JS performance optimization How to faster load your JavaScript page _javascript tips

Make sure your code is as concise as possible Don't rely on javascript for everything. Do not write repetitive scripts. To make JavaScript as a candy tool, it only plays a role in beautification. Don't add a lot of JavaScript code to your site. Use

Introduction to 16 characters in JavaScript _javascript tips

Some time ago read "JavaScript Advanced program Design" finally found a little introduction: \xnn a character (n:0-f) expressed in hexadecimal code nn \UNNN A Unicode character (n:0-f) in hexadecimal code Today because one of their own needs to

Introduction to the use of JavaScript bind _javascript Tips

A few days ago to see a face test, the topic is this: What do you say about Apply,call,bind in JavaScript? It's a cliché to apply and call first, but for bind, I froze because the word was a very high frequency in jquery used to bind events to DOM

JavaScript notes String class Replace function some things _javascript tips

I recently checked the JavaScript data and found a function: Copy Code code as follows: function format (s) { var args = arguments; var pattern = new RegExp ("% ([1-" + Arguments.length + "])", "G"); return String (s).

Instructions for using isNaN functions in JavaScript _javascript tips

isNaN function Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the supplied value is a reserved value NaN (not a number). NaN is not a number isNaN (NumValue) The required NumValue parameter is the value to check for NAN. Description If the

JavaScript Array Flatten and recursive use introduction _javascript tips

How do you use JavaScript to [1,2,3,[4,5, [6,7]], [[[8]]] so that an Array becomes [1,2,3,4,5, 6,7,8]? The legendary Array flatten. To handle this problem, we usually need recursion to allow the program to loop itself according to an algorithm. In

JavaScript design Pattern Interface Introduction _javascript skills

The first important element in this book is the interface. We should be familiar with the interface, simply say that the interface is a contract or specification. In strongly typed object-oriented languages, interfaces can be easily implemented.

JavaScript Advanced Programming Reading notes (v) operators in ECMAScript (i) _javascript tips

2.9 operator 2.9.1, unary operators The unary operator has only one parameter, the object or value to manipulate. 1. Delete: Deletes a reference to a previously defined object property or method, but this operator cannot remove properties and

"JavaScript advanced Programming" reading notes (i) ECMAScript basic _javascript skills

2.1 Grammar Case sensitive, variable weak type, end-of-line semicolon optional, comment double slash, bracket indicates code block 2.2 Variables Variables are declared with VAR, the variable's naming rule: the first character must be a letter, an

Deep understanding of the JavaScript series (8) The S.O.L.I.D principle of the Five Principles Lsp_javascript skills

Objective In this chapter, we will explain the 3rd of the S.o.l.i.d Five Principles JavaScript language implementation, the Richter replacement principle LSP (the Liskov substitution principle). Original English:

JavaScript Advanced Programming Client Storage Learning notes _javascript Tips

19th Chapter Client Storage 1.cookie ① was originally used by the client to store session information. 1.1 Limit ①cookie are bound to a specific domain name in nature. This cookie is included when a cookie is set and a request is sent to the domain

A study on the _javascript skills of JavaScript glimpse-form participation in real parameters

Introduction: Today I see someone else's topic: Copy Code code as follows: function fn (x) { x = 10; Arguments[0] = 20; Console.log (X,arguments[0]) } FN () Feel oneself to this also is a smattering of, oneself also

Deep understanding of the JavaScript series (4) immediately called function expression _javascript tips

Objective When you learn JavaScript, you often encounter the code to execute anonymous functions, today we mainly come to think about the implementation. Before we get to the details, let's talk about the term "self-execution," this article on the

The _javascript techniques of scope chain and closure in JavaScript

Scope Global scope Local scope Scope chain Execution context Active Object Closed Bag Closure optimization There is a concept in JavaScript that has not been learned before--closures. What is closure? A closed package from a superficial

JavaScript class definition syntax, private member, protected member, static member, etc. introduction _javascript tips

In fact, the popular class is the object template, in order to enhance the OO features JS, inspired by the Mootoos framework we can use a JSON object to describe the template of this object. In this template we can simulate the implementation of

Javascript base64 Coding implements code _javascript techniques

Copy Code code as follows: /* * Base64 Code */ var base64encodechars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/"; var base64decodechars = new Array ( -1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1, -1,-1,-1,-1,-1

JavaScript uses closure to simulate the private properties of an object _javascript techniques

JavaScript lacks a block-level scope and does not have a private modifier, but it has a function scope. The benefit of the scope is that internal functions can access the parameters and variables of their external functions (except this and argument.

Description of the property and attribute in JavaScript _javascript tips

First look at the English interpretation of these two words (from Youdao dictionary). First property: Copy Code code as follows: property [' Prɔpəti] N. Properties, properties, property, ownership English-English

A little bit of understanding of JavaScript Summary of the _JAVASCRIPT skills of reading notes in JavaScript advanced programming

L ECMAScript, there is ECMA-262 definition, clear JavaScript this language rules and conventions, like for the beginning of a game specified game rules, specifications, conventions. L DOM: Methods and interfaces that provide access to and manipulate

Using JavaScript to implement the code _javascript techniques of Windows Task Manager

A lot of people mention JS may think of web pages, in fact, JS can also have the initiative, do some other language can do things, and even can turn to dominate the browser, not by the browser dominate. This article will introduce a truly available

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