How do you use a Select Case like in JavaScript?

Switch statement Language Reference Description When the value of the specified expression matches a label, the corresponding one or more statements are executed. Grammar switch (expression) { case label: statementlist case

JavaScript very personalized Picture Show magnification display effect


Tip: You can modify some of the code before running JavaScript very personalized Picture Show magnification display effect very personalized picture display effect (10) and Between--> and --> & lt;/span> &L T;span >

How to use document.getElementById in JavaScript

Changing HTML Properties To change the attributes of an HTML element, use this syntax: document.getElementById (ID). attribute=new valueThis example changes the SRC attribute of the element: Change HTML Style To change the style of HTML elements,

How to use JavaScript to implement copy, Paste function

Copies can be used: objects. createTextRange (). ExecCommand ("copy") command, you can use: Window.clipboardData.setData ("text", source of content) Here the source of the content such as to get text box ID for y text copy to the Clipboard, here

Secrets you don't know about in a For loop in JavaScript

S: The For loop here refers to the language of JS oh ... The composition structure of the For loop; The code is as follows Copy Code Why should var i;//be defined in this? See jquery sourceFor (i=0 iThis is the loop

JavaScript determines IE browser version number

Example The code is as follows Copy Code MSIE = Int (/msie (d+)/.exec ((navigator.useragent). toLowerCase ()) | | []) [1]);/* IE 11 changed its useragent format, so to further judge * *if (isNaN (MSIE)) {MSIE = int

One of JavaScript object-oriented learning

Review Object Oriented knowledge: What is a wrapper object? The base type has its own corresponding wrapper object String number Boolean Array Data String is not an object why does it have a method? Solution: Methods are hung under the prototype

JavaScript Object-Oriented notes understanding objects

0x00 backgroundWe know that an object-oriented language has a flag that is the concept of a class that allows you to create multiple objects with the same properties and methods. But there is no concept of a class in ECMAScript, so its object is a

JavaScript implementation does not upload pictures direct local preview

Principle is divided into two steps: when the upload image input is triggered and select a local image to upload the image of the object URL (object URL); Assign the object URL to the pre-written img tag src attribute can display the picture. Here

How to use the Delete method in JavaScript

Delete operator Deletes an attribute from the object, or deletes an element from the array. Delete expression The expression parameter is a valid JScript expression, usually a property name or an array element. Description Returns false if the

Solving the problem of javascript floating-point multiplication accuracy

Example 1 The basic idea is to turn the floating-point numbers into integers and divide them by the N-order of the equivalent 10. n is (the sum of the back lengths of two floating-point numbers).   code is as follows copy code

A common decimal rounding function for JavaScript

The method of JavaScript decimal rounding. Js: The code is as follows Copy Code function Truncatenumber (n) {return n|0;} Test: The code is as follows Copy Code Console.log

JavaScript Export Excel File example

Method One, tested all IE kernel browsers are available The code is as follows Copy Code JavaScript DocumentCall methodvar test=new pagetoexcel ("Data", 0,255, "test. xls");//table ID, line start, last line color, saved

Summary of regular expressions in JavaScript

Ways to define regular expressionsThere are two ways to define a regular expression: the constructor definition and the regular expression direct quantity definition. For example: The code is as follows Copy Code var reg1

JavaScript implements drag-and-drop effects on elements (1/2)

The drag of a DOM node is a simple JavaScript effect, often called a drag-and-drop, that is, Drag-and-drop. Drag and drop mainly involves three processes: Click on the object you want to drag and drop to record the mouse relative to the drag

A detailed explanation of JavaScript variables (local/global)

Local JavaScript variable A variable declared inside a JavaScript function (using VAR) is a local variable, so it can only be accessed within the function. (The scope of the variable is local).You can use local variables with the same name in

Interface interface usage in JavaScript

But there is no corresponding mechanism in JavaScript, but JavaScript is very flexible, we can use its features to imitate interface, but we need to add some methods to do check action We can still use programs to simulate the implementation of

Introduction to JavaScript arrays and string usages

One, array (1) Detection array For a global scope, you can use the instanceof operator to detect whether an object is an array: The code is as follows Copy Code if (value instanceof Array) {//} However, if

JavaScript gets element position/window height code

The clientheight and ClientWidth attributes of the document element represent the size of the Web page. The code is as follows Copy Code function GetViewport () {if (Document.compatmode = = "Backcompat") {return

The judgment of JavaScript function types

When judging the type of a function, we use the TypeOf method, such as: function fn () { } alert (typeof fn) //The result is "function".   However, the method does not work as we think in some browsers. 1,

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