return keyword usage _javascript tips

JavaScript in the return has been used to compare fire, about the return function in JavaScript you know, the following through this article to give you a detailed description, the specific content as follows: The return statement exits from the

JavaScript determines whether the page is closed or refreshed _javascript tips

The principle is that by leaving the page behavior time onunload trigger time to detect the window size of the browser at this time, according to the size of the user is to determine the refresh, jump or close the behavior of the program The code

Detailed JavaScript traversal method _javascript Skills

For illustrative purposes, existing arrays and JSON objects are as follows var Demoarr = [' Javascript ', ' Gulp ', ' CSS3 ', ' grunt ', ' jQuery ', ' angular ']; var demoobj = { aaa: ' Javascript ', BBB: ' Gulp ', CCC: ' CSS3 ', ddd: '

JavaScript implements arithmetic square root algorithm-code super simple _javascript Skill

A few days ago saw a thunder from the hammer of the square root code, the principle of many introduced, do not repeat. The source code is written in C language, I think that this algorithm can also be completed in JavaScript. function Invsqrt (

How to prevent JavaScript from automatically inserting semicolons _javascript tips

In JavaScript, the semicolon at the end of the line has an automatic insertion mechanism that allows some friends to ignore the input semicolon. Of course you'd better get into the habit of typing a semicolon and mastering how JavaScript handles

JavaScript common functions (1) _javascript tips

Article Main Content list: 1, adjust picture size, not shape (FF IE compatible)/Cut picture (Overflow:hidden)2, control the number of textarea area text3, click to display a new window4, the input box automatically becomes longer with the content

Using JavaScript for Functional Programming (i) Translation _javascript skills

Programming paradigm The programming paradigm is a framework that consists of thinking about problems and realizing the vision of a problem. Many modern languages are clustering paradigms (or multiple paradigms): They support many different

in JavaScript replace () Summary _javascript tips

About definitions The replace () method replaces some characters in a string with some other characters, or replaces a substring that matches a regular expression. About grammar Stringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) About parameters

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