JavaScript Event Learning Chapter III early incident handler _javascript tips

These ancient browsers only support a method of registering event handlers, a method that was invented by Netscape. Because Netscape is preemptive, if Microsoft wants to be a browser that supports JavaScript events, it has to follow Netscape, so

Several methods for writing anonymous functions in JavaScript _javascript tips

Error mode: syntax error warning Copy Code code as follows: function () { Insert code here }(); Mode one: function literal (functions Literal) Declare the function object first, and then execute. Copy Code code as

JavaScript-Perverted node set _javascript techniques

node collection by Masaki Masaki Masaki Masaki Masaki Masaki [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] If you convert nodelist to an array in advance, there is no problem!

The difference _javascript skills of JavaScript instanceof,typeof

Why would the result be false? Copy Code code as follows: You want to distinguish string from string. Acolors[0] is a string value type and certainly not an instance of string. Refer to the following code var acolors = ["Red",

JavaScript This call rule description _javascript Tips

JavaScript function call Rule one (1) Global function call: Copy Code code as follows: function Makearray (arg1, arg2) { return [This, arg1, arg2]; } This is one of the most common ways to define functions. People who

_javascript tips for using Eval functions in JavaScript

The eval () function JavaScript has a number of tips to make programming easier. One of these is the eval () function, which can execute a string as a JavaScript expression. As a small example: Copy Code code as follows: var

JavaScript Eval function using _javascript tips

It is worth noting that var user = eval (RESULT.D) when incoming is a JSON type; Eval ("exception =" +result.responsetext) when incoming is a string; Copy Code code as follows: $.ajax ( { Type: "POST", ContentType: "Application/json"

Javascript variable scope Two a small feature that may be ignored _javascript tips

Maybe some experts already know, but I think these two things still have some value, so get here and share it with you . Have the following code: Copy Code code as follows: What does it output when calling this function? It

JavaScript editors and code formatting _javascript tips on Web pages

Why not textarea it? 1 not highlighted The 2 Tab key is not available. --Press the TAB key to switch to the next control 3 No code formatting. -because you are accustomed to the eclipse environment, you can use CTRL+SHIFT+F to format the code.

JavaScript Seamless scrolling up and down and fixed Gao Dingkuan pause effect (compatible ie/ff) _javascript tips

JavaScript seamlessly scroll up and down Gao Dingkuan Pause effect (compatible IE/FF) javascript seamless up and down rolling Gao Dingkuan pause effect (compatible ie/ff) var $ = function (ID) {return "string" = = typeof ID?

A complete set of JavaScript questions (partial answers) _javascript Tips

First, single selection 1. Which of the following statements will result in a run-time error: (a) A.var obj = ();//Syntax error B.var obj = [];//Create array C.var obj = {};//Create object D.var obj =//; Reason: var obj = new Array (); is right;

The implementation and application of JavaScript two-dimensional array _javascript skills

Copy Code code as follows: two-dimensional function Binding a select Drop-down menu by declaring a two-dimensional array Copy Code code as follows: Dynamic Change Drop-down Menu content Example

JavaScript using memory function to quickly compute recursive functions _javascript techniques

If there is a Fibonacci sequence to calculate: Copy Code code as follows: var Fibonacci = function (n) { return N }; I'm afraid the number one big browser will collapse, because the operation of the function will have a lot

Description of properties of JavaScript prototype objects _javascript tips

One, what is the prototype property of the object in JavaScript JavaScript, the prototype property of the object that is used to return the reference to the object type prototype. We use the prototype property to provide a set of basic functions

JavaScript determines whether the specified string is a valid number _javascript technique

Such a check has met a lot before, but each time is resolved on the end, no record down, and then the next encounter will spend a lot of time to write. Things need to accumulate, now special record down, hope that this kind of work no longer repeat

JavaScript transformation string _javascript tips for DOM objects (string creation dom dynamically)

Preface: Creating standard DOM objects dynamically in JavaScript is generally used: var obj = document.createelement (' div '); Then set some properties for obj. However, in actual use, some people might think that it would be nice to create a

Application of SQL statement in JavaScript to realize _javascript skill

Like the sort of JavaScript array There are also the deletion and grouping of the data in the array. So, later in the interest to come up. Out of hand. Write a SQL library that can be applied in JavaScript Later thought, how can not use JavaScript

JavaScript creates cross-browser event handling mechanism [Blue-dream]_javascript Tips

Using class libraries makes it easier to resolve compatibility issues. But what is the underlying mechanism? Now let's just roll it out a little bit. First, the DOM Level2 defines two functions AddEventListener and RemoveEventListener for event

JavaScript Trim three ways to remove string spaces (with code detailed) _javascript tips

method One: Regular replacement recommendation Personally think the best way. Using regular expressions, this is the core principle. The following is the original code Copy Code code as follows: Let's take a look at what

Using JavaScript's anonymous function to analyze a few pieces of simple and interesting code _javascript tips

1, simple form of encapsulation call Copy Code code as follows: var userName = function () {return "Jeff Wong"} (); alert (userName); The above code is really simple, we can gradually break down into the following wording:

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