Talk about some difficult problems in JavaScript grammar (II.)

3 problems related to the scope chain The scope chain is a very red concept in the JavaScript language, and many programmers who learn and use the JavaScript language know that the scope chain is key to understanding some of the most important

JavaScript design pattern: JavaScript Design Pattern Learning interface

After reading the "JavaScript King return", in the library to find "JavaScript design mode" To see, before the design mode of the book read: "Head of the first design mode", "design mode of Zen", Gof's "Designing Patterns: Elements of reusable

In JavaScript, numbers and strings are converted to each other

A. Convert numbers into strings ①number class definition of ToString () method: This method can receive an optional parameter representing the conversion cardinality (radix, range between 2~36), and if this argument is not specified, the conversion

JavaScript learning: Removing array elements

Javascript| Array JavaScript truncating an array by setting the length property of an array is the only one by one way to shorten the length of an array. If you use the delete operator to delete elements in an array, the length property of

Getting Started with JavaScript event agents

Event delegation, also called an event delegate. is a common technique for binding events commonly used in JavaScript. As the name implies, "event Agent" is to delegate the original need to bind the event to the parent element, so that the parent

JavaScript Arithmetic: Subtraction

These days also in the study of JavaScript, a few days ago, the teacher gave an article about parsing arithmetic expression and algorithm, said arithmetic very often let me take a good look, and then to write code to see the final results. First I

JavaScript Math and Number objects

1. Math Object1.1 Introduction The Math object, which is a mathematical object, provides a mathematical calculation of the data, such as acquiring absolute value, rounding up, and so on. No constructors, cannot be initialized, provides only static

The agent mode of JavaScript

Agent Mode description Description: As the name implies is to use a class to replace another class to perform the method function, this pattern is somewhat similar to the decoration pattern, not the same, the proxy mode is to initialize the proxy

Use Replace in JavaScript replace:javascript to implement ReplaceAll

You know, directly using replace ("old", "new") will only replace the first encountered "old", then if you want to replace all? JavaScript itself does not seem to provide a way to replace it, and there is actually. As long as this writing can be

JavaScript object-oriented Tutorial: Object and function

Article Introduction: JavaScript is object-oriented, and all objects have a prototype chain of their own. object and function may look at the object instanceof function, the function instanceof object are all true, so first look at the instance of

JavaScript Instance Tutorial (20) using HoTMetaL (5)

javascript| Tutorial Using JavaScript in HoTMetaL 5. How to write a script to check the date of the last modification In this tutorial you will learn how to write a macro to check if any program has modified a file using HoTMetaL. This macro

JavaScript Instance Tutorial (19) using HoTMetaL (5)

javascript| Tutorial Using JavaScript in HoTMetaL5. How to write a script to check the date of the last modificationIn this tutorial you will learn how to write a macro to check if any program has modified a file using HoTMetaL. This macro includes

JavaScript code Tutorial: Lazy Load function

Article Introduction: because of the differences in behavior between browsers, most JavaScript code contains a large number of if statements that boot the execution into the correct code. Look at the CREATEXHR () function in the XMLHttpRequest (XHR)

JavaScript Learning Tutorial: string concatenation

Article Introduction: JS Built-in features one: string concatenation. JS built-in features one: string connection; If the plus (+) operator is used for numbers, the addition of two numbers is added; However, by acting on a string, it

JavaScript's IE and Firefox compatibility assembly

Javascript Following IE instead of Internet Explorer, MF replaces Mozzila Firefox 1. Document.form.item question(1) Existing problems:There are many Document.formName.item ("itemname") statements in existing code that cannot be run under MF(2)

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML data formats: XML SOAP HTML

Article Introduction: Ajax and Web service data formats: XML SOAP HTML. When Ajax was created, it was meant to be: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which is generally the case: First create a

JavaScript Conditional Statement If ... Else

Core tips: JavaScript Conditional Statement If ... Else When you write code, you often need to perform different behaviors according to different conditions. You can use conditional statements in your code to accomplish this task. In JavaScript,

JavaScript speed: The efficiency of combining string concatenation

String During the development of the script, a large string is often combined to output according to a rule. For example, when writing a script control to control the appearance of the entire control of the HTML tag output, such as Ajax in the

A summary of 10 ways to cross-domain sharing of javascript

JavaScript is not allowed to call objects on other pages across domains for security reasons. Cross-domain is due to the limitations of the JavaScript homology policy. In the client programming language, such as JavaScript and ActionScript, the

Uglifyjs has a fantastic JavaScript parser.

I've been looking for a good JavaScript parser for Jscex, before I used Narcissus, and I wrote related articles. Unfortunately, Narcissus uses SpiderMonkey extensions, so it is not implemented with ECMAScript 3 and cannot be used in browsers such as

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