JavaScript promise using the detailed and asynchronous promise mode

Promise Core DescriptionAlthough promise has its own specifications, but the current various types of promise libraries, in the promise implementation of the details are different, and some of the API even in the sense of a completely distinct. But

On JavaScript object Copy implementation and question example

In the actual programming process, sometimes we will encounter a situation: When you have an object A, at a certain moment, a has already saved the corresponding attribute value, and the values themselves are valid, this time may require a exactly

JavaScript regular expressions to determine exec () function usage

In recent projects, a variety of information is often required to format validation, of course, the most common is through the regular expression of validation, In your previous blog, you found a way to do the following: Mailbox format is not

Example of% in JavaScript for remainder or modulo

Take the remainder in JS 0%401%412%423%434%405%41 Example Gets the day, hour, and minute contained in minutes, based on the number of minutes function Getcosttime (minutes) {var day=parseint (minutes/1440);var hour=parseint (MINUTES/60);var

JavaScript Tutorial: A function to determine whether a date is correct or not

VBScript's IsDate function is used to determine whether a date is correct, JavaScript does not have this function, and we also write a similar function. It is important to note that isdate parameters in JavaScript must be strings and support 6

Introduction to the use of shift and pop techniques in JavaScript array arrays

JS Array supports two methods, Shift () and pop (), which is to delete a value from the front and back of a data, and to delete the value. Look at an example and you'll see: The code is as follows Copy Code var arr = ['

Introduction to JavaScript Common array methods

Join () Method:Method Array.join () converts all elements of an array to strings and then joins them. You can specify an optional string to separate the elements in the result string. If a delimited string is not specified, the element is separated

JavaScript ID check Regular expressions (support 15, 18, and province differences)

It is not difficult to do this in fact, on the Internet, there will always be unexpected harvest. But 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. We need to understand the rules of the ID number, the enemy win.The ID number has 15-bit and 18-bit length two, 15-bit

Write yourself a JavaScript map class

The weeks, JS is not a map class, want to use also have to encapsulate one of their own. The code is as follows Copy Code (function (Win) {var Map = function () {This.count = 0;This.entryset = {};}; var proto =

Object-oriented knowledge in javascript detail

Object-oriented, JS put all the objects into the object type, so that JS has 6 types of data users can use. In addition to the UNDEFINED,JS for all types of literals (literal) syntax, now, JS's object face value represents a very successful design,

Basics of getting Started with JavaScript objects

What is an objectsimply put, the object in the programming language is the simplification of things in the real world. For example, we are one object, but it is difficult for a programming language to fully describe a complex object. So we have to

Jqyery and JavaScript limit character input function

Jqyery and Web page special effects limit character input number function mr.think blog can be freely reproduced and used, But please indicate the source . Native JavaScript versionWindow.onload=function () {var

JavaScript random draw Math.random () function

Since the creation of web effects, many browsers have built-in random number generation method. For example:var number =math.random (); This method produces a floating-point number between 0 and 1. date ();

JavaScript useragent get user browser type

Web effects useragent Get user Browser type var useragent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase (); useragent property syntaxNavigator.useragent;UserAgent Property Description Attribute descriptionappCodeName Gets the code name of the browser.

JavaScript URL parameters two ways

A value that takes a parameter from a URL without having to loop purely with a regular implementation. The core technique for replacing loops is that the replace () method of a string can be used as a second parameter and replaced by a user-defined

JavaScript iframe Parent window and child window implementation code

One, the parent window invokes the iframe child window method 1, HTML syntax: 2, Parent window Call Child window: Myframe.window.functionname (); 3, sub-window products call the parent window: Parent.functionname (); Simply put, a parent is

JavaScript floating-point number toString () parseint type conversion

1. Floating point conversion to integer type, this is more error-prone, many people like to use parseint (), in fact, parseint () is used to convert strings to numbers, rather than floating-point number and integer conversion between, we should use

JavaScript array [] {} array operation detailed

Web page special effects array [] {} array operation detailed JS does not have an array of character indices except numbersOf course! Can do that when the results are not what you thinkSuch as:var p = new Array (); P[0] = ' first value '; P[1] = '

The use of JavaScript with statements

The WITH keyword for web effects, with statements intended to provide a namespace-style sketch for progressive object access. That is, in the specified code area, the object is invoked directly through the node name. With (object) {Code} a

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