JavaScript supports FIREFOX,IE7 page layout drag-and-drop effect code _javascript tips

JavaScript drag javascript Google IG Drag Demo, very good drag, ready for F2blog new theme background module settings, between the tow Move Drag-and-drop effect of the page effect demo address:

Uniq methods for JavaScript arrays _javascript tips

Adds a prototype method to the array local object, which is used to delete the duplicate entries in the array entry (there may be multiple), and the return value is a new array that contains the duplicate entries that were deleted. Formal

JavaScript implemented multi-browser-supported greedy snake webgame_javascript tips

Write too tired, write for 3 hours! We can play. The interface is not beautiful, although the batch &L T;/body> [Ctrl + A All SELECT Note: If the need to introduce external JS need to refresh to perform]

A method for detecting whether a specified directory exists using JavaScript [original]_javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Copy Code code as follows: When the G-Disk exists Cs_ref.chm file can be found var roots=string.fromcharcode (65+2); This sentence is to get all the disks from C disk to Z disk The path in JS must

A simple way for JavaScript to determine whether an object {} is an empty object _javascript tips

When doing the project encountered a problem, to determine whether an object is empty object, found that this judgment can be, on the code: 1. Code 1: var a = {}; if (!a) {console.log (1);} else if (a = = null) {Console.log (2);} else

A summary of common detection methods in JavaScript _javascript skills

First, array detection 1. Use of Array.isarray () Array.isarray (obj) For example: Array.isarray ([])//true array.isarray ({})//false Compatibility: Chrome FIREFOX Ie OPERA Safari 5

Online demo common JavaScript special effects _javascript Tips

'" type="button" value="调窗大小">'" type="button" value="调窗大小">'" type="button" value="窗口移动">'" type="button" value="窗口移动">'" type="button" value="历史按纽">'" type="button" value="历史按纽">是用table做的,注意修改设置'" type="button" value="镜框网页">是用table做的,注意修改设置'" type=

JavaScript Object creation Pattern Instance Rollup _javascript tips

The example in this article summarizes the JavaScript object creation pattern. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: It's easy to create objects in JavaScript, you can use object literals or constructors. The common patterns

Explain the This binding _javascript tips in detail in JavaScript

This is one of the most intriguing features in JavaScript, like the tenses in high school English, such as the passive tense, past tense, present tense, past time, and, no matter how many times you miss, the next time you may be mistaken. This

Common JavaScript function code _javascript tips

Mhhover (' Start ID name ', ' X td tag ', ' Style name ') Program code function Mhhover (TBL,IDX,CLS) { var t,d; if (document.getElementById) T=document.getelementbyid (TBL); else T=document.all (TBL); if (t==null) return; if

Pure JavaScript Chart Animation plugin Highcharts Examples_jquery

What is Highcharts? Download Address is-a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering an easy way of adding interactive-charts to your web Site or Web application. Highcharts currently

A simple way for Javascript to invoke ActionScript _javascript tips

1. In Flex, ActionScript calls JavaScript is relatively simple, and plainly is, in HTML, how to invoke JavaScript, in ActionScript on how to call on the 2. If you use JS to call as, a little trouble, in fact, is relatively simple Mxml Code:

Four binding rules for this in JavaScript summary _javascript tips

Objective If you want to ask which of the two knowledge points in JavaScript are confusing, scoping queries and mechanisms are definitely at the this top. So this article starts this with four binding rules in JavaScript, so let's take a look.

JavaScript fault tolerance exception handling 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Many come to the cloud habitat community are to directly know how to use, here first directly give the common fault-tolerant code. The first: The cloud-dwelling community itself is using Copy Code code as follows: More

JavaScript a little special usage _javascript tips

, you can exchange such as: Two functions can be exchanged, just like normal variables.

JavaScript array objects Common API functions summary (join, INSERT, delete, reverse, sort, etc.) _javascript tips

The examples in this article describe the common API functions for JavaScript array objects. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1. Concat () Connect two or more arrays and return the results var a = [1,2,3]; var B =

JavaScript semicolon Summary and detailed introduction to _javascript tips

JavaScript Each statement ends with a semicolon, but because JavaScript has a semicolon automatic insertion rule, all the different programmers have different habits, some with a semicolon, and some without a semicolon, then whether to add a

A talk on the deep understanding of JavaScript native drag-and-drop _javascript skills

Front. Drag and Drop (DRAG-AND-DROP,DND) is actually two actions--drag and drop. So, it involves two elements. One is the dragged element, called the drag-and-drop source, and the other is the target to be placed, called the drag-and-drop target.

What is a JavaScript injection attack? _javascript Tips

JavaScript can be used as a hacker to attack the site of a tool, where the injection of JS (JavaScript) Malicious script is one of the means, then below, we learn how to prevent JS injection attack? Here's a nice statement to share with you: What

JavaScript form control instance explain _javascript tips

This article examples for you to share JS form control multiple instances for your reference, the specific content as follows instance one: traversing all controls of a form text box: Radio Box: 1 "2 drop-down list: == Please select == 1

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