JavaScript code formatting and syntax coloring

javascript| Syntax Have seen a few JS code format, oneself also write a, hehe, the advantage is can deal with the super long JS and will not crash ... IE only Run Code Box [Ctrl + A ALL SELECT hint: You can modify some of the code, and then run]

Web tutorials: How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts

javascript| Script | tutorials | Web page | performance | optimization Author: shiningray @ Nirvana Studio With the development of the network and the speed of the machine, more and more websites use the rich client technology. Now Ajax is one of

Tip: Use JavaScript to implement MD5 local encryption

Javascript| Technique | Encryption md5($_POST['passwd'] This is the PHP general encryption method, passed over and the database originally encrypted MD5 code to compare And the following method is through JS to achieve the MD5, in fact, this

A detailed analysis of JavaScript technology event objects

Javascript| Object Description An event represents the state of an incident, such as the element that triggers the events object, the position and state of the mouse, the pressed key, and so on. The event object is valid only if it occurs. Some

JavaScript Object-oriented support (3)

javascript| objects ================================================================================Qomolangma Openproject v0.9 Category: Rich Web ClientKey words: JS oop,js framwork, Rich Web client,ria,web

JavaScript Events List

Javascript JavaScript Event List Narration Event Browser support Explanation General Events OnClick IE3, N2 This event is triggered when the mouse clicks OnDblClick IE4, N4 This

JavaScript methods and Techniques Encyclopedia

Javascript| Tips This is a blog about JavaScript, which I saw on the clang. The author introduced quite comprehensive, so reprinted to let interested friends to see. Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ There are times when you are proficient in a language, but it turns out

JavaScript Web effects: Flashing Fireworks background

javascript| Special Effects | Web pages | It's very old, but it's very useful for some novices. Add the following code to the area

JavaScript effects: Automatically convert HTML to JS code

javascript|js| Special Effects Sometimes you have to use JavaScript to lose commonly used characters, such as footnotes for every page. This provides a translation script:         &n Bsp; [Ctrl + A ALL SELECT hint: You can modify some of

A comprehensive understanding of the caller,callee,call,apply concept of JavaScript

javascript| concept Before you mention the above concepts, first of all, let's talk about the implied parameters of functions in javascript: arguments Arguments The object represents the function being executed and the arguments of the function that

A new method of Javascript scrolling

JavaScript I think we've all seen a variety of scrolling (the most commonly used in the news update above), generally as long as not a picture, are using HTML itself to provide a very good scrolling mark--marquee to complete (with JS can also

Migrating directories with JavaScript

Javascript These two days with virtual machine installation system, ready to use virtual machine to separate development environment and database, the idea is as follows:1. Development environment for host2.Guest is a database server, each server is

A few useful JavaScript scripts worth collecting

javascript| Script Unicode encoding and encoding in Chinese with JavaScript image dimensions are loaded and modified to fit the page width A countdown function, 5 minutes of reminders, 0 seconds automatic submission a simple calculator.

How to create chaos with JavaScript tips


Javascript| Tips Next we're going to introduce you to a function that can generate chaos, and this function, written in JavaScript, just takes advantage of a little trick. This technique, in most compilers (compiler), calculates chaos in most cases (

How to add a date to a page with JavaScript tips

Javascript| Technique | date | page The second episode how to add a date to the page We want to tell you an example of the use of dates and times, from your personal client machine to get the date and time.The procedure is as follows: In this

JavaScript Event List Narration

Javascript Event Browser support Explanation General Events OnClick IE3, N2 This event is triggered when the mouse clicks OnDblClick IE4, N4 This event is triggered when the mouse

JavaScript Read and write cookies

Cookie|javascript (i). Sample picture Effects (ii). Code Read and write cookies

Use JavaScript as a message box (similar to the QQ user online message prompt)

Javascript In the development of the project, the need to have users when the message to remind users, just their QQ friends online, QQ automatically pop-up a message prompt, feel good. So use JavaScript to make a similar function with

Implement page without refresh update data with JavaScript

javascript| Data | refresh | no Refresh | page Program design will often encounter a situation, that is, you can not know beforehand what data users will need, must be based on user selection and then from the server to retrieve data after the user

Some JavaScript detection functions that are often used

javascript| functions//function Name:trim Function Description: Removing the trailing spaces of a string Creation Date:2004-7-13 15:30 Last Modify by:n/a Last Modify date:n/a String.prototype.trim=function () { Return This.replace (/(^\s*) | ( \s*$)/

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