Learning notes for the JavaScript Primer tutorial

Oh, for a long time did not write articles, the recent contact with JS compare how long by the way to write a JS-related article. Well, thank you today for variables related to it, variable this thing as long as you are knocking on the code every

JavaScript picture left and right seamless scrolling plugin

Effect chart Plug-in information:Name:imgscroll version:13.09.09Author:lazyE-mail:25565308@qq.com Parameter description:ID: The ID value required to scroll the windowWidth: Window widthsHeight: Window heightDir: Picture scrolling direction,

JavaScript removes form spaces and contiguous space codes

2 Requirements for today's reply box entry limit: 1, text content can not be all spaces, with this regular/^s*$/2, delete consecutive spaces, is this regular/s+/g The following are common requirements codes The code is as follows

JavaScript supports event listener encapsulation for anonymous functions

About JS in the event monitoring everyone uses more, but is to determine whether the browser support AddEventListener and attachevent, online search on the event monitoring methods are quite many, but some are not very perfect. The following method

Implementing post in JavaScript delivers submit data

Example 1 The code is as follows Copy Code var myForm = document.createelement ("form");Myform.method= "Get";Myform.action = "line_ticket.aspx";var myinput = document.createelement ("input");Myinput.setattribute ("name",

JavaScript recursive function Learning notes

JavaScript supports recursive invocation of functions. The so-called recursive function is to call the function itself in the function body. A common example of using recursive functions is to find factorial. Use recursive function to ask 6!.

JavaScript remove before and after space program code

Code The code is as follows Copy Code function String.prototype.Trim () {return this.replace (/^/s*) | (   /s*$)/g, ""); Remove left and right spacesfunction String.prototype.Ltrim () {return this.replace (/(^/s*)/g, "");

JavaScript Browser Scaling Detection implementation method

Many WEB developers are likely to encounter this headache, that is, when the user to reduce or enlarge the page, the original good layout is destroyed. It is a big challenge for developers to allow web pages to support adaptive scaling and zooming

Techniques for JavaScript bit operators and bitwise operators (1/5)

There are two types of ECMAScript integers, that is, signed integers (allowed with positive and negative numbers) and unsigned integers (only positive numbers are allowed). In ECMAScript, all integer literals by default are signed integers, what

Detailed description of data types in JavaScript

Second, determine what data type a variable belongs to. 1. Numeric type (number). A numeric expression refers to any expression that has a numeric value. The elements of such an expression can include keywords, variables, literals, and

Date format regular expression JavaScript code

Format is day/month/year The code is as follows Copy Code Date format[' Date_au ', function (v) {if (vanadium.validators_types[' empty '].test (v)) return true;var regex =/^ (d{2})/(D{2})/(d{4}) $/;if (!regex.test (v))

Common processing methods for the Select Drop-down menu in JavaScript

A small example: The code is as follows Copy Code First Second Third Fourth First get the value of option, relatively simple, there is no Value property on the Select label, The value of option is the

JavaScript statistics calculate Chinese string length

How do I make the string length of JS statistics consistent with PHP? The function code here is only for characters encoded under GBK, and one Chinese character is equal to two characters. The code is as follows:   code is as follows

JavaScript Remove string spaces multiple methods summary

The code is as follows Copy Code Remove the header space of the string (left space) function LTrim (str) {var i;for (i=0;iif (Str.charat (i)!= "") break;}str = str.substring (i,str.length);return str;}Remove the trailing space of

JS Getting Started tutorial [first season of JavaScript learning]

JavaScript Learning first season (2) The previous article talked about some concepts (lexical structure) and data type (part) in JS. Let's continue with this chapter. Then understand the scope of operation data and functions in

Date added in JavaScript program code

Instance I summarized the following, wrote a JS method, the main solution: a date + how many months days = a date of the problem. As for, a date-a date = how many days The code is as follows Copy Code Solve the

A summary of the usage of JavaScript object in text-blocking objects

Document ObjectEach HTML document that is loaded into the browser becomes the object of the document, allowing us to access all of the elements in the HTML page from the script, which is part of the Window object and can be accessed through the

JavaScript common various authentication code encyclopedia (1/5)

1. Length Limit The code is as follows Copy Code 2. Can only be Chinese characters The code is as follows Copy Code 3. can only be English The code is as

The call method of ExtJS and JavaScript

Today, looking at someone else's code, you find that the function you called is not what you think it is. So take a serious look at the code, and then combine the previous JS about call notes. Know the reason for this The code is as

JavaScript Object-oriented, from creating objects to object Inheritance (1/5)

JS to create the object of several methods , this article discusses several JS to create the object of the method, first from the best understanding of the factory model start: The code is as follows Copy Code function

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