"Learning Notes" JavaScript coding specification-Comments

Multiline comments using/**......*/, you need to include a description, a value for the specific type of all parameters, and a return value.bad//make () returns a new element//based on the passed in tag name////@param {String} tag//@return {element}

JavaScript Loading Guide

How do you write JavaScript to make it taller? How can you organize JavaScript to make it easier for others to see you at a glance? Do you expect others to read your code and say, "Can you write like this?" Here are some of the loading techniques

JavaScript function scope and Lexical scope

Original Sticker Address: http://pierrespring.com/2010/05/11/function-scope-and-lexical-scoping/Personally feel good writing, easy to carry, if there are errors, please correct me.Wikipedia defines Scope as follows:Tipically, scope is used to define

JavaScript array attributes

JavaScript array attributes

JavaScript implements array de-weight using object key value to uniqueness of Middle key

JavaScript implements array de-weight using object key value to uniqueness of Middle key

JavaScript Framework Library-JQuery

JQuery is a JavaScript library. Reference JQueryI. jquery installation add jquery to your Web pageTo use jquery, you need to download the jquery library (which will be explained below) and then include it in the Web page you want to use.The JQuery

JavaScript iterates through the array, executes the FN function for each element in the array, and passes the array index and elements as parameters

There are two main methods of traversal, i++ method and in keyword methodvarlist = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8];//var L = list.length; for(varIinchlist) {Console.log (list[i]);}//[finished in 0.3s]varlist = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8];//var L = list.length;

JavaScript Learning notes--closures

This document complies with CC by-sa3.0Objective:Recently still looking at JavaScript, the first two days just read the closure of the part, and recently saw a few classic problems, aftertaste up the meaning of the unfinished, simply write down, for

JavaScript's callback function

Since a function can be assigned to a variable like other data, it can be defined, deleted, and copied, why can't it be passed as a parameter to other functions?In the following example, we define a function that takes two functions as arguments.

JavaScript Constructor Learning Notes

We all know that in JavaScript everything is the object, then the question comes, what is the object??A: An object is an instance of a particular reference type.So how do new objects build??A: The new object is followed with a constructor Function

I'd like to talk about this in Javascript.

This is a must for every person who wants to learn JavaScript in depth, I have read a lot of books for this, although I have a certain understanding of this and often use this, but if someone asked me this is what ah? I still can't give someone a

New features of JavaScript arrays

1 DOCTYPE HTML>22HTMLLang= "en">33Head>44MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">55title>Test1title>66Script>7 7 8 94 9 the /*Ten the One Every,some The former is to iterate over each element in the array and execute the function, if there

201505092150_ "javascript mode-Viewer mode"

1. DefinitionEvents = function() {           var listen, log, obj, one, remove, trigger, __this;           obj = {};           __this = this;           listen = function( key, eventfn ) {  //把简历扔盒子, key就是联系方式.             var stack, _ref; 

JavaScript copy Array

Several methods of commonly used replicated arraysDirect ARR1 = Arr2 This method copies a reference to the original array, and modifying the copied new array changes the contents of the original array.var arr = [1, 2, 3, 6];var arr_ =

Google browser JavaScript debugging tutorial

How do I open the developer tools for Chrome?You can right-click on the page and select the review element:Or find it in Chrome's tools:Or, you directly remember this shortcut: Ctrl+shift+i (or ctrl+shift+j directly to the console), or press F12

The difference between the small accumulated--typeof of JavaScript and instanceof

  1.typeof is the type that gets a variable or expression, the value returned is usually a string, number, Boolean, object (null, Array, object), function, undefined, you can use TypeOf to determine whether a value is empty. eg:if (typeof a! =

JavaScript Date-Time representations cross-turn

In a language, a DateTime must have 3 representations, a string (such as 2010-11-11 05:07:08), a long (usually the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970), and a built-in object (the date in JavaScript);So the date time operation is a very

Basic JavaScript Concepts (II)

The basic concept of an object 1, an object, is an entity in memory, and maintains a certain state for the target object of the programming operation. 2. An object is a collection of names paired with values, also known as attributes. 3. An object

JavaScript Learning Notes (iv) reference types

A reference type is a data structure used to organize data and functionality together.Object is the most used reference type, you can use new to define an instance, or you can use the object literal .Here is a summary of how the array type is

JavaScript Functions and Window objects

First, what is a functionFunction: Similar to a method in Java, it is easier to use a block of code that accomplishes a specific task: no definition belongs to a class, directly usingSecond, common system functionsparseint ("string") converts a

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