Problems needing attention in string stitching in JavaScript _javascript tips

In the development of everyone will also pay attention to the use of StringBuilder as far as possible without the use of ordinary string concatenation. But perhaps most developers are ignoring the need to pay attention to this efficiency problem in

In JavaScript the method of treating NodeList as array arrays _javascript tips

Like what: Copy Code code as follows: var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName ("a"); for (i = 0; i var ele=anchors[i];//takes an element Some code here } The above code represents getting all the link elements in

JavaScript beginners need to know 10 tips _javascript Tips

Because the vast majority of browsers are compatible with it, you can use it in these browsers. JavaScript is accepted fairly quickly because it is so simple and has a fairly wide range of uses. Many programmers used to think of JavaScript as a "toy

_javascript techniques of JavaScript common function library based on prototype extension

Copy Code code as follows: /** 2 * Retrieve array elements (prototype extension or overload) 3 * @param The value of the element retrieved by {o} 4 * @type int 5 * @returns Element index 6 */ 7 Array.prototype.contains = function (o) { 8

About the This keyword in JavaScript (translation + self-understanding) _javascript Tips

Here are about 70% of the content from, and the other 30% is my own understanding of it and feelings. Hope to help people who need it ... First, look at a very typical topic about this keyword: Copy

Code _javascript tips for getting the file and line number of the error code in JavaScript

Originally used in the Try-catch way, in the catch statement, we will receive an Error object (we can also throw a custom exception object). The Error object in Firefox has the following properties: message--error message filename--represents the

JavaScript-Implemented columnar statistical chart _javascript tips

Work, use JavaScript to make a statistical chart: When you are done, make a note, share and learn from each other. There are still some problems, not very perfect. A reference to the Baidu Space, central management Center, Access statistics, the JS

The beauty of the network implementation code _JAVASCRIPT techniques for Get and set accessors in JavaScript

Implementation of standard get and set accessors Copy Code code as follows: Function Field (val) { This.value = val; } Field.prototype = { Get Value () { return this._value; }, Set Value (val) { This._value = val; }

JavaScript appendchild, InsertBefore and InsertAfter usage instructions _javascript tips

AppendChild definitionAppendChild (newchild:node): NodeAppends a node to the ChildNodes array for the node.Supported:ie 5.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Netscape 6.0+, Safari 1.0+, Opera 7.0+Adding a node to an array of child nodes of the specified node is a bit

Ways to give JavaScript the ability to program like lambda expressions _javascript tips

But I also told People later, because there are too many parameters to accept, so if you don't write smart tips very clearly, even I often do not know how to use. However, the acceptance of many parameters, in addition to the easy to mistake usage,

On the inference _javascript the scope of VAR declaration variable in JavaScript

One, Myth! The confusion caused by a piece of codePlease see the following code: Copy Code code as follows: for (Var i=0;iConsole.log (j+ "," +k); for (Var j=0;jvar k = j+1; } } Console.log (i); Output

JavaScript multiple data types table sorting code Analysis _javascript Tips

Chinese character sorting, Mixed sorting in Chinese and English, Data size sorting, File type sort (suffix name sort) Date Time sorting, Price sorting, Chinese mixed digit sorting; How to: The document is loaded with the new Tablelistsort (arguments,

JavaScript Title, alt hint (tips) to achieve the source code interpretation _javascript Skills

And for the picture tag IMG also has an ALT attribute that can play a similar role. But obviously this kind of cue box is too monotonous, for this reason someone uses JavaScript to achieve a beautiful hint box effect, this effect is commonly used in

JavaScript pseudo Array Implementation method _javascript techniques

This article answers the last mentioned questions about pseudo arrays in the JavaScript Universal loop Traversal method foreach. What is a pseudo array An object with the length property that can be converted to a true array via

A summary of JavaScript performance traps (illustrated with examples) _javascript tips

1. Avoid using eval or function constructors 2. Avoid using with 3. Do not use try-catch-finally in functions that are critical to performance requirements 4. Avoid using global variables 5. Avoid using for-in in functions that are critical to

JavaScript node sorting 2_javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Inspiration from Http:// var hasduplicate = false; var sortby = function (nodes) { var result = [], array = [], n = nodes.length, i = n,

JavaScript Array Object Basic knowledge summary _javascript Tips

For the array object My summary thought is: 5 method, 3 strokes, 12 style 1. Statement 5 method: Only for one-dimensional arrays, and of course two-dimensional three-dimensional, here is no explanation Copy Code code as follows: var

Deep understanding of JavaScript timing mechanism _javascript techniques

For example Copy Code code as follows: settimeout (function () { Alert (' Hello! '); }, 0); SetInterval (callbackfunction, 100); It is assumed that the greeting method in settimeout is executed immediately, because it

JavaScript Object properties and element attributes browser support _javascript tips

[Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

function declaration and function expression (Chine) _javascript techniques in JavaScript

Give an example: [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform] Just try to know that this code means to declare a function and execute it immediately, because the variable

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