On the use of the semicolon in JavaScript _javascript skills

Is it necessary to add a semicolon to the beginning of a function in JS? Should I add a semicolon after the JS statement? Should a semicolon be used after JavaScript braces? JS function in the beginning of the exclamation point, semicolon what does

JavaScript event Delegate Way binding detailed _javascript tips

JS Event Binding Event bindings, this uses the principle of bubbling, starting with the clicked element, and recursively propagating events to the parent element, the advantage of which is that for a large number of elements to be processed, you do

Personal summary of some of the JavaScript techniques, utility functions, concise methods, programming details _javascript Skills

Variable conversion var myVar = "3.14159", str = "" + myvar,//to string int. = ~~myvar,//To integer float = 1*my Var,//to float bool =!! MyVar,/* to Boolean-any string with length and any number except 0 are true * /array = [MyVar];//

Data structure and algorithm in JavaScript (ii): Queue _javascript Skills

A queue is a linear table that allows insertions only at one end and another for deletion operations, and queues are a first-in, first-out (FIRST-IN-FIRST-OUT,FIFO) data structure Queues are used very frequently in program programming because

JavaScript on the various issues of motion classic summary _javascript Tips

The examples in this article summarize the various problems of JavaScript about motion. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: A, JS movement of various problems Question one: Error code: function Startmove () {

JavaScript Delete element node RemoveChild () Usage instance _javascript tips

This example describes the JavaScript deletion element node RemoveChild () usage. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: How to manipulate DOM nodes: RemoveChild (), remove child nodes, then you can work around

JavaScript detection string contains HTML tag implementation method _javascript Tips

Functional code Copy Code code as follows: /** * Whether the string contains the HTML tag detection * @param htmlstr */ function checkhtml (HTMLSTR) { var reg =/]+>/g; Return Reg.test (HTMLSTR); } Demo Script

Ways to stop executing setinterval and settimeout events in JavaScript _javascript tips

JS code in the execution of the loop event, often used in the setinterval and settimeout these two methods, the details of the two methods are not discussed in detail here, briefly share what to do when you need to stop the loop event. (1) The

Awesome hands-on. Create a detailed tutorial on JavaScript framework _javascript Tips

Think MooTools incredible? Want to know how dojo is implemented? Curious about jquery's skills? In this tutorial, we'll look at the secrets behind the framework and try to build a simple version of your favorite framework. We use a variety of

JavaScript to achieve a beautiful drag layer, window drag effect _javascript tips

JavaScript implements beautiful drag layers, Windows drag effects window Drag (change size/minimize/maximize/restore/close) this is a window that can be dragged ① windows can be dragged; ② windows can be resized

JavaScript listens for text box carriage return events and filters text box spaces _javascript Tips

This article describes how JavaScript listens for text box carriage return events and filters text box spaces. Share to everyone for your reference. as follows: CSS code: HTML code: //The return monitor into the body

JavaScript implementation to get server time _javascript tips

JS is run on the client script, rather than running on the server, usually, through JS acquisition time when the time is the local computer visitors time, in order to make the page on the time not because of the difference between the visitors

window.open usage examples in JavaScript _javascript tips

In this paper, the window.open usage in JavaScript is analyzed in detail. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Parameter explanation: JS script started;window.open the

On the basic packaging type _javascript skills in JavaScript

To facilitate manipulation of basic type values, ECMAScript also provides 3 special reference types: Boolean, number, and string. These types are similar to other reference types described in this chapter, but also have special behavior

JavaScript Console detailed _javascript tips

A command to display information Console.log (); The console input page does not output Console.info (); General Information Console.debug (); Error-Removal information Console.warn (); Warning Tips Console.error (); Error tips "Console.log (

JavaScript recursive backtracking method to solve eight queens problem _javascript skills

To share the following is the backtracking method eight queen, with detailed annotation, here is not much nonsense. function Nqueens {if (Order The above is the entire content of this article, I hope you can enjoy.

JavaScript formatted JSON display instance Analysis _javascript tips

This example describes the JavaScript formatted JSON display method. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Format a JSON object or JSON string to easily restrict on a Web page var Formatjson = function

JavaScript implements the method of converting RGB color to 16 color _javascript tips

This article describes the JavaScript implementation of the conversion of RGB color to 16-color method. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: javascript RGB turn 16 I hope this article

Around (surround) analysis _javascript techniques for Javascript AOP (aspect-oriented programming)

AOP is also called aspect-oriented programming, the "notice" is the specific aspect of the implementation, divided into before (forward notice), after (post notice), around (surround notice), with spring students must be very familiar with it, and

The difference between using new in JavaScript and not using instantiated objects _javascript tips

Let's take a look at some examples first function Me (name,age,job) { this.name = name; This.age = age; This.job = job; } What is the difference between the following two kinds of instantiated object methods? var mefun1 =

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