JavaScript Intermediate Notes Chapter III _javascript skills

3, scope All object-oriented languages have some form of scope, and JavaScript is no exception. In JavaScript, scopes are divided by functions, not by blocks (while,if). Let's take a look at a simple scope example. [Ctrl + A

JavaScript array Extension implements code _javascript techniques

indexOf Returns the index of the element in the array, and returns-1. Similar to the IndexOf method of string. If other browsers do not implement this method, you can implement compatibility with the following code: Copy Code code as follows:

General JavaScript script function library facilitates development of _javascript techniques

Save the following code as Common.js Class Library Features: 1.Trim (str)--Remove the spaces on either side of the string 2.XMLEncode (str)--XML encoding of strings 3.ShowLabel (STR,STR)--Mouse prompt function (display character, prompt

JavaScript sort table Sorting _javascript tips


1. Do you really know the sort method in JavaScript? 2. Do you know the function body of the Localecompare method in JavaScript? 3. What are the parameters of the table sorting method? The sort method in JavaScript directly provides the function of

JavaScript form validation common regular _javascript Tips

Copy Code code as follows: /* Purpose: Verify the format of IP address Input: Strip:ip Address Returns: False if return true through validation; */ function IsIP (StrIP) { if (IsNull (StrIP)) return false; var re =/^ (\d+) \. (\d+) \.

JavaScript throttling function Throttle detailed _javascript skills

In the browser DOM event, there are some events that can be triggered uninterrupted by the user's actions. For example: Resize browser window size (resize), browser page scrolling (scroll), mouse Movement (MouseMove). In other words, when the user

JavaScript differences between # and void Analysis _javascript tips

First, let's do an experiment. Open the empty page of any browser, and enter the following code in the Address entry field: Copy Code code as follows: Javascript:void (3); What's going to happen? The answer is that nothing is

Several JavaScript manipulating Word's reference code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /* To a few JS write word reference: this. Word.Selection.Font.Size = 16; Font size this. Word.Selection.Font.Bold = true; Whether Bold this. Word.Selection.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = 2; 0 left Alignment, 1

JavaScript write a linked list to implement code _javascript skills

Originally want to use array to save data, did not try to use JS to data structure, use JS to try it. JS efficiency is really very low a list of 1000 objects browser prompts you to run slowly. Before think Ajax3d quite use the foreground, now it

Understanding JavaScript Variable scopes more easily _javascript tips

JavaScript itself, as a simple language, makes many people dizzy as much as its variable scope problem, mainly because of the existence of JavaScript closures. This article is not going to delve into the scope of JavaScript variables (in fact, I

7 JavaScript Map scripts to organize _javascript tips

1. mapeed.addresschooser ( demo address ) Mapeed.addresschooser is a JavaScript script that creates the effects of an address form and a map combination. When you select and enter addresses in the address form, the location is displayed in real

Common methods for adding and removing JavaScript functions _javascript Tips

Ways to add a function function addevent (node, type, listener) { if (Node.addeventlistener) { The method of the Consortium (DOM method) The false meaning in the following statement is for the bubbling phase, and if true is for the capture phase (ie

Javascript var variable implicit declaration method _javascript Skill

Such. There's a problem here, for example, in a line in the code, I would like to use a declared variable x, the result of typing or spelling errors, the variable is written y, the result is equivalent to "implicit" declared a variable y, in the

Javascript fillet div Implementation code _javascript tips

Now the realization of rounded corners is generally used to control the picture, this method has its advantages (resulting in a rounded angle smoothing). But at the same time he also asked for a consistent picture, if you want to dynamically change

An in-depth analysis of the functions and implementation of JavaScript closures _javascript skills

One, what are the types and usage of closures and closures                                                    &NBSP 1, what is a closure closure, The official explanation for closures is that an expression (usually a function) with many

The writing and function of closure in JavaScript _javascript skills

1, what is closure Closures are functions that have access to variables that are scoped to another function.Simply put, JavaScript allows the use of intrinsic functions---i.e. function definitions and function expressions in the function body of

JavaScript Print Content method Summary _javascript Tips

General printing on the use of Window.print (); it's OK. But generally it is selective printing so the method is invoked: Copy Code code as follows: Function Preview () { bdhtml=window.document.body.innerhtml; Sprnstr= "";

JavaScript Common validation Function summary _javascript skill

/** * 2010-7-13 * He Sen * Love * js various forms of data validation * * */*********************************************************************** //************************************* Digital Verification *****************************************

JavaScript self-study notes (must read) _javascript tips

0-Determine whether the variable, parameter initialization if (x) {}//variable is initialized or the variable is not empty or the variable is not zero 1-The Declaration function does not need to declare the return value, the parameter

How JavaScript determines data types and array types _javascript tips

So the basic things should not be recorded, but, restudying ~ first from the data type JS Six data types: number, String, object, Boolean, null, undefined String: Single or double quotation marks, such as "string" Number: What integer AH floating

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