Introduction to programming language JavaScript _javascript tips

What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a scripting language that is widely used in the development of client Web pages (browsers), such as adding dynamic functions to HTML pages, such as responding to users ' various actions. JavaScript is a scripting

JavaScript realizes switching value _javascript techniques in TD

Before the interview front end, encountered an interview problem, there was no thought so did not answer out, today organized a bit and everyone share under: The original title is: Use the object method to create a 2x2 table (table), the second row

JavaScript anonymous function Instance Analysis _javascript skill

The examples in this article describe the use of JavaScript anonymous functions. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Summary: This article is about the most basic JavaScript is the most important

The alert () function in JavaScript use the technique to explain _javascript techniques

In JavaScript code, you can use the alert () function of the Window object to display a piece of text, to debug your program, or to alert the user to the relevant information: Copy Code code as follows: Use Window object ' s alert ()

JavaScript to judge integer methods to share _javascript skills

There are two ways to judge integers: regular judgments and literal judgments. Because the verbatim judgment efficiency is too low, here is not described, interested spectators can own Google. 1. Regular judgment Copy Code code as follows:

Talking about the technique of JavaScript prototype inheriting _javascript

In the real sense, JavaScript is not an object-oriented language, does not provide a traditional way of inheritance, but it provides a way of prototype inheritance, using the prototype properties provided by itself to achieve inheritance. Prototype

The decorator pattern of JavaScript design pattern Introduction _javascript Skill

Decorator Mode description Description: A class to dynamic to another class of functional objects before or after the modification, to add some additional functions; This is the decoration of the function of a class object, the decorated class

Firefox-compatible JavaScript XSLT handles XML file _javascript techniques

Recently using Firefox for Web page debugging, I found that some JavaScript XSLT processing XML statements only support IE browsers. Some of the articles in the web that describe JavaScript XSLT processing XML are basically based on Ajax. In

An array of indexes, associative arrays, and static arrays in JavaScript, and dynamic arrays explain _javascript techniques

Array Categories: 1, from the array of subscript divided into index array, associative array Copy Code code as follows: /* Index array, that is, an array that is usually called/ var ary1 = [1,3,5,8]; Array elements by index,

JavaScript when declaring variables why add the var keyword _javascript tips

In JavaScript, VAR is used to declare variables, but this syntax is not strictly required and is often modified so that we can use a variable directly without declaring it with Var. Copy Code code as follows: var x = "XX"; y =

Comparison operators in JavaScript >, <, >=, <= introduction _javascript Tips

As with the = = operator, comparison operators (>, =, 1. If there is an object on either side of the operator, convert it to number, or convert it to a string if it cannot be converted to number.2. After the conversion, if the operator on both

Examples of using JavaScript code in HTML code _javascript tips

Label To use JavaScript in HTML, you need to use the tag and define the Type property value as Text/javascript, as shown in the previous Alert pop-up prompt box example: Copy Code code as follows: Usually separate

_javascript techniques for using instances of UBound functions in JavaScript

The UBound function method in JavaScript is to return the maximum index value used in the specified dimension of VBArray. How to use: Copy Code code as follows: Safearray.ubound (Dimension) Where SafeArray is a required

Deep understanding of JavaScript Strict mode (Strict mode) _javascript tips

The rigorous model introduced in ECMASCRIPT5 allows the developer to have a "better" JavaScript language by allowing JavaScript to run the environment to make and present different processes for the most common and difficult bugs in the development

JavaScript implementation Window.print () Remove header and footer _javascript tips

Remove Header page footer when printing add the following code can be Var Hkey_root,hkey_path,hkey_key; Copy Code code as follows: Hkey_root= "HKEY_CURRENT_USER"; Hkey_path= "\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet explorer\\pagesetup\\";

Introduction to Reading and writing of object property in JavaScript _javascript tips

In JavaScript, you can use the dot operator "." or the bracket operator "[]" to read and write the property of an object: Copy Code code as follows: var o = {x:1, y:2}; Console.log (o.x);//1 Console.log (o["y"]);//2 O.Y = 7;

20 Practical JavaScript tips for sharing _javascript tips

As we all know, JavaScript is a very popular programming language, developers use it not only to develop a dazzling web program, you can use it to develop a number of mobile applications (such as PhoneGap or Appcelerator), it also has some

Introduction to Object serialization in JavaScript _javascript tips

As with the Java language, you can save objects by serializing and deserializing them in JavaScript. In the ECMAScript 5 standard, Object serialization in JavaScript is accomplished by Json.stringify (), while deserialization is achieved by

JavaScript Debugging Tools Rollup _javascript Tips

Today's JavaScript has actually become a popular web language, even if it's not perfect. Many programmers do not like to write code in JavaScript because there are all sorts of weird bugs that come up later, and it's easy to make mistakes in

2014 Top JavaScript code highlighting plug-ins recommended _javascript tips

For students who like to write technical blogs, it must be very familiar with the code highlighting component. A good JavaScript code highlighting plug-in will help you render any programming language, including the coloring of some keywords, as

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