A few JavaScript gadgets (original)

Determine if the date type data function IsDate (dateval) { var a1=dateval.replace (/-/g, "/"); var dd=new Date (A1); var ss=dd.getyear (); if (isNaN (ss)) return false; Else return true; } Keep the decimal point precision, found that some versions

JavaScript creates examples of private functions and variables

They firmly believe that if you create a Property object, or create a three-dimensional global variable, this is a fair game for anyone. However, with some very simple patterns, you can use JavaScript to protect the privacy of accessing a given

JavaScript timeout call and intermittent call instance tutorial

Intermittent callIntermittent calls are common in JavaScript, setinterval, which is repeated calls over a certain amount of time.The SetInterval () method receives two parameters: the first argument can be a string or a function, and the second

JavaScript's This keyword usage

This is a keyword in the JavaScript language. It represents an internal object that is automatically generated when the function is run, and can only be used inside a function. Like what function Test () { this.x = 1; }The value of this will

Javascript+iframe implementation page without refreshing upload function

The upload.html page is as follows File Upload The Frameupload.js code is as follows /*** The specified label [A or Button,input:button simulation for the File selection button, select the completed file can be uploaded via IFrame]* @author

tutorial on JavaScript function parameters and scopes

Function argument Small example one: FnA (1,2);FnA (2,3);function FnA (a,b){alert (A+B);} Function argument Small instance one: Css:body,ul{margin:0;padding:0;}li{List-style:none;}. box{width:200px; margin:20px Auto;. box ul{height:30px;Box

JavaScript under str.replace for variable substitution

In the actual front-end development, we use replace for string substitution, such as: var str = ' 1231 ';Str.replace (' 1 ', ' a '); ' a231 ' If you want to replace all of the characters in the string, you can use a regular: var str = ' 1231

Introduction of Javascript:void (0) and its role in website optimization

When doing a page, if you want to do a link click Do not do anything, or respond to click to complete other things, you can set its properties href = "#", however, this will have a problem is that when the page has a scroll bar, click will return to

JavaScript Simple Implementation Template engine example

I. BACKGROUND There are two major projects from the RD side of the migration, because the initial project FE unmanned follow-up, so are the backend students directly with Smarty to complete the front-end part; So considering the cost of migration

JavaScript static methods and prototyping methods

A piece of code that understands static methods and instance methods: test

An introduction to the TextRange object of JavaScript and its using method

The TextRange object is an advanced feature of Dynamic HTML (DHTML) that can be used to implement many text-related tasks, such as searching and selecting text. The text range allows you to selectively select characters, words, and sentences from

JavaScript DOM Operation optimization

DOM Operations Optimization First clarifies two concepts--repaint and Reflow:repaint also called redraw, which refers to a redrawing action that does not affect the structure and layout of the current DOM. The following action produces a Repaint

Share a few JavaScript performance tuning points

Javascript's performance tuning point A, use caution to remember that the "eval" code is 100 times times slower than the "eval" code. The main reasons are: JavaScript code performs a "precompiled" operation before execution: first, it creates an

JavaScript replace () method to implement multiple substitutions

Definitions and usageThe replace () method replaces some characters in a string with some other characters, or replaces a substring that matches a regular expression. GrammarStringobject.replace (regexp/substr,replacement) parameter

Walkthrough of file operation in JavaScript

First, the function realizes the core: FileSystemObject objectIn fact, to implement the file operation function in JavaScript, the main thing is to rely on the FileSystemObject object.Ii. FileSystemObject Programming TrilogyProgramming with a

JavaScript traversal XML File implementation program

The code is as follows Copy Code

Date-time processing functions in JavaScript

The code is as follows Copy Code /*** Convert string to date Object* Parameter: Date string For example: 2011-04-19 or 19/04/2011* Return: Date Object dates* Note: IE does not support direct instantiation of date objects, such as new

JavaScript pop-up menu/window implementation code

window.open The new browser windowWindows created by Pseudo pop-up windows created by the page DOM: such as pop-up tips First, when the page without JSGenerally speaking, no JS situation that is based on the behavior of HTML to do things. So that

JavaScript every () function test array size application instance

To test the size of an array:Code:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The code is as follows Copy Code function Isbigenough (element, index, array) {Return (element >=

The JavaScript map () function converts all array elements to uppercase

Grammarvar Mappedarray = Array.map (callback[, Thisobject]);Parameter descriptionCallback: The callback function to execute for each array element.Thisobject: This object that is defined when the callback function is executed. Function

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