JavaScript advanced Path (ii)--variables and basic data types

ObjectiveThe variable in JavaScript is loosely typed, which means that when a variable is declared it can save any type of value, or it is not like SQL to declare that a key value of int can only hold the integer value, stating that varchar can only

JavaScript termination function Execution action

1, if you terminate a function with return, the example is as follows:function TestA () {Alert (' a ');Alert (' B ');Alert (' C ');}TestA (); Program execution will pop up ' a ', ' B ', ' C ' in turn.function TestA () {Alert (' a ');return;Alert ('

Scripted HTTP for JavaScript client JavaScript (via XMLHttpRequest)

the XMLHttpRequest object is designed to handle responses that consist of plain text or XML, but one response can also be a different type if the user agent (UA) supports this type of content.  Most of the client-side JavaScript that is browsed

Cookie and client persistence for JavaScript client JavaScript

The Document object has a cookie attribute that allows JavaScript code to persist data on the user's hard disk,and be able to get the data stored in this way. Client persistence is an easy way to give your Web application memory.  cookies can also

Description of the difference between the JavaScript regular expression exec () and match ()

This article is mainly on the JS regular expression exec and match the difference between the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you.Regular expression rules some rules are no longer stated here, only the

JavaScript Wrapper Object

var s = "Hello world!"; var word = s.substring (S.indexof ("") +1,s.length);Since the string is not an object, why does it have attributes? As long as the properties of the string s are referenced, JavaScript converts the string value to an object

Understanding of JavaScript closures

Closures are a difficult part of JavaScript, but they are also a very important point of knowledge.1, first we must know the variable scope chainThe scope of a variable is divided into two types: global variables and local variables. Variables that

The JavaScript authoritative guide function

First, function definitionA function declaration statement declares a variable and assigns a function object to it. The definition function expression does not declare a variable.If a function definition expression contains a name, the local scope

JavaScript Knowledge Collation

I. Types and variables1. The data types in JS are divided into two categories: primitive type and object type. Primitive types include numbers, strings, and Boolean values2. An object is a collection of properties, each of which is composed of

Learn JavaScript closures (Closure)

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.Here is my study note, which should be useful for JavaScript beginners.The scope of a variableTo understand closures,

JavaScript Event Flow Detailed

1. Event Flowdescribes the order in which events are accepted from a document page. Bubbling event Flow: The event is initially received by the most specific element (the node with the deepest nesting level in the document) and then propagated up to

Prototype inheritance in JavaScript

In JavaScript object-oriented programming, prototype inheritance is not only a focus but also an easy point to master. In this article, we will explore some of the prototype inheritance in JavaScript.Basic formLet's start by looking at the following

Get and set accessors in JavaScript

What we're going to share with you today is the get and set accessors in JavaScript, which are very similar to the accessors in C #.Implementation of the standard get and set accessorsFunction Field (val) {This.value = val;}Field.prototype = {Get

Summary of how TextRange objects are used in JavaScript

The TextRange object is an advanced feature of Dynamic HTML (DHTML) that allows you to implement many text-related tasks, such as searching and selecting text. The text range allows you to selectively select characters, words, and sentences from the

Baidu Map JavaScript API Rapid development experience

A while ago Baidu Map API launched the JavaScript API Speed 1.0 Simple look, from the product positioning is very good. Divide the developer into ordinary Web developers and mobile Web developers. Just use the cell phone map this decision to try.

Learn more about the WebKit kernel first: JavaScript engine depth parsing

See Horkeychen wrote the article "[WebKit] javascriptcore Analysis--Basic article (c) from script code to JIT compiled code implementation ", written very well, deeply inspired. I would like to add some details such as how bytecode is generated, and

JavaScript Area Print Code

This code is I highcharts from the code of the transformation out of, very grateful to Highcharts author, first chain highcharts address, (highcharts Chart code is very good, Super powerful, we can try it!The following

KeyUp, KeyPress, and KeyDown events in JavaScript

KeyUp, KeyPress, and KeyDown events are all about keyboard events1. The KeyDown event is triggered when the key of the keyboard is pressed, and the KeyUp event is triggered when the key is released .KeyDown, KeyPress event triggered in the text has

JavaScript authoritative guide type, value, variable

VariableData types are divided into primitive types and object typesPrimitive types include numbers, strings, and Boolean valuesNull and undefined represent unique members of the lattice special type, respectivelyBeyond that is the object. An object

A post-operative summary of the incurable diseases: interaction between WebView and JavaScript

Recently participated in the development of the M3 project in the company, this project is a front-end page developed using HTML5 , after development, the project address is written to Android, IOS Shell source code, so that when the application is

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