JavaScript objects and Array reference Encyclopedia (8)

Reference | objects | Array Onmouseover mouse over object B.18 Links Array It is a property of the Document object, a list of all the links in the documentation. Property Number of links within length document B.19 Location Object It is a

String manipulation in JavaScript

String I. OverviewStrings are almost ubiquitous in JavaScript, and when you're dealing with user input data, when you're reading or setting the properties of a DOM object, there's certainly more to it when you're manipulating cookies .... The core

JavaScript Advanced Applications: Exception handling

Javascript| Advanced In program development, programmers often face how to write code to respond to the occurrence of error events, i.e. exception handling (exception handlers). If the exception-handling code is well-designed, then the final

Use of the Eval function in JavaScript?

javascript| function When you need to dynamically create statements, you will find it very unique role, the Internet to see a half-day, to find some scattered content, want to also calculate very comprehensive, all of it gathered up here for later

Using JavaScript and WebService to implement partial data XML transfer of Web pages

javascript|web|xml| Data | Web page b/S structure of the program to perform an operation often need to refresh the page, in the refresh process, the server will not only send data to the client, but also need some formatting information, such as

Type conversion of JavaScript (character to digit, digit to character)

Javascript| conversions are not the same in Java, for example, when integers are converted to strings, you must use the integer.tostring () static method or the String.valueof () static method to convert the string to an integer. You must use

Use JavaScript to determine dates, numbers, integers, and special characters

Javascript| date How to use a program to detect the input of the content is legitimate, the following is my own program to write the date, number, integer and special characters are also judged to be positive or negative (for numeric classes and

Javascript-log Tutorial

----------------------------------Development Background----------------------------------------------// During JavaScript development, it is difficult to meet the needs of enterprise-level development If you always use alert to debug your programs.

String manipulation in JavaScript

Javascript| string I. OverviewStrings are almost ubiquitous in JavaScript, and when you're dealing with user input data, when you're reading or setting the properties of a DOM object, there's certainly more to it when you're manipulating cookies ....

JavaScript and Flash Communication

Javascript Note: Slightly modified, mainly some very elementary operation; And a lot of similar articles, but this one is authoritative. Here are some examples of direct communication between Flash and HTML files that use JavaScript, with each

Math functions that use JavaScript

Javascript| functions in JavaScript, mathematical methods can be grouped into the following categories: Constans(constant), Power Functions(exponentiation function), trigonometic Functions(Trigonometric functions), Rounding Functions(Rounding

How to get the dynamically inserted JavaScript scripting code running.

javascript| Insert | dynamic | script First of all, there are many ways to declare a method, both directly and indirectly, and only the two modes in general are listed:Let's say the code we're loading is a.js:var foo=function () {document.write ("I

JavaScript (JScript) and VBScript data sharing and object sharing.

Javascript|js|jscript|vbscript| Object | data If there are any flaws, please point out, thank you. 1. General Global VariablesIn browser, there are many ways to refer to a global variable, you can refer to the variable directly, You can also use

Some of the most common JavaScript tips

Javascript| Tips Event Source Object Event.srcElement.tagNameEvent.srcElement.type....................................Capture releaseEvent.srcElement.setCapture ();Event.srcElement.releaseCapture ();Event

"Recommended" very good JavaScript script

javascript| Script 1 > Shielding function class 1.1 Screen Keyboard all keys 1.2 Screen right mouse button Add Oncontextmenu=self.event.returnvalue=false to the body tag. Or function Nocontextmenu () { if (document.all)

Beginner's introduction: JavaScript Usage tips

Javascript| Tips 1.document.write (""); Output statement The annotation in 2.JS is// 3. Traditional HTML Document order is:document->html-> (head,body) 4. The DOM order in a browser window is:window-> (navigator,screen,history,location,document) 5.

The different performance of JavaScript in IE and Firefox

Javascript 1. Object Problem 1.1 Form ObjectExisting issues:Existing code this gets the form object through the Document.forms ("FormName"), so that the use in IE can be accepted, MF cannot.Workaround:Instead, use as the subscript operation. Change

Web knowledge: Using regular expressions in JavaScript

Javascript| Web Page | In JavaScript, there are two ways to use regular methods, one is to create an instance of a regular expression, but rather to use a regular expression in a string object to relate the method. First, there are 2 ways to create

The keyword "VAR" in JavaScript uses Cheung solution

The javascript| keyword does not remember when to look at the JScript grammar tutorial, which says that when declaring a variable, it ignores varThe keyword is completely legal. It was also because of the thought that JavaScript was loosely-typed

JavaScript speed: Fast retrieval of large-capacity character arrays

Javascript| array JavaScript is inefficient in the cycle of large-capacity arrays, I've done a comparison, compared to the VBS array, the VBS's array cycle speed is roughly one order of magnitude faster than JS. JS arrays in general programming, we

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