The related operation knowledge _javascript technique of date function in JavaScript

Time object is an object that we often want to use, whether it is to do time output, time judgment and other operations are inseparable from this object. In addition to the time objects in JavaScript, there are a lot of time objects in VBScript, and

Dry (Classic) _javascript Tips for practical JavaScript validation and data processing at work

In the development of Web projects, it is unavoidable to encounter a variety of Web page data processing, such as the user in the form of the phone number, mailbox, amount, ID number, password length and complexity, and so on the verification, as

How to convert a form in a JavaScript jquery library into a JSON object _jquery

You know that there is a serialize method in jquery that you can serialize a form to a "&" concatenated string without providing a way to serialize to JSON. However, we can write a plugin implementation.   I saw someone use the replacement method

JavaScript encapsulates DOM event handlers as low-level error problems with Event.js _javascript tips

The Encapsulates the DOM 0-level event handler and the DOM2-level event handler (ie event handler) as a Eventutil object for Cross-browser effects. The code is as follows: var eventutil = {//Add event handle Addeventhandler:function

Implementation _javascript techniques for JavaScript inheritance

Object-oriented and object-based Almost every developer has development experience in object-oriented languages such as C + +, C #, Java. In traditional object-oriented languages, there are two very important concepts-classes and instances. A

JavaScript simple Get system Current time complete example _javascript tips

The example in this article describes how JavaScript simply gets the current time of the system. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The screenshot of the running effect is as follows: The specific code is as follows:

This in JavaScript using the detailed _javascript tips

Actually this is a cliché question. About this article is very many, in fact, I thought I had already understood it, but yesterday in the process of doing the project, or appeared a trace of doubt, think about before the JavaScript weekly in the

JavaScript operation file Implementation method summary _javascript Tips

You can create a file on the visitor's hard disk by using the browser, because I started to try it really, I do not believe you to copy the following code into an HTML file and then run it! Copy Code code as follows: Did you

Deep understanding of JavaScript function parameters (recommended) _javascript tips

Front. The parameters of a JavaScript function differ from those of the functions in most other languages. The function does not mind passing in the number of arguments, nor does it care what data type the incoming parameter is, or even the

How JavaScript implements Cross-domain request _javascript tips

What is a cross-domain request? The simple understanding of is to make a request to a server file that is not in the same domain name. This is still a practical example to explain it, such as to send a request, the two

JavaScript array operation function Summary _javascript tips

JS in the array operation function is still very much, today suddenly thought to sum up, is also known as the temperature of the new bar. However, will not be for each approach to a summary, but for some more commonly used to make a note. The JS

JavaScript translates Chinese digital format into a simple example of European digital format _javascript tips

The project encountered a demand, to the Chinese-style display of Arabic numerals to the European style, that is, each three-bit display, separated by commas, such as 12345678 to 12,345,678 of the display mode, the following is the specific

The reading method of JavaScript parsing XML object _javascript technique of fine solution

Read xml: Copy Code code as follows: Text1 Text2 Text3 JavaScript parses this XML in the following ways: Copy Code code as follows:

JavaScript data type conversion considerations _javascript Tips

1. Non-variability of strings After the string is defined, it will occupy the memory space, the Penguin the Memory Space (stack) can not be assigned a value. 2. Short Circuit operation The && two operator returns the original value (original data

JavaScript Intermediate Grammar Quick Start _javascript tips

1. Talk about the object of JavaScript JavaScript is a language of a weak language type and a dynamically typed language. In the process of using JavaScript, it is often necessary to use the built-in objects of JavaScript as well as the custom

JavaScript FAQ function (ask + Reply) _javascript tips

The effect is as follows: When you click on the question, display the following reply content. Copy Code code as follows: Script type= "Text/javascript" > onload = function () { FAQ (document.getElementsByTagName ("DL") [0], "DT",

How to detect various types of JavaScript _javascript tips

First, introduce the next 5 kinds of original types 5 of the original types in JavaScript are string, Number,boolean,undefined,null var name = "Jack"; var age =; var single = false; var app; Undefined Console.log (typeof name);

Implementation _javascript Techniques of Javascript inheritance mechanism

Once you have selected a base class, you can create its subclasses. It is entirely up to you to decide whether to use the base class. Sometimes, you might want to create a base class that you can't use directly, it's just for providing a generic

The processing method of error of JavaScript decimal multiplication result _javascript skill

First, with JS calculation 12.32 * 7 How much is the result?Answer: 86.24000000000001Why is there such a problem? How to solve?JS in processing decimal multiplication and division of the time there is a bug, the solution can be: The decimal into an

JavaScript Asynchronous Invocation Framework (Part 6-instance & mode) _javascript tips

Encapsulating AjaxThe original purpose of design async.operation is to solve the problem that Ajax calls need to pass callback parameters, so we first encapsulate the AJAX request as async.operation. I'm using jquery here, of course, no matter what

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