Javascript sha-1:secure Hash algorithm_ Basics

From: * * A JavaScript implementation of the Secure Hash algorithm, SHA-1, as defined * in FIPS PUB 180-1 * Version 2.1a Cop Yright Paul Johnston 2000-2002. * Other Contributors:greg Holt, Andrew

Basic knowledge of date and time in JavaScript

Front. Before you introduce the Date object, first understand some knowledge about dates and times. For example, leap years, UTC, and so on. Having a closer look at these will help you better understand the date objects in JavaScript. This article

JavaScript algorithm title: To find any 1-9-bit not repeated n-digit number in the combination of the size of the sequence number _javascript tips

The specific topic is this: Select n numbers from the 1--9, make up the number of n digits that are not duplicated, numbering from small to large, and when you enter any number m, you can find the number corresponding the number.     such as n=3,m=

10-Number _javascript techniques for JavaScript random extraction of 0-100 without repetition

At present, only learn two simple methods to help you achieve a random 0-100 between the 10 number of repeat, the specific contents are as follows First Kind the feature that can be rewritten by using array length Train of thought: You can use a

Use JavaScript to beautify the HTML select tag's drop-down list effect _javascript tips

First, take a look at the use of the Select label by an example: volvo Saab fiat Audi And then the effect is generally like this: Both beauty and ugliness are for the moment. The select in all HTML elements is one of

To achieve a precise countdown to milliseconds based on JavaScript snapping _javascript tips

This article for you to share the JavaScript implementation countdown to rush, accurate to millisecond countdown, for your reference, specific content as follows One, the effect chart The picture below is the effect of a timed grab on a poly-cost

What is the "closure" of JavaScript?

In the definition of javascripot function closures, there is generally a outer function, a inner function. So does "closure" mean the outer function or the inner function? From the official definition, it is not clear: a closure is a combination of

What is the "closure" of JavaScript (2)

My last blog title is wrong, causing some misunderstanding. I think the purpose of blogging is not to recite textbooks, but to share research and development experience. My last title was changed to "one of the topics of JavaScript closures: its

Study of prototype (prototype) attributes in JavaScript

JavaScript we know the prototype properties of objects in JScript, which are used to return references to object type prototypes. We use the prototype property to provide a set of basic functions for the object's class. And a new instance of the

JavaScript Object-oriented programming (1) Preface

Object based or object oriented? Object-oriented technology is one of the most important technologies in modern software development. The benefits of object-oriented are beyond doubt that mainstream languages like Java and C + + are now

JavaScript Learning record day9-Standard object

JavaScript Learning record day9-Standard object[TOC]In the JavaScript world, everything is an object.Some objects, however, are not the same as other objects. To distinguish the type of an object, we use the typeof operator to get the type of the

[Turn] 5 JavaScript face questions

Issue 1: ClosuresConsider the following code: 123456 var nodes = document.getElementsByTagName(‘button‘);for (var i = 0; i    nodes[i].addEventListener(‘click‘, function() {      console.log(‘You clicked element #‘ + i);   });}

Web Development Technology--javascript Object 1 (numeric, string, date)

JavaScript all things in are objects: strings, numbers, arrays, functions ... In addition, JavaScript allows custom objects to be customized.JavaScript objectsJavaScript provides multiple built-in objects, such as String, Date, Array, and so on.

Firefox vs. ie 7 JavaScript differences

Author Note: This article, published in 2009.04.27, is an article on the discussion of the existence of JavaScript between IE6, IE7, and ff2+ and FF3.0.Although the history of having to use lengthy JavaScript code to identify a particular browser is

JavaScript Knowledge point 1

A JS variableName: By English alphabet, numbers. An underscore consisting of an initial letter or an underscore or dollar sign $. Avoid using keywords and reserved words. Variable names are case-sensitive. Variable name two ways:

JavaScript loops and Arrays common operations

While loopGrammar:Do and loopSyntax: do{loop body}while (conditional expression);Features: The Do While loop does not matter whether the condition is true or not, in any case the loop body executes once.Use occasions: User input password, if the

JavaScript Concise tutorial (3) array

The array of JavaScript can contain any data type, and each element is accessed through an index.To get the length of the array, directly access the Long property:[JavaScript]Plain Text view copy code ? 001002 vararr = [1, 2, 3.1

JavaScript Foundation Fifth Day

First, IntroductionWe discussed some of the basic concepts of the function, because the function is important in any language, so we should learn it well. When I opened my blog yesterday, I saw someone's private messages. My JavaScript was wrong,

JavaScript Project Building Tools Grunt Practice: Install and create project frameworks

Grunt is a task-based JavaScript Project Command-line build tool that runs on the node. JS platform. Grunt can quickly create projects from templates, merge, compress and validate CSS & JS files, run unit tests, and start a static

Transform performs 2d and 3d deformation (css Animation 1), transformcss

Transform performs 2d and 3d deformation (css Animation 1), transformcssThis is my understanding and arrangement after learning. If you have any errors or questions, please correct them and I will keep updating them!   For some time, I did not

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