Highcharts very useful JavaScript Statistical diagram Demo sample _javascript Tips

Highcharts Official website: http://www.highcharts.com Highcharts Official Website Example: http://www.highcharts.com/demo/ Highcharts official website Document: Http://www.highcharts.com/documentation/how-to-use Official website example gives a

Using javascript: A workaround for converting other type values to Boolean type values _javascript tips

1. convert using a Boolean object Copy Code code as follows: var num123 = 123, str = ' abc ', o = {name: ' Test '}, NUM0 = 0; num123 = Boolean (num123); True NUM0 = Boolean (NUM0); False str = Boolean (str); True o = Boolean (o); True

JavaScript uses the isNaN () function to determine whether a variable is a digital _javascript technique

In JavaScript, the method of determining whether a variable is a number is mainly about the isNaN () function in JavaScript. Function: The isNaN () function checks whether its arguments are non-numeric values. Grammar: isNaN (x) x is

Javascript Color Gradient Effect implementation code _javascript tips


The following is the blogger's some ideas and solutions, if not interested in this, want to directly use the jquery plug-in students, you can point here Ideas Each color consists of RGB, each two-bit is a 16 numberThe current color code and target

JavaScript customization methods to implement Trim (), Ltrim (), Rtrim () function _javascript skills

Removing the spaces at each end of the string is a very common method of string processing, and unfortunately JavaScript does not have these three methods, only we have customized: Step 1th, add members to string Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript code _javascript techniques for MAC address verification

Validation rules: 1. Broadcast MAC address (FF:FF:FF:FF::FF:FF:) 2. IPV4 & IPV6 Multicast MAC address 3. Numeric character Code list: Copy Code code as follows: function isvalidmacaddress (address) { var c = '; var i = 0, j = 0;

The call and apply methods in JavaScript talking about _javascript skills

The first argument for call and apply is the parent object that is to invoke the function, which is the invocation context, which is used in the function body to obtain a reference to it. For example, if you want to invoke the function f with the

Javascript multi-browser compatibility summary (actual combat experience) _javascript tips

First, Document.formName.item ("itemname") problemProblem description: Under IE, you can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formname.elements["ElementName"];firefox, You can only use the

15 JavaScript Best Practices Summary _javascript Tips

This document collates most of the accepted, or less controversial, JavaScript good writing specifications (best Practice). Some of the obvious common sense is no longer discussed (for example, to use objects to support identifying judgments, rather

_javascript techniques for DES encryption examples implemented by JavaScript

Des.js Copy Code code as follows: // This SOFTWARE is provided ' as is ' and Any EXPRESS OR implied warranties, including, BUT not LIMITED to, the Implied warranties of merchantability and FITNESS for A particular purpose ARE

Using JavaScript to compute the number of bytes used to store strings under UTF-8 _javascript tips

Lately it's been tangled up with JavaScript. A problem with this is that the character set of the database is UTF-8, and you want to use JavaScript on the page to verify that the text you enter uses UTF-8 storage to occupy the byte length. The

Why Null==0 is false in JavaScript and NULL is greater than =0 to true (personal research) _javascript tips

In our lives we keep writing code, writing JavaScript, and have little time for conceptual research. I have nothing to do today, I studied the relationship between "null" and "0". I hope you have seen the end of the harvest. Copy Code code as

Understanding the role of hasOwnProperty () in JavaScript _javascript skills

The hasOwnProperty function method in JavaScript is to return a Boolean value that indicates whether an object has a property of the specified name. hasOwnProperty () Use method: Object.hasownproperty (Proname)Where the Parameter object is a

Whether there is a property judgment method in JavaScript detection object summary _javascript Tips

Detection of the existence of attributes in an object can be judged by several methods. 1. Use in keywordThis method can be used to determine whether an object's own properties and inherited properties exist. Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript implements drag layer effect code (compliant and compliant Ie,chrome,firefox) _javascript tips

Instance code see: Copy Code code as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Effect: 12 3 4 5 6 [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Instance

_javascript techniques for writing JavaScript to create objects

What is the objectAn object is a collection of unordered attributes from a JavaScript definition, and its properties can contain basic values, objects, or functions. That is, an object is a set of properties that do not have a specific order, and

In JavaScript, whether a variable is an array or an object (array or object) _javascript tips

How can I tell if a JavaScript variable is an array or a obiect? Answer: 1, if you just use typeof to check the variable, whether it is array or object, will return to ' objec '. One possible answer to this problem is to check that the variable is

JavaScript module mode programming deep analysis _javascript skills

Basic knowledge First of all we need to know about module mode (2007 by Yui's Ericmiraglia in the blog), if you are familiar with Module mode, you can skip this section, directly read "Advanced mode." anonymous function closures Anonymous

JavaScript gets the intersection of multiple arrays simple example _javascript tips

The intersection of multiple arrays needs to be achieved in the project, so this example applies only to specific scenarios. For example, a array of var a = {1000,10001,10002,10003}; b array var b = {10002, 10003}; C array var c = {10003}; You need

JavaScript and cookie problem detailed _javascript tips

The original use of JS to read and write cookies has not paid attention to a problem:The same key value, different domain (locahost.dev.xxx.com, dev.xxx.com, xxx.com, etc.) can exist in the cookie at the same time, Document.cookie can read these

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