tutorial on JavaScript function parameters and scopes

Function argument Small example one: FnA (1,2);FnA (2,3);function FnA (a,b){alert (A+B);} Function argument Small instance one: Css:body,ul{margin:0;padding:0;}li{List-style:none;}. box{width:200px; margin:20px Auto;. box ul{height:30px;Box

JavaScript under str.replace for variable substitution

In the actual front-end development, we use replace for string substitution, such as: var str = ' 1231 ';Str.replace (' 1 ', ' a '); ' a231 ' If you want to replace all of the characters in the string, you can use a regular: var str = ' 1231

Introduction of Javascript:void (0) and its role in website optimization

When doing a page, if you want to do a link click Do not do anything, or respond to click to complete other things, you can set its properties href = "#", however, this will have a problem is that when the page has a scroll bar, click will return to

JavaScript Simple Implementation Template engine example

I. BACKGROUND There are two major projects from the RD side of the migration, because the initial project FE unmanned follow-up, so are the backend students directly with Smarty to complete the front-end part; So considering the cost of migration

JavaScript static methods and prototyping methods

A piece of code that understands static methods and instance methods: test

Introduction to Json.stringify syntax in JavaScript

Knowledge of JavaScript is not a short time, but this usage is really, I have seen the first time, ashamed ah ashamed ah. So, I found some information on the internet and wrote some examples to help the garden. Role: This function is mainly

Differences between parseint and parsefloat types in JavaScript

parseint () Function: Converts a string to an integer. Returns the start of the first character of the string and returns 0 if the character does not begin with an integer. The parseint () function can also convert hexadecimal or decimal digits.

A study on the cycle usage and optimization of javascript

Usually our writing cycle is roughly like this: The code is as follows Copy Code function () {The way of writing general circulationfor (var i=0; i...}} Optimization variable Declaration The above writing in

JavaScript closures using a detailed approach

Closures are a way to access and manipulate external variables within a function, and in general we define variables outside the function for use within functions. The code is as follows Copy Code var a = 1;function fn

JavaScript defines carriage return events (addeventlistener/attachevent)

Example we're going to bind a carriage return event The code is as follows Copy Code $ (function () {Define carriage return Eventsif (Document.addeventlistener) {//if it is FirefoxDocument.addeventlistener ("KeyPress",

The difference between a JavaScript array and JSON

One, array 1. Define one-dimensional array: var s1=new array (); The code is as follows Copy Code s1=[1,2,3,4] or s1[0]=1,s1[1]=2,s1[3]=3,s1[4]=4; Alert (s1[0]); The result was 1; The code is as

outerHTML, innerHTML and innertext differences in JavaScript

Sample code: The code is as follows Copy Code test1 test2 In JS can be used: The code is as follows Copy Code document.getElementById (' Test '). InnerHTML: That is,

Splice () method in Javascript implements overlay array

Requirements: Use array arr2 to overwrite all elements in array arr1 when encapsulating Plug-ins Definitions and usage The splice () method inserts, deletes, or replaces the elements of an array. Grammar Arrayobject.splice (index,howmany,element1

A detailed explanation of how to use Window.onerror in JavaScript

Syntax uses onerror default has three incoming parameters: msg: Error messageURL: File where the error residesline: Wrong line of code, integral type123 Window.onerror = function (msg, URL, line) {//some code};For form, the parameters can be

JavaScript regular expressions get page URL parameter values

Get URL parameters: The code is as follows Copy Code function Geturlparam (name) {var value = Location.search.match (New RegExp ("[?]" + name + "= ([^&]*) ([O.)", "I"));return value? decodeURIComponent (Value[1]): value;}

JavaScript gets the length of Chinese characters and intercepts the character code

To get the length of a string containing Chinese In practical development applications, such as word limit typesetting, the string.length of string length with Chinese is not reliable due to the position of a Chinese character in two English

JavaScript string Digital Method detailed

In JavaScript, the double and int types are all viewed as number objects, so either typeof 1 or typeof 1.0 returns number. So we can let the JavaScript explain the engine inside out without having to go to the int or double type. • If you want to

A summary of formatting methods for common types in JavaScript

Objective I believe we all know that because JavaScript is a weak type of language, project writing will be very difficult to control, easy to all kinds of problems. Fortunately there is a strong type of typescript can make up for this defect, but

How JavaScript solves Mongoose data query asynchronous operations tutorial

When I am operating in the node environment mongoose, found that I through the nested form of query to the data loop into an array, the end of the array has been empty, after Baidu, still no fruit, finally asked the group of the Great God, the

Instance code for timers in JavaScript

1. Set Timer Syntax: setinterval (function, time) Attention: function cannot be written with parentheses SetInterval (fn,1000)//correct

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