Compatible IE6,IE7 JavaScript drag layer effect

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running compatible ie6,ie7 javascript drag layer effect Event object, for Tip: You can modify some of the code before running

JavaScript example code for inheritance

Example The code is as follows Copy Code /*** Implementation subclass inherits the parent class, but does not produce redundant properties and methods* @returns {Function}*/Define (function () {return function (subtype,

Document.execcommand () parameters in JavaScript and examples of usage

Processing HTML data is often used in the following format: Document.execcommand (scommand[, interactive, dynamic parameters]), where: Scommand is the instruction parameter ("2d-position" in the example below), Interaction parameter If True, the

Summarizing the problem of JavaScript cross-domain and its solution

What is cross-domain JavaScript is not allowed to call objects on other pages across domains for security reasons. But it also brings a lot of trouble to injecting IFRAME or AJAX applications at the same time as security restrictions. Here's a quick

JavaScript statistics calculate Chinese string length

How do I make the string length of JS statistics consistent with PHP? The function code here is only for characters encoded under GBK, and one Chinese character is equal to two characters. The code is as follows:   code is as follows

JavaScript Remove string spaces multiple methods summary

The code is as follows Copy Code Remove the header space of the string (left space) function LTrim (str) {var i;for (i=0;iif (Str.charat (i)!= "") break;}str = str.substring (i,str.length);return str;}Remove the trailing space of

JS Getting Started tutorial [first season of JavaScript learning]

JavaScript Learning first season (2) The previous article talked about some concepts (lexical structure) and data type (part) in JS. Let's continue with this chapter. Then understand the scope of operation data and functions in

Date added in JavaScript program code

Instance I summarized the following, wrote a JS method, the main solution: a date + how many months days = a date of the problem. As for, a date-a date = how many days The code is as follows Copy Code Solve the

A summary of the usage of JavaScript object in text-blocking objects

Document ObjectEach HTML document that is loaded into the browser becomes the object of the document, allowing us to access all of the elements in the HTML page from the script, which is part of the Window object and can be accessed through the

JavaScript common various authentication code encyclopedia (1/5)

1. Length Limit The code is as follows Copy Code 2. Can only be Chinese characters The code is as follows Copy Code 3. can only be English The code is as

The call method of ExtJS and JavaScript

Today, looking at someone else's code, you find that the function you called is not what you think it is. So take a serious look at the code, and then combine the previous JS about call notes. Know the reason for this The code is as

JavaScript Object-oriented, from creating objects to object Inheritance (1/5)

JS to create the object of several methods , this article discusses several JS to create the object of the method, first from the best understanding of the factory model start: The code is as follows Copy Code function

JavaScript string.replace () character substitution function

The replace () method replaces some characters in a string with some other characters, or replaces a substring that matches a regular expression. GrammarStringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) parameter descriptionRegexp/substr required.

JavaScript returns top source code

Here's how to use it:1. Default: In plain text "↑ TOP" showvar mytop = new Xttop ();2. Call Picture:var mytop =new xttop ({img: Picture path});Like I'm going to call a picture of the outreachvar mytop =new xttop ({img: "Http://"});Of

JavaScript Event Events binding, compatible IE6 attachevent

There are four main methods of event binding for JavaScript (one that works in IE but does not guarantee other browsers): [Note: OnXxx for an event, fun for a function,domid for a DOM object Id,event type is shown in the appendix below. ] 1, in

Validating regular expression Encyclopedia JavaScript code

String.prototype.len=function () {return This.replace ([^x00-xff]/g, "AA"). Length;} (2) Application: JavasCript does not have a trim function like VBScript, we can use this expression to implement String.prototype.trim = function () { Return

JavaScript date format, URL extraction and decomposition, object code

Web effects date format, url extraction and decomposition, object codeA simple JS starter tutorial mainly includes the date format, URL extraction and decomposition, object operation, hope to help you. javascript Grammar new personnew humannew

JavaScript implementation XML and string transform each other

Web page effects implement XML and string transform each otherThese two functions are more practical ah, you can implement XML and string to transform each other Oh, there is a lot of it to deal with the XML and characters is very convenient.

JavaScript toUpperCase Letter Conversion Capitalization method

The toUpperCase () method is used to convert a string to uppercase. GrammarStringobject.touppercase () return valueA new string in which all lowercase characters stringobject are converted to uppercase characters. DescriptionThe

Web page Common JavaScript code

1. Let the text keep rolling    scrolling Text 2. Record and display the last modified time of a Web page    3. Close the current window    close window 4. Close the current page after 5 seconds   5

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