4 functions for JavaScript letter case Conversion _javascript Tips

JS in the implementation of the letter case conversion is mainly used in four JS functions: 1.toLocaleUpperCase2.toUpperCase3.toLocaleLowerCase4.toLowerCase The following is a simple analysis of these four JS functions for case conversion.

JavaScript to achieve a simple Countdown Bullet window demo drawings _javascript tips

Recently made a simple settings page, because you need to restart the device function, so I want to add a countdown to the window interface. The idea at first was to customize an alert window, but soon found that alert would be parked there waiting

JavaScript format Date-time methods and custom formatting functions examples _javascript tips

Many times, we can use the built-in methods of the Date object in JavaScript to format it, such as: Copy Code code as follows: var d = new Date (); Console.log (d); Output: Mon Nov 2013 21:50:33 gmt+0800 (China Standard Time)

JavaScript move out node RemoveChild () use introduction _javascript tips

RemoveChild (a) is used to remove an existing element from a document Parameter A: The node to move out Copy Code code as follows: 1 2 3 var odiv = document.getElementById ("Guodiv"); var firschild = Odiv.firstelementchild? ODiv.

Usage of match function in JavaScript _javascript tips

The match function in JavaScript uses a regular expression to find the string and returns the result of the lookup as an array, which is useful in practical development, using the following methods:Stringobj.match (RGEXP)Where stringobj is a

7 ways to create multiple-line strings for JavaScript _javascript tips

JS there is no standard multi-line string representation method, but in the template, in order to ensure the readability of the template, we will inevitably use multi-line strings, so there are a variety of way, here with a jade template as an

The slice, Substring, substr functions of JavaScript intercepting strings and comparing _javascript techniques

In JavaScript, extracting substrings is mainly done through Slice, Substring, Substr, one of three methods. Copy Code code as follows: Slice Syntax: String.slice (start [, stop]) "Good news, everyone!." Slice (5,9); ' News '

JavaScript date objects are formatted as String implementations _javascript tips

JavaScript provides the date format is too simple, the general application needs to implement the format of the method. Here is a format I came up with, should be able to meet the common needs. You can use any separator in a date template, and you

JavaScript operations Referer detailed parsing _javascript tips

The importance of referrerThe HTTP request has a Referer header that indicates the source reference page for the current traffic. For example, click on a link on the www.sina.com.cn/sports/to reach the cctv.com home page, then referrer is

Deep understanding of the dependency injection _javascript techniques in JavaScript

Sooner or later you will need to use the abstract results of other developers-that is, you rely on someone else's code. I prefer modules that depend on freedom (no dependencies), but that's hard to achieve. Even the beautiful black box components

JavaScript termination functions perform operations _javascript tips

1, if you terminate the return of a function, the example is as follows:function Testa () {Alert (' a ');Alert (' B ');Alert (' C ');}Testa (); Program execution will pop up ' a ', ' B ', ' C ' in turn. function Testa () {Alert (' a ');return

How JavaScript generates random uppercase and lowercase letters _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: /** * Returns a random lowercase letter */ function Getlowercharacter () { Return Getcharacter ("lower");; } /** * Returns a random capital letter */ function Getuppercharacter () { Return Getcharacter

String objects in JavaScript details _javascript tips

The sting string object is one of the built-in objects provided by JavaScript. Note here that the first character in the string is the No. 0 digit and the second is the 1th digit. 1. How to create a string object [Var] String Object Instance name

JavaScript anonymous function Application example introduction to _javascript Tips

JavaScript anonymous function, which means that a function does not have a name, let's list the test code Copy Code code as follows: /* * Commonly common functions are like this */ function Debug (data) { Console.log (data);

Native JavaScript imitates win8 wait for hint Circle progress bar _javascript Tips

I. Preamble I've always liked it. Win8 wait for the prompt Circle progress bar. Win8 just come out that will, feel good magic! There was no thought at the time, not to study. Through the recent online look for information, finally to get out! First

JavaScript write txt and read TXT file sample _javascript Tips

1. Write FileSystemObject can translate files into a file stream. First step: Cases: Copy Code code as follows: Var fso=new ActiveXObject (Scripting.FileSystemObject); Creates an object that can be translated into a file

3 Examples of JavaScript ordering JSON data _javascript tips

One, suitable for numerical sorting and subtitle sortingThere are a number of ways to sort JSON, which is one of the simplest. Copy Code code as follows: var sortby = function (filed, rev, primer) { Rev = (rev)? -1:1; return function (A,

JavaScript event bubbling details and trapping, blocking methods _javascript tips

I. Sequence of occurrences The origin of this problem is very simple, assuming you have another element nested within one element Copy Code code as follows: ----------------------------------- | element1 | | ----------------------

JavaScript dynamically adding tables to Web pages implements code _javascript tips

This code in IE9, Firefox, Chorme, Safair test shows no problem, to the table to add some simple style, basic functions can be achieved, there are a few problems to be improved! The effect chart is as follows: Here's the code: Copy Code

JavaScript double exclamation mark (!!) Action Sample Introduction to _javascript Tips

Often see examples of this: Copy Code code as follows: var A; var b=!! A A default is undefined.!a is true,!! A is false, so the value of B is false, not undefined, and not other values, primarily for subsequent judgment. !

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