JavaScript Tutorial: Ways to optimize IF statements

Article Introduction: Uglifyjs is a tool for compressing and beautifying JavaScript, and in its documentation, I've seen several ways to optimize if statements. Although I have not used it to do some experimental testing, but from here I can see

Developing mobile applications using JavaScript

JavaScript is not just for Web pages and Web site programs. You can also create real-time applications, server-side solutions, desktops, and mobile apps. There are two types of mobile applications: Web applications in browsers and local applications.

JavaScript cross-domain summarization and solutions

What is cross-domain JavaScript is not allowed to call objects on other pages across domains for security reasons. But it also brings a lot of trouble to injecting IFRAME or AJAX applications at the same time as security restrictions. Here's a

How to write High-quality JavaScript code (1)

The excellent Stoyan Stefanov in his new book ("Javascript Patterns") introduces a number of techniques for writing high-quality code, such as avoiding global variables, using a single var keyword, looping stored lengths, and so on. This article

The implementation of JavaScript effects

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: 1. Show different greetings in different time periods 〈script language=javascript〉〈!--var text=; day = new Date (); times = Day.gethours (); if ((time〉=0) (time〈7)) Text= night Owl, pay attention to

Selection function for JavaScript framework: DOM traversal

DOM Traversal It is useful to look up elements based on IDs, element types, and class names, but what if you want to find elements based on where they are located in the DOM tree? In other words, you have a given element, and you want to find its

JavaScript Technology Lectures-basic data structure

Data | structure JavaScript, which provides scripting languages, is very similar to C + +, except that it removes easily-generated errors such as pointers in C and provides a powerful class library. For people who already have C + + or C, learning

JavaScript Instance tutorial OLE Automation (7)

Tutorial using OLE Automation in JavaScript 7. How to deal with set objects The automation object has the same structure as some of its JScript objects. It exposes a variety of methods and properties that we can handle. If you have never contacted

JavaScript Instance tutorial OLE Automation (4)

Tutorial using OLE Automation in JavaScript 4. How to retrieve an instance of the existence of a automation object JScript supports the GetObject () function in the same Visual Basic. Its general syntax is as follows: var Objvar = GetObject

JavaScript Instance tutorial OLE Automation (2)

javascript| Tutorial Using OLE Automation in JavaScript 2. What is Binding Before you can apply the properties, methods, and events of an object model, you must first create a planned reference to the class that contains the attributes, methods, or

JavaScript makes a floating tool bar

Floating | Toolbar The program was analyzed from someone else's website! Because the other side of the Web site using the framework, but also canceled the right mouse button function, so the cost of a good long time! When you browse the page, the

JavaScript Technology Lectures-javascript Language overview

The internet era has created our new work and way of life, its interconnection, openness and sharing of information mode, breaking the traditional way of information dissemination of the numerous barriers, to bring us new opportunities. With the

JavaScript function Call Rules

I hope this will help you understand the different ways in which functions are invoked, and keep your JavaScript code away from bugs. Knowing the value of this is your first step to avoiding bugs. JavaScript function call rule one (1) Global

9 excellent JavaScript-implemented rating voting plugin tutorials

When visiting a website or a blog, if the site to provide users with content rating or voting function, can enhance the interaction of user participation, but also to the user a "master" of intimacy, so that users can effectively participate in the

Implementing Namespaces in JavaScript

Name space Note: Haven't written for a long time, today I wrote a copy of the article in the company intranet, out of the show, just turned to web development, so began to learn javascript! Before introducing namespaces, a problem for developers is

Javascript[object. Properties] Highlights of the three

Object Document ObjectAn object that contains information about the current document. Property Title of the current document, if not defined, contains "untitled". Location the full URL of the document. LastModified contains the date the

Javascript[object. Properties] Highlights of the second

Object Frame ObjectIt is the child window of the entire browser window, and it has all the properties of the Window object, except the Status,defaultstatus,name property. Location objects Contains information about the current URL.

JavaScript Tips (Eighth episode)

Technique eighth how to automatically add the last modification time After we have finished the HTML file, we usually add the date of the last modification of a line of files. Now you don't have to worry about every time you have to change or

JavaScript Tips (seventh episode)


How the seventh episode of the trick is going to generate chaos Next we're going to introduce you to a function that can generate chaos, and this function, written in JavaScript, just takes advantage of a little trick. This technique, in most

JavaScript Getting Started code collation

JavaScript Entry code collation, for the Java script is not familiar to the master only one step away from the person. JS Getting Started code 2009/04/21 13:59JS Entry Code Fit to read: Don't know anything about Java Script ~ One step away from

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